Two Weeks and Today

Two weeks of being doctor, sure as hell I learnt a lot. Yah. A LOT. Well…. most of it was filling up forms. 

To sum up these two weeks experience……

facing a male patient who cried because of pain while I was inserting branula

a bully senior houseman

a weird registra

pak cik who mengamuk so bad that he had to be held down by three other staffs whilst I was trying to insert branula for him

a patient who called me on my phone cos he hasn’t been seeing me for 2 days in the ward

a lot of nice staff nurses

an uncle who gave me angpau cos I pushed him around the hospitals carrying out his errands, which was actually an order from MO

a patient who scolded me because of his delayed OT time

a nice senior houseman who taught me almost every single thing

and…..many more….


to forget for just a little while those annoying, happy, sad, embarrassing etc moments…

cos today…..

is my

convo day 🙂

IMG_0797to be wearing a super nice dress…

IMG_4290to take a photo with family

IMG_4291to be able to received a humongous bouquet of flowers and teddies 🙂

IMG_4302to pose a bit while lining up?

IMG_4303to cover your face cos you cough so bad in the hall that only your cough could be heard in the hall…………..ok, tipu…

IMG_4306to take a group picture

IMG_4307to be able to take picture using najwa’s eyefish lens #eh


Received good news today

My senior posted up the schedule for this week…

and the next 2 days is my off days!

(perlu la kan…nak happy sangat….)



Second Volunteering

Today I did my second volunteering work at Standard Chartered Marathon KL 2013 and that is doing what I do best, as a doctor 🙂 This first time involvement had left me with not only experience and new friends but also one unforgettable feeling. That is. Being able to do what I love and helping those particular group of people that kept me amazed, the runners 🙂

I went there with 6 other friends of mine and we each assigned to one ambulance. That is to put in another word. One doctor per ambulance. I was horrified. With this embarrassing knowledge of mine and no working experience we were given a big responsibility. Why big? We never work alone without supervision. Yah, that’s why, no working experience had lead us thinking what had we put ourselves into (LOL)

But, all in all favor, we sucked it up and followed the team still. Praise the Almighty Allah swt, we did not encountered any severe cases. But still, Masha Allah…. there were few cases whom other doctors had attended to which were inferior MI (heart attack), heat stroke and severe dehydration. All these cases were brought to the hospital asap.

Cases that I met, mostly were just cramped lower legs. One of the runners I encountered was a 56 year old Chinese gentleman with cramps at both of his lower legs. I wrapped his legs with ice packs and applied some counterpain cream.  I sat next to him and gently stretching his legs and move them about. Since it took quite sometime to relieved the cramping, I took the time to chat with him.

Now, I know, in previous posts I did told you I had problem with mingling. But, the best thing about being doctor is that mingling was spontaneous and there was no pressure to it. I called him ‘uncle’ (the best about being Malaysian is everybody in some sort of way related to each other, haha).

I sat crossed leg by his side, not minding other runners who stared at me like I was gonna dissect him (haha), massaging his calves and had a little chit chat. Questions I first asked was his age and he replied to me with a knowing laugh probably realising with that age he shouldn’t be running a 42km distance anymore which I find it wrong.

Now you see, that moment when a patient replied to you with a smile or laugh you just knew by then ‘you got him!’ After that question I started to ask more and the next thing I knew we were chatting like grandpa and grandchild talking to each other at kedai kopi. Haha. I was advising him to not push himself to run more since the cramping was too much and that if he continued it would get worst. But of course with a laugh he insisted on continuing which I didn’t forbid at all knowing that, if I was him I would continue still (but then again, I was stationed at km 30 and that means he still got another 12km to finish… -.-) He thanked me and bade me farewell, smiling with eyes partly closed (sepet)  🙂

Another runner came straight to me telling me that he had pain at the lateral side of the right knee. Now with this runner I had a little bit of fun where I did the knee examination 🙂 I was concerned that he might hurt his lateral collateral ligament and therefore I gave him the advise accordingly and he listened tentatively, nodding understandingly and thanked me.

