Yah….it’s been awhile I haven’t post anything here (1week only~haha) Anyway, a lot of things happen these past few days…

First of all, saya dengan selamatnya telah habis posting ONG =( Sad? Yah, I do feel that way weirdly because I’d been bragging to people how much I won’t be enjoying ONG.ย 

Three things I missed about ONG,

1. It’s BUSY, BUSY, BUSY ^^

2.My dear Prof Azurah. Damn….gonna miss her a lot

3. Palpating patient with my dear mate, Boon.

Second, I joined futsal. WAHAHAHAHA

Hm,hm…I think I found third sport I love to join again next time. But I need to tell you this, it was freaking funny. I’d fallen twice during the matches and worst, there was this time. Well, I was chasing the ball with my opponent. My intention is to grab away the ball, I was running so fast and when we(me + opponent + ball) almost reaching the goal I tried to kick away the ball from the opponent but because we were so near to the goal, the opponent successfully kicked it into the goal and me…..HAHAHAHAHA. Ran staright into the goal and hit hard at the goal post. Waw,waw, was….It was painful….and as the result of first time joining futsal, every parts of my body were aching for three days (strictly no jogging).There were 6 match altogether for each group and unbelievably we managed to get ourself at the third spot. Hehe, tahniah ^^

Third, officially in Surgery posting. Impression : I HATE it….so very awfully boring. No busy, no guidance, and I did not feel the urge to start a happy and busy day ahead like I was in ONG. I HATE it so much….please….I want this posting to finish fast…….

Fourth, went out with of course…who else….. the Lo…

sers….. ^^ and Fathinah

went to KLCC. Like this pic =) thanks Tinah!ย 

and with my siblings. Went to Seoul Garden. Got student price =)



Real man?

“We’re real man son, we don’t like to share our real feelings”

-Gossip Girl-

p/s : yeah right~