Yesterday was the day I registered into KTDI….starting my third year….I was planning to go with my sis,but then….my father insisted to send me…..He had a meeting to attend……however….he still insisted….so….After I registered,it was the time to move all my things into my ‘new’ room….(so much of new as the furnitures is soon to collapse….).My father helped me with the moving….I was so kesian with him….He was sweating heavily and yet,he’d to go for a meeting…..After finished bringing my stuff up into my room,he rested awhile…but,he just couldn’t stop moving.He looked around at the room and started to rearrange my furnitures so that the room has better lighting.He moved the table and the wardrobe.

He even peeled of the sticky thingy sticking around the wallHe was cleaning my table,removing all the ‘debris’Cleaning the wall…..Very ‘semangat’ to get rid of the spider webs


He did all of the chores without me asking.It’s like a machine that is moving on its own.He reminded me of this and that about the room and even considering to bring along  a ‘parang’ to cut of the tree branches outside my window.I was very,very,very touched…..T.T…..Hey,I can do it on my own,all the cleaning but,yah…that is what I call,a dad’s instinct and love.Probably for him,it was nothing….just a babble of a father to her daughter…..But for me,it meant sooooooooooo much more…….His will to climbed the chairs just to clean of the spider webs on the wardrobe showed so much more……..Though I tried to keep sending him off….(thinking bout his meeting),he pretended not to hear me T.T


Waving my father….bye Abah T.T (depan tu family Amilin)


Anak manja?I don’t care what people think of me.What I feel is that I spend less time with them,my parents.Imagine,primary school I went to the school about 7am and be back at around 6pm and played2…..secondary school,I went to a boarding school where I can only go back once a month and sometimes I didn’t go home cuz of exam,less time spent with them,then matrix and university,then get marry(have to live with future husband T.T)…less,and less and less and less time I have with them….. T.T how I hate it.So,as long as there is time for me to be with them,I will be! And hey,they are all I have,I don’t want to regret in the future………


P/S : I’m praying I may change his Civic Honda with a Mercedes.Hope that I may!


The Da Vinci Code

Yah…I know…..it is kind of late for me to read this book.But hey,it is a really nice book! Thumbs up!!! Well,I was more to the Cecelia Ahern’s and Sophie Kinsella’s writings before this but one of my friend suggested me to try read Dan Brown’s writings since I got quite enough with love stories and hoping somebody to suggest a writer.Because I don’t randomly buy books,I must have a suggestion of certain writers then only I will buy the book,and…..it turns out his writing is worth it! =)

Well,the story is adventurous and rich with facts.It was…….wah….hard to find a word for it,but this is the bestest english novel I ever read.No wonder it is a bestseller.I once went to a clinic and was waiting for the nurse to call me in.I read the book.Whilst I was waiting,this one guy approached and asked me, “Is it Dan Brown?”.I confirmed him that it is and he asked me if he can take a look at the book if it is the new one and I said it’s not,it’s the first one.I was like….wah……this book is that known?Anyway,I could not stop reading it,and cannot stop imagine the adventure,how the words are put into live……andtherefore……..haha,I bought the dvd…..

It was a great movie! But still…..reading it is better….=) All the places where the shots for this movie were taken are amazing as they show the architectures of each building.Nice! Thumbs up!!

Anyway…the flow of the story is ‘deviated’ a little bit to not make the story ‘yawnable’ (haha,are there such word? =P)

Coming up next! :Angels and Demons (sempat tak nak habis baca before bukak sem?aih……)

I Was Wrong

This piece I took from 2AM’s song,it is a really nice song…I think this part really explain my situation since……Hope this new semester somehow……

I was wrong wrong wrong
Your words were so, so, so sweet that
I didn’t realize you were playing me, me, me
with your words, words, words everyday
Baby you breaking my heart
Baby you hurting my heart
I want to stop this
I know this is wrong
but I keep going back to you

Baby you and I
Like a bad popular song
I’m crying inside, but I force a smile like a clown
Baby you and I
Like a bad popular song
I’m crying inside

My heart and body go astray
I am a such fool with no pride that
Although I was deceived by love I wipe my tears
and just go back to you knowing that this is wrong
The fact that I am a toy that you played and threw away
Makes my feeling unbearable
But Why! Why! Why! Why!
Today I am a clown who smiles in front of you again

Throughout 2nd year…=)

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Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
AMSA photography sessionExplorace

p/s: there’s actually many great pics….but i’m too sleepy…………^^