The one thing that hit me hard was when my team called me “DOCTOR”. I know, I know…typical for fresh medical graduates to feel like this but I had a flash back when I would feel happy and ambitious whenever I heard somebody is addressing or calling someone else a doctor. Back then it felt glorious and all cause I think doctor is so cool cos they help people etc etc etc. Now that I had that being called to me I felt like a bomb being dropped on my head. I didn’t really feel anything when family and friends called me that but with a complete stranger, it felt so burdened I insisted that they called me by my name. One of the raider then said, “tak boleh la doktor nak panggil nama bila dah tahu doktor ni doktor”. Ok waw, dude…not helping =.=

Another thing is, the team and Mr Jay, the person-in-charge of us doctors, was really generous and humble when they were talking to us. They addressed us as if we were the YB or minister when we were only jobless fresh graduates. Such courtesy yet to be seen in hospital where HO was treated as respectful and as humble as they did BUT being the HO him/herself treat others in such way.

Woah~ that was much of rattle I did which I find it rare. Anyway, this is definitely an unforgettable memory that I chose to re-live again in near future 🙂

photo 4

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)


Yes. The word itself bring shivers to my spine. I am very bad at this ‘activity’. If you put me in a place where I need to make new friends and make CONVERSATION with them I say I rather be at a job interview.

I hate the awkwardness. I’m not trying to be cocky or anything, it’s just that it is so super awkward that I would ask stupid questions and talk about something that would make it even more awkward and the new friend would look at me in a complete utter weirdness. Therefore sometimes I chose to be silent. I would keep my mouth shut all the time until people will come and talk to me instead.

It bugs me so much I once canceled on attending a fashion show that I’d won invites to. Silly huh? This situation didn’t include only to new friends, but also to old friends reunion. Sigh~

That is why, I turned down invites when it involves mingling with new friends and old mates whom I haven’t seen for years. Ohhh~ not just that, I also don’t do so well with friends who I am not too close with. Except when the meet up include a friend who is freaking friendly that he/she talks with everybody. Haha, I didn’t realize this until couple of days ago.

I know, I know… this is not something to be brag about but, this mingling thing…. It bugs me. Whenever I was forced into this kind of situation I would get so nervous on that day the thought of attending that event at that specific time cause me to sweat like crazy as if I was about to run a marathon. I would be so restless that sometimes I would make up reasons to not attend the event. Teruk huh?

That’s just so weird since I’m a doctor? No, it’s not. When it involves working that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Why? Easy. There’s no escape. Bahahahahaha. Get it?


Oh yah!

Officially turned 24 somewhere around this september. Oh God! I should have become more matured!! (apparently it is a loooong way to go before I hit maturity -.-)

IMG_0015*picture courtesy from Najwa*


Yes, they said induction will be held on 7th of October this year. That accurate? Yeah, hearing myself saying that loudly sounds stupid but I’m not pinning any hopes cos you know why? Hoping endlessly for this part of my life to finally come true had changed me to being a cranky girl who’s constantly irritable with her house condition and couldn’t wait any longer to start working that the pre-working nervousness had drained out completely from herself. Herh!

All I did now is postponing my supposedly ‘study-to-refresh’ time, getting all hyped and excited anytime friends asked me out baking when I feel like to, and watching NCIS rerun like I just finished my exam. Urghhh~ Waiting sucks, right? I’m calculating still though… If my induction is to be held on that date which is for a week, tagging for a couple of weeks after and that will leave me with earning my salary on November! and God forbids if the hospital only gives the wages after 3 months of working. NOOOOOO!!!

Bad news is endless huh? and here I am planning what to do with my salary.

Hey I’m Jobless Still, Yahoo~

Some friends had been asking me why I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I should since I’m holidaying

Well, after 3 months of being jobless I guess I lost the drive to write anything at all

Everyday is the same routine as if living has no meaning to it

OK, I’m being dramatic

It’s irritating to hear these rumors since the first day of being jobless….

Rumors about when we’re going to start working

Last 3 months I heard we’ll start before raya

But then somebody said after raya

Then somebody else said in September

and the last time I checked they said October!

October?! are you kidding me?!

Does 31st of October count as October?!


Another famous statement people keep saying to me when I whine about this is

“You should be thankful with this long holiday, cos once you’re in. Your sweet life ends. No holidays”

Hey, the only reason I wanna work is I want my own paycheck

Seeing my cousin who’s a neighbor next door and who’s happens to be a houseman, I’d seen and heard enough from her how ridiculous the work shifts and the workload are

Not only her holiday kept decreasing, but her body size as well. Hehe, the later sounds good huh?

She told me at the end of the day, what matters is “sleep and money”


Yah I’m too tired of being jobless cos being jobless means being moneyless as well

Aren’t you tired of bagger-ing money from your parents?!

“Abah, nak duit minyak…. I need to run some errands”

“Abah, nak duit beli tiket. We’re going for movie”

“Abah, nak duit. I’m bored eating at home”

“Abah! Nak duit! I’m running out of panties!”


