content_with_what_i_have_by_b33lz3bub“Honey……are you sure you’re not coming….?”asked my mum as she knocked and opened the door without waiting for my invitation. She looked at me with that usual worried face of a mother. I sat straight up and said no. “Ok, make sure all the doors and the windows are lock and if there’s anything you need…”, “I’ll call you,” I cuts in before she could trails off any further. She just smiled weakly and left me behind the closed doors. I sighed. There are 2 days more before the final exams and like it or not I couldn’t follow her to grandma’s house. I paced slowly to the windows and threw my sight to see the outside’s view. It was raining heavily and the storms and thunders were rumbling across the sky. I looked back to my room, my books were spread on the table, pencils, pens, and highlighters were everywhere and I could smell the aroma of my nescafe. The room was a bit cold, the air was wet and it did gave me a soothing kind of feelings. I glanced back to the window and to my horror…… There was a figure appeared out of thin air in front of my house’s gate. I roughly rubbed my eyes to see if my eyes were wrong….and they were as the figure vanished from my sight. I was quite for a few moments…… “Is it really there….,”I whispered to myself. Now, I could felt my hands begin to sweat and one or two drips of sweat formed on my forehead.

Hurriedly I pulled the curtains and sat back on the chair, trying to continue with my study despite of my mind that keeps on flashing the picture of that ‘figure’. It was a tall, black, and hooded. I turned up the radio’s volume and the song ‘Walking Away’ was louder till I could even catch up with the lyrics. After a minute or two, suddenly “Crash!”. At that very moment the hair of my back stood straight. There was nobody at home except me. Everybody was out. Who else….? I sat still. Quiet… My hands were trembling with fear. Then, slowly and carefully I walked across the room and I opened the door. I peeked down through the darkness of the first floor of my house since the stairs were just outside my room. It was pitched black. I decided to go down stairs to check if anything had broken. With my trembling feet I stepped down the stairs. The crackling of the stairs gave me a little creep. When I was about to reached the stairs, suddenly….



Since it’s holiday now……i’ve lots of things that i can do,but one thing i realize is that,how much i missed since i start my college.i didn’t know wut is the time my little sis is back from the school,i didn’t realize my sis never eat dinner anymore,i didn’t know my mum is experiencing various body ‘pain’ or even how much my maid had puts on weight…(well,she told me so)

All i know is about my yellowish teeth(due to the nescafe i took every day),my own changing weight,the smell of toasted bread every morning and my agony yawning every evening.All i care is what i do,what i care,what i feel and what i think despite of having to missed every changes happening in my family.That is then i realized,i would missed more as i becoming older & older.This thought scares me since i am one of the person who hates to know the parents is actually ageing too…….

Anyway n anyhow i know i have to bear this thought for the rest of my life since changes will never stop.The feeling of sadness is wut i have to actually face & try to catch up & adapt to all the new ‘findings’.N although i missed a lot of thing i know that whenever we are wif them,that is the moment i have to valued.The moment i have to take every minutes as the precious minutes.Even just to sip a coffee in the early morning wif my mother,laugh at something silly wif my sis,ask my maid where did she put my shoes or even just to wave goodbye to my lil sis when she’s on her way to school.

Every moment matters………….



Mikhail-bukan sekadar sebuah nama.Selama 16 tahun menjadi pelarian di perantauan,dia muncul semula memburu mangsa-mangsanya.Mikhail membunuh kerana dendam lama.Sewaktu usia remaja,keluarganya telah ditembak mati.Mikhail telah diselamatkan Dickens,seorg lelaki AS, yg juga merupakan rakan niaga ayahnya,Tuan Sadon.Dickens melatih Mikhail menjadi seorg pembunuh profesional utk membela kematian keluarga.

Dlm pd itu,Mikhail juga menghidapi sejenis penyakit paranormal.Apabila retina matanya terkena chya matahari atau silauan lampu yg terang lg tajam,dia akan berada dlm satu dimensi yg tdk diketahui.Kadangkala dia terperangkap antara dua dimensi-fantasi & realiti.Akibatnya,Mikhail sukar membezakan mana yg benar.

Ramlee Awang Murshid menampilkan novel MIKHAIL sebagai satu agenda yg dipengaruhi wang bertunjangkan kuasa.Wang serta kuasa dijadikan sandaran sebagai satu simbol kejahatan.Mrka yg enggan bekerjasama akan dijatuhkan hukuman mati.Mikhail pula adlh alat kpda misi pembunuhan itu.Saspens & penuh emosi!


Macam biasa,tulisan Ramlee Awang Murshid menarik n lain drpd yg lain.Truely,memang tak boleh berhenti baca.Action pack!! Kalau crita ni buat filem confirm meletup!!


dificult-patientAs I flipped through a reader’s digest magazine,i found this article that hit my thoughts…….

She walked in,youthful in her mid-40s.Her referring doc had told her she had a lung tumor,yet she was calm.A doc’s desk suggests the power of the physician.But when my patient spoke- “No blood;I am a Jehovah’s Witness”-the balance of power shifted.Her beliefs were as strong as my convictions about the importance of surgery.

I explained that the mass in her lung would likely require removing half of the organ. “Ok,”she answered, “but no transfusions”.

