Easy ways to make your little grey cells better,faster,smarter

Sports_img0531. Move it

Quick-what’s the best thing you can do for your brain’s health? Differential calculus? Chess? Chaos theory? Nope. The best brain sharpener may be… a pair of trainers. Yup,once they’re on your feet ,you can pump up your heart rate. “the best advice I can give to keep your brain healthy & young is aerobic exercise,” says Donald Stuss,PhD, a neuropsychologist & director of the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Center for Geriatric Care in Toronto.

As we aged,our brain cells,neurons, lose the tree-branch-like connections between them. These connections (synapses), are essential to thought. Quite literally,over time,our brain lose their heft. Perhaps the most striking brain research today is the strong evidence that “exercise can forestall some of the ageing processs in the brain,”notes Prof Mahoney,dean & professor of applied sport psychology at the University of Woverhampton,England. “certainly it improves memory”. Animal studies have shown that,among the other brain benefits,aerobic exercise increases capillary development in the brain & that means more blood supply,more nutrients &-a big requirement for brain health-more oxygen.

One of the foremost exercise & brain-health researchers in humans is Prof Arthur Kramer of the University of Illinois. In a dozen studies over the past few years,with titles such as “Aerobic Fitness Reduces Brain Tissue Lose in Ageing Humans” Kramer & his colleagues have proved two critical findings: fit people have sharper brains &  people who are out of shape,but then get into shape,sharpen up their brains. This second finding is vital. There’s no question that working out makes you more clever & it does so,Kramer notes,at all stages of life. Just as important exercise staves off heart disease,obesities,diabetes & other maladies that increase the risk of brain problems as we age.

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Muzik & Jantung

ipod_heartDengan mendengarkan lagu-lagu kegemaran anda,bukan sahaja mampu membuatkan anda rasa tenang,tetepi juga mengurangkan risiko serangn jantung & strok.Di dalam satu kajian,apabila 10 orang lelaki & wanita menghabiskan kira-kira setengah jam mendengar rakaman yang mereka rasakan sangat menyeronokkan,diameter salur darah mereka meningkat 26% daripada biasa.Ia menyamai kebaikan yang diperoleh ketika melakukan aerobik.Namun apabila mereka dipaksa mendengar muzik yang membuatkan mereka rasa bosan,salur darah mereka mengecil 6%.Apabila salur darah membesar,maka darah akan lancar & akan mengelakkan terjadinya darah beku.Menurut pengkaji,Michael Miller,MD dari University of Maryland Medical Center,apa yang penting adalah memasangkan muzik yang memberikan anda emosi positif.

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Decorating anyone???

This is what i got from the oprah.com. The ideas are all suggested by Nate Berkus,a featured design expert for The Oprah Winfrey Show. The idea of showing this information is because i want to share how we can change our room to a more newer or even better look because we never now what the changes can do for us. But what i do know is that rooms can actually change our mood =)

1. Lighting is the easiest way to modify any room. Find a very cool lamp. It;s very easy to do and it changes the entire feeling of the room.

p/s : my idea for a small room like our room at the college is that just fine a small,appropriate,not too expensive and good bulb lamp. Maybe,some of us prefer to switch on the study lamp when we’re going to sleep,but how about trying the table lamp? You may be surprise with the change.

2. Ever wonder what to do with all of the notes that you have hanging around your house from important people in your life? “Frame them,”says Nate. “I have done it for years. One page notes are the easiest to frame.

p/s : course you don’t need to put your small lec notes,that for sure!

3. Interesting books. Take this opportunity to learn more about yourself. “If there’s a subject out there that you’re interested in-photography,boating,whatever it is-books troughout the room are not only a great way to enhance the design of your room,but you might even learn something.

p/s : hm……i don’t know…..

4. Sea life. Want a sophisticated look for not a lot of money? Try some coral or a starfish. “This may surprise you, but i believe taht every room should have a piece of sealife,” Nate says.

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Second hand

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