Hey, I’m soon-to-be 24 year old girl. I AM ENTITLED to my own money. I am 24 for God sake!

The thought of it makes me irritable. Grrr! Asking for pocket money from parents is a slap to ma face.


Oh ya, I should be updating about my trip to Korea right?


Malas la….

Nanti-nanti je la….


I am currently unemployed-jobless-houseman

The statement above pretty much explain this blogpost’s title right?

When you’re not working, your wishlist start to accumulate right? cos you have no bloody money to bloody buy them yourself!!! *emo*


First thing first…

I am in desperate need of a jewelry box, especially with the ring compartment being the major part of the box. Would love a jewelry box that comes with lots of compartments (hehe), NO ballerina dancing to the music, NO pinkish coloured box with cartoons. Yah. Something like this….


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It would be nice to store the accessories in this cute little box, not some weird sculpted hand with fingers that you shoved the rings in and you’re having trouble to remove one by one of the rings just to get to the lowermost ring. You get what I’m saying here? No? Great, lets move on…

What’s a wish of jewelry box without the wish of a ring right? LOL. A girl gotta dream when a girl gotta dream #bateyelashes

tumblr_lt59j9WIBG1qdkufgo1_500Sunburst Cocktail Ring by House of Harlow. This brand belongs to Nicole Richie, not that I’m a fan of hers  but I would love to get this chunky nice ring. Nice right? and huuuuuge. LOL. Where to get it? Believe it or not, But with the look of my bank account, I can only dream :S

tumblr_ly3ruj8prE1r0gq4mo1_500This is the Arty Oval Ring by Yves Saint Laurent, I think in turquoise. Uuuhhh~ the ultimate ring for a girl who loves to collect rings like me. I have no idea where to buy it and how much it cost. Anyway, still want it is good enough for me

The next stuff on the list is mostly work-related-wishlist-if-i-ever-have-a-work-at-all

First, is a coffee maker!

images (2)

Uuuhhh~ I want it so bad that I blame Hollywood movies for making coffee looks good and tasty with this. LOL. By the way to add up the why-I-should-have-this-list is because, I’m gonna start working with ridiculous shifts so…. haha, it’s nice to wake up early in the morning to the smell of hot coffee knowing you’re gonna have a 12hours shift after, right? yah~ I’m rationalizing 😛 Nothing wrong with that right?

 Next, is a treadmill. Really?

bravo_webuseYah, really. This is completely rational! Because, I don’t think when I start work I will have as much time as I want for a run. Maybe once or twice in a month? Stalking a senior who is a runner, I saw how he lives and I know how many times had he gone for a run in a month. So I think, this is completely rational thing as a must have. Haha

Next is…..

Porable-Clock-Radio-Speaker-for-iPhone-iPod-MP3A speaker for my iPhone. In my self defense, this is completely work-related and nothing more. Hehehehe

The ultimate wishlist… and no, this is not work-related. This is just what I’ve been relentlessly twitting, hoping, dreaming of having….

Nikon-d5100-dslr-cameraA DSLR

Digital SLR D5100 by Nikon to be exact. Oohhh I want this so bad, so bad I’m gonna make sure the groom’s gonna give it to me as one of the wedding gifts. #andyouwonderwhynobodywannamarryyou

I mean come onnnnnnn, it has been ages since I want this camera right? I think there were some previous blogposts I mentioned that I want a DSLR. Yet again, it is still listed in the wishlist…. hmph~ Blame Nikon for making the commercial….

Bukchon Hanok Village

Ok, so the first place goes to Bukchon Hanok Village

Weird pick for a first place? Hehe

Funny that the first time we went looking for this place we were lost. I mean like totally lost. The most frustrating about this ‘lost’ is that I think we walked almost 5km only to find a wrong-looking village. Thankfully we didn’t give up and went for the second time and Alhamdullilah! we found the place

By the time we reached there it was around 4-5pm so the place was already packed (sad). I was hoping there would be few people so the picture will turn out where I spread my arms at the alley between those adorable houses and there were no one else around.