She wouldn’t let me store her own blood either.I had never given a transfusion for the procedure,but I always reserved blood.Still I was young,brash,sure I could do it.if she bled in my surgery,could I keep my promise?Was my obligation to the morals of my profession-to save lives-or to her beliefs?What would her life be likeif I removed her cancer,but gave a transfusion?

I decided to proceed.During surgery,an artery split,spilling blood.Not much,but under the circumstances,a tsunami.My finger closed the hole,giving me time to think.I applied a clamp,& contonued.

I felt like a pilot who had lost an engine & managed to land.She was OK,but the possibility of deathdah been present.I shudder still,thinking of it.I inhaled,my assistant stopped sweating,& the anaesthetist ast down.The three of us felt as if we needed the transfusion.The rest of the operation was normal.

We surgeons have advanced technology,instruments & medicines.We’re competent.But patients continue to test us,to challenge our judgement as well as our skills.

From Larry Zaroff,MD,in The New York Times.


coffeeHey guys!! Are u one of the coffee addictors?Or should i include here the nescafe addictors, Starbucks coffee addictors,Coffee Bean addictors,mamak stall coffee addictors…bla,bla,bla… Well then,if you are……so we’re frens!! I’m one of the nescafe & Starbucks coffee addictors (but since we MUST boycott them….).Have you guys ever wonder where does this coffee originate from?So,lets check it out…

According to a coffee history legend,an Arabian shepherd named Kaldi found his goat dancing joyously around a dark green leafed shrub wif bright red cherries in the southern tip of the Arabian Penisula. Kaldi soon determined that it was the bright red cherries on the shrub that were causing the peculiar euphoria & after trying the cherries himself ,he learned of their powerful effect.The stimulating effect was then exploited by monks at a local monasteryto stay awake during extended hrs of prayer & distributed to other monasteries around the world. Coffee was born.

Despite the appeal of such a legend,recent botanical evidence suggests a different coffee bean origin.This evidence indicates that the history of the coffee bean begun on the plateaus of central Ethiopia & somehow must have been brought to Yemen where it was cultivated since the 6th century.Upon introduction of the first coffee houses in Cairo & Mecca coffee became a passion rather than just a stimulant.


Sentiasa Positif

brainPakar psikologi dari University of New South Wales telah bertanya kepada 100 orang pelajar utk mengenalpasti kerisauan yg sering menghantui pemikiran mereka.Sebahagian daripada kumpulan itu diarahkan supaya fokus kepada masalah mrka 5 minit sebelum masuk tidur dan hasilnya didapati mereka beroleh mimpi ngeri sebaik bangkit daripada tidur.Manakala,sebahagian lagi diminta supaya melupakan semua masalah sebelum masuk tidur.Hasilnya memang memberangsangkan.

Nasihat yg biasa  didengar ketika sebelum tidur adalah merupakan semua perkara dan masalah yg dihadapi.Satu kajian yg dilakukan di Australia tlh membuktikan bhwa,sekiranya anda terlalu memikirkan masalah yg melanda,anda hanya akan diburu mimpi ngeri.

Walau dalam apa jua keadaan,didik diri anda utk sentiasa berfikiran positif.Menurut pakar penyelidik di Mayo Clinic,Amerika Syarikat,mereka yang sentiasa optimis semasa mudanya dijangka hidup 12 tahun lebih lama berbanding mereka yg pesimis.Pendapat ini turut disokong oleh kajian Anna L. Marsland,pakar psikologi dari Pittsburgh Medical Center yg menyatakan bahawa mrka yg selalu ‘moody’,berfikiran negatif & mudah tertekan mempunyai tindak balas aktif terhadap vaksin hepatitis berbanding mrka yg sentiasa ceria.

Oleh itu,biar bagaimana susah sekalipun,anda dinasihatkan agar sentiasa mencuba untuk sentiasa berfikiran positif.Selain baik untuk imej diri,berfikiran positifmerupakan bonus utama ke arah kesihatan yg lbh baik. 

(From MIDI 15 April 2009)

Thanks for the Memories

thanks for the memories Sinopsis

How can you know someone u’ve never met?

Joyce Conway remember things she shouldn’t. She knows about tiny cobbled streets in Paris,which she  has never visited.And every night she dreams about an unknown little girl with blonde hair.

Justin Hitchcook is divorced,lonely and restless.He arrives in Dublin to give a lecture on art and is persuaded to donate blood.It’s the first thing to come straight from his heart in a long time.

When Joyce leaves hospital after a terrible accident,with her life and her marriage in pieces,she moves back in with her elderly father.All the while, a strong sense of deja vu is overwhelming her and she can’t figure out why…..


Truely i love this novel.What can i say about it?Well,the english is understandable,not too hard or tu literaturely,the story is simple and yet exciting.To tell the truth i can’t stop reading it due to my eagerness of wanting to know why does Joyce experiencing as it is so….and i can’t wait to buy the next novel of her writing…. Myself

The key to Ahern’s success is her ability to not just tell a good story,but sprinkle it with plenty of laughs,tears and a little bit of magic. Mirror

The legendary Ahern will keep you guessing what binds these stories.A classic. Company 


This is me

Expressing myself would be the last thing to do.But hey! It’s not such a bad idea since i have a boring 2 months to be filled up wif activities.So,seat back and enjoy (enjoy huh?) wuteva i’m goin’ to tell u or wuteva i’ve to write. The Blog is just about me,and i’m expressing me!!! (Wut da heck am i stressing about,anyway…..)