The story of qeeda and hanan…..


Last Sunday,we,second year student held Hari Interaksi for us and the juniors,first year students. I was assigned to be the exco jamuan and cenderamata and of course,I played a big role to prepare for the food and the hampers. Due to my work overload,I asked few of my friends to become my AJK and they were qeeda,shiqin,mijah,hanan n zul. On the event day,there were a lot of works to do. Serve the VIPs and the students. Help to present the hampers. Being the ushers. Distributing the food. Picking up rubbish. Tidy up the lecture hall. Tidy up the VIP’s room. Putting back the furniture to their original places,and so on and so forth. My AJK had helped me a lot and I don’t know what will happen without them. They worked hard and with full commitment followed the order that I had given and they worked till the very end.

So the next day, there’s only one more work they needed to do for me. I called qeeda and hanan,asked them to be prepare for ‘my’ arrival at K1 since I stayed at Plaza RAH. I called qeeda,telling her that they need to sell keropok which is the ‘leftovers’ from Hari Interaksi and as I thought before she would help me willingly. And then I messaged hanan,I told him that ‘I’ was coming and fullheartedly he replied, “Wokey exco!” (hantu punya hanan!).

As ‘I’ arrived at K1,I called Qeeda and Hanan to come and meet me in front of JAKSA’s room. So, ‘longingly for more work’ and ‘committedly’ they walked to JAKSA’s room………………

What they found there????Asked them yourself. HAHA!!!!