muka pengsan?

During ward round today

Was at bed 19 green ward

Suddenly she (a doc) laugh… A registra asked why and she replied

“tak de la…I just laugh at this 3rd year student ni….boleh beza mana yang dah exam mana yang belum…especially yang tiga orang ni” (as her face straight looking at me, Helmi and Aini) “muka macam nak pengsan”

what? whattttttttt? muka macam nak pengsan? (saya dah short case la doc… –”)

but suddenly my favourite and beloved supervisor came safe the day… =)

“budak ni dah short case dah” smiling sweetly

^^ (terus jadi suka~ haha)

my supervisor suara dia sangat la lembut…. major melt down if you were to hear her voice through the phone

ok, I’m in total boredom….sekian…


Malakoff Run

Today….. on 25th Disember…yes, I went for a jog….but you know what? Jogging with association of empty stomach + ‘low Hb level’ (especially when it was heavy flow~now) + flu was never a good combination. Why? because you will get

empty stomach = gurgling of the gastric juice while you’re running which was embarassing

‘low Hb level’ = panting and gasping for air horribly

flu = ok, I think you can guess how was my condition. (imagine…imagine) wrong! tak meleleh ya….. (yuks!) but very uncomfortable la

however… least I was able to run for 3km + (I think) and after that, went to have ‘ward round’ with Mr Boon ^^ (short case,here I come!)

But, no…today I wanna tell you how was my Malakoff Run went (since you didn’t ask…yes,you)

It was held at Mont Kiara Equestrian & Country Club on 19th of Disember. It was powered by of course, the Community Partnerships Malakoff and Sports Malakoff. Co- sponsored by Power Bar, Mizuno, Athlete’s Circle, Revive, Biore, Nestle Fistness and other brands which I think not that popular (bcos I don’t know them so I assume they were not popular~haha) Well, please note the word ‘Mont’ yes…..the route was hills and hills and hills and more hills than a flat, straight route (guessing now I have to start train at hills)

I was able to finish the 7km route in 45min! ^^ but sadly didn’t get the finishing medal…..and you know what ALL the 12km runners got the medals…. It looked really nice…. The medals were in 3 big boxes all squashed lying on the ground (come to think of it now it looks like an invaluable thing,haha XD) Next time I register 12km just to get the medal wahaha =P

Of course I ran with my partner, my sis =) It was morning so the pic a bit blur and we don’t look that nice la

It was after the run… What a relieve after that all the horrible hillS

Yes, it was not disappointing…. They gave the runners certificate! yayThis is what was in the goody beg. Heavens! Nestle Cheerios, Biore facial foam for men, Biore for oily skin and lemon-lime Gatarode drink.

After the run, went for oncall + cover bed then I slept like crazy.

I think through run I connect with people… I now knew some seniors like kak Aisyah, kak Nadia, senior Kee Choon, and some long time friend who’s in contact with me now. This friend give me a call after seeing my profile picture in fb, telling me he was interested to join runs after seeing the picture. Haha, crazy guy~ Other jogging friends that I think we can talk about run, Izwan, Hajar and Qi Wen (my newly talking-about-run friend,haha)

10K Bareno Run, here I come!

Group…yeah right~

Do you know what is the best thing about being in a group?

yes….you will be assign to look for the information ALONE

and do the freaking slideshow ALONE

and that’s just not it….You have to present some more…..Wah! Is this what being in a group like? A group of 9/10 people and what I get??? I am so mad at this…. Staying up alone all night looking for the information to explain the pathophysiology and come out with a proper presentation as the one that they left me is……..haih……. Probably by the time I was flipping through pages of books, they were happily snoring out loud…. and do I care if any of you read this post? Hell no!

I gave up when my alarm clock glaring madly at me with that time showed…. Slept with piles of notes beside me and the laptop left switched on. Woke up at 6.30 am being extremely sleepy. Went for lecture with a tumbler of hot nescafe….and if my life continues like this I am not shock if I got perforated peptic ulcer… (^^”)

At 2pm the presentation started and I think I did it quite well. Despite of that trembling voice, sweaty palm, chaotic action on stage, dry throat, grumbling stomach-which-me-myself-can-hear-the-sound-of-it,loss of word during presentation and excessive stage nervousness…….After the presentation…

a friend asked me to explain again what I explained =)

he told me it’s worth it…sleeping at 3.30am….a good presentation… ^^

a friend borrowed my scribbled notes ^^

a friend congratulated me thru ym ^^

best of all, the lecturer agreed with my presentation =) I like my slideshow (the one I did) ^^

After the presentation, I went straight to bed and woke up at 6.30pm feeling relieved

Stop raining~

Stop raining la……

I want to jog…..

5 days didn’t jog already…. T.T

My sportshoe calling me….

Desperate ni…..


Stress and that’s why I want to jog….

Today is stressful and people just like to mess around with me…. T.T