DSC07412Still, I did the desired pose ignoring the people behind me

Some of you might wanna hear the story behind this village but sorry, my conscious mind telling me that I need to re-visit history about Islam and history of my own country more than I need to add up new information about other people’s country. Sorry >.<

Anyway, what I do know is that some of the houses belong to private owners so were instructed to keep our voices down to maintain the peacefulness of the village. There are other hanoks that also operated as tea house, guesthouse, souvenirs store and cultural centre. If you are interested to know more about this place, you can always visit the Bukchon Museum. As for me, yah… I mentioned my reason…hehe


20130512_141731 Don’t you just love the architectural of the houses. Well, I do. My huge regret was not to have a DSLR 😦

DSC07420Do you see the small door next to the big entrance? Well, that is for the servants and the big entrance is for their masters

20130512_142023Trying so hard to take our picture using Hur’s S3. You will see this more in upcoming posts. Haha

20130512_142552I would definitely come again to this place if I am blessed with a second chance and that second chance will include a DSLR in it. But to come again for a second time? maybe if all my expanses are sponsored. Haha! (keep dreaming)

Hongdae Market

My next favorite place is the Hongdae Market.

Sadly, sadly enough. Well, stupid enough I guess, we didn’t take any pictures of the market. The market is almost like Petaling Street or Jalan TAR. But with more pleasant weather,  nicer and cute (NO!!!) clothes, accessories etc haha. That are almost none compared to Petaling Street.

In other words, for a shopping freak plus cute stuff ‘intolerance’ like me it is a shopping heaven. Most of my expanses came from here. Haha! We went here twice.

Eoulmadang-ro_shops-01Picture source; Wikipedia

The market started to operate I think in the early evening. By the time we reached there, it was around 3-4pm I guess so it wasn’t that pack at first. The clothes were amazing! It really suits my style. Ok, this is totally for girls to read so guys, you can skip this part. I was hunting for a simple yet nice long-sleeved tops and the best part is, the tops were long enough to cover your butt! Yay! I was more than happy that I bought 3 tops. LOL. You really can’t find this in Malaysia. I really don’t think so hehe.

I also bought some accessories. I’m not really a necklace-person but to see these handmade cute necklaces I just wasn’t able to contain myself I bought two necklaces and a ring for myself. Since my youngest sister loves bracelet, I bought one for her which was also handmade and outrageously cute that I think twice about giving it to her. haha (yah…I’m that mad)




 Please don’t judge the pictures. I ‘instgramed’ them using my iPad. Trying so hard for it to look good but it still turn out as a disaster 😦

Other than that, I bought two phone casing which is one for my mum and my eldest sister. Other stuff they were selling are bags, socks, men’s clothing, cap, etc.

The other reason we came back here for the second time is because of this

20130512_160720Hello Kitty Cafe. The angle of the picture is a bit ugly I think Hur took this (eh?)

Sorry, no directions provided in this blog but, once you reached there just ask around where’s the cafe location cos it’s really not hard to find.

We went here to try the ever-famous cute waffle 🙂20130512_154900The first time we came, we share the waffle in case it does not taste good as it looks but wey! It’s amaaaaazinggg~ DSC07424They used this to call the customer once the order is ready. By mean call is… Ok, I’d forgotten how this thing work but I think once the order is ready, they make a sound and some blinking lights going on. Correct me if I’m wrong.







DSC07600These were taken at the second floor. It looks deserted but these pictures were taken during our second visit. Thankfully we went a little bit early? (I totally forgot) so there were few customers at that time.



DSC07427These are at the first floor. It’s a bit cramped down there. It is divided into two section of dining place, a counter and racks where they displayed merchandise for sale.

I recommend you to come to this place. Seriously, the waffle is to die for.

Hasn’t Die Yet

For those who are wondering. Running never was, never is, not sure about the never will (cos I’ll be old and probably need a stick to walk, arthritis etc) die from me

No more post about running?

Yah, currently no. But I’m still running, slowly trying to build up my speed back. I tried once joining a run without prior training and it caused me an unpleasant running experience. Yah, not gonna put myself into that position anymore

At the moment I cannot join any run. Yes! It pains me to see all the posts related to run so what I do? I hide them. Sometimes even ignore the notifications.

I can’t be as active as I wanna be just yet cos you know, I’m gonna start working soon. Listening to all those stories told by my seniors about their working experience bring shivers to my spine and I have to see how my work schedule is to plan for future ‘life programs’.

I’m not sure even if I can keep my promise to run 21km this year. Looks like a long way to go. But I assure you this, running has not die yet in me. I still feel the urge to run, the surge of adrenaline whenever seeing somebody is running motivationally and sad whenever I couldn’t join a run.

“hey, somebody is running, do you feel something?”


Yah, that never happen in me yet

I’m taking baby step back for my runs

and already seeing a treadmill in my future as a worker