Larian 2011 Bangi Perdana

Just finished the 10K run…

Feeling : Hey! It’s fun ^^

but……. a bit dissapointed…..

I got number 32 out of…( I dunno how many participants for my category, guess need to wait the Utusan to put it in the paper ^^’) but the last person to get the medal is number 30! number 30!!!!!!!!! Kalau la saya pecut lagi sikit….haih….entah2 insya Allah boleh dapat tak….. =(

Anyway, the run was held by Persatuan Olahraga Daerah Klang, BIAA and others. Sponsored by Hitachi, Slumberland, Revive, CCM Pharmaceuticals and……….. Utusan Malaysia ^^

We were ‘released’ around 8.00 am……and I ran the 10km for 1hour 10min (ok,saya tak pro ya buat pengetahuan anda) but yah….I managed to non-stop jogging for 45min. so the rest you can guess la what I did, run walk run walk…. There was only one ‘unreacheble’  hill(by mean of this is that….I can only climb the hill halfway through as it was pretty long hill).

One time was that whilst I was fast walking, I thought I almost reached the finishing line (since I knew the road pretty well), well embarassingly I walked and suddenly a lady came jogging next to me, patted me on the back and said “come on lagi sikit”.(And that was the same lady that I potong halfway….) So I joined her ran….and ran…and she was right, we almost reached the finishing line. Haha, dengan jahatnya saya tinggalkan dia…and reached the finishing line….running,bukan jalan ya

This was during the aerobic (obviously I didn’t join)

Some of the bored runners…hehe

This is what in the goody bag….yup all are free….(I wonder what Slumberland give the runners…pillow for the 1st place?hahaha)

Yes, the cert…(nasib baik la dapat….)daripada tak dapat apa2 kan….


Yah,there weren’t any pictures of me…..I joined this run alone…that’s the sad part. But the best part is that I can run 10K =) (provided there are no hills?haha)

Can’t wait for Bareno =)



Tau tak apa jadi kalau degil sangat

No, I mean like really….degil, degil,degil sangat sangat?

Yesterday, I had heavy flow (OK, dengan tak malunya saya bercerita)

Do you know what is the significant of this to me?

It is associated with high release of prostaglandins hence dysmenorrhea….

I stubbornly put on my shoe despite of my so-called heavy flow



I had the most terrible dysmenorrhea ever, like seriously…tu la dysmenorrhea paling teruk pernah saya rasa…… =(

Sakitnya……. I felt like I was about to pass out due to that terrible pain

No, no meds or whatsoever

It was sudden onset, I crouched on to the bed and lying flat with that ugly-berkerut seribu-face slept at 9.50pm only to wake up at 7.00am


Tak pernah tidur selama tu…… =(

No, the story did not end just yet…

Dysmenorrhea not yet finish…Diarrhea la pulak…..

After bath, slept again?!!!! and went to ward at 9am…

Back to the room and slept again?!!!! till 1.40pm

Teruk kan…..

Adoi la…..

Conclusion : Tolong la Izzati…. jangan la lari kalau heavy flow~~~


Top up study….nak tido pukul brapa ni?

Dream come true ^^

1 month earlier…..

I went to the doctor because my second toe develop the same condition as my first big toe (if you follow my blog, you would understand). As I recalled back, I never kicked anything or fall or whatsoever to cause this symptom….Anyway, I went to the doctor and had to tell him that I’ve been involving in running activity. He said, the cause of this symptom is most probably because of my tight sport shoe. What? tight shoe? How come I never notice or even feel that my sport shoe is that tight…. “Tukar la kasut tu kalau ketat sangat” said the doctor. Ha? tukar? change? replace? oh nooooo~~~ =( the sportshoe I just bought last June…. =(. Went back, put on my sport shoe…and to my dismay he was right. There is presence of ‘bulges’ (my second and third toe fingers) at the tip of my sport shoe….Damn…it is tight T.T



Right you are, it’s the first edition (I think so….) Nike Lunarglide!!!!!

and right you are, the shoe was put on my father’s car (abah tak nampak…..whew~)

and right you are, it’s MINE!!!!!

and yes, just bought them ^^

I’m a happy child again ^^

Come, lets explore my new-tak-percaya-dapat-beli-nike-lunarglide ini =)

lateral view. hehe

posterior and anterior view? 

yes, it’s nike plus where you can put your sensor in it

‘her’ (if you notice i usually call my thing ‘him’) name is nike lunarglide, again people =P

if I’m not mistaken, lunarglide was launch during the Nike Run and I fell in love at first sight ^^

Sorry people, I did not mean to brag…and if you do think so..I’m sorry…I’m just so happy…wait, this is my blog.Ok, brush that, XD haha

Ok,ok….why am I happy? I mean like, really happy?

1. I’ve been wanting this shoe for a long time already but it never moves me to buy this type of shoe since…’unreachable’ price for me…huhu….and I WON’T buy a sport shoe with this price… it’s crazy

2. I just learned how much my father support me in this new interest

I was about to join the Larian 2011 Perdana Bangi…..I thought I knew the place to register but to my dismay, I confused with other place. After knowing this, I was moody and sad….My father asked me what happen with that ugly face of mine and he drove me there ^^(turns out the place is so very near…stupid me~~~haha). Next I told him to drop me at alamanda Putrajaya since I need to buy some stuff.  He pulled out some ‘notes’ and asked me to get the shoe. I was so freaking overwhelming ^^ I AM VERY HAPPY. Do you know what it felt like when your closest person in life is supporting what you are doing? and it’s not even academic? Yes, that’s why I’m happy. He still support me of being involved in a non-academic thing. Wah! Love my parents ^^

Ok last peeps. Hehe

My oranges ^^

Happy Chinese New Year!!! (ok,lambat gila ucap~)

Wah…..I received….what else? Oranges! Nyum,nyum =) so delighted….Most of you who follows my blog from the early beginning must had know pretty well how much I favor this fruit.But this year came as surprise for me…. Come on dear friends…..I main-main je….I nag and nag and nag just to kacau you guys…Never thought of receiving from more than one person… (^^”) last year received from someone….one person only…(you know who you are….)but this year

this is from kok joo,first person to give it to me

this is from sin jie, 1 is given to aimi so left =4

from jeans

Each of them give me 5 so….5×4=20-1=19..19 oranges! haha…..weyh…I really play,play only la korang….haih…me and big mouth…next time I nag to this one person je la…..

My friend Sin Jie said…”oranges got size…size s, m and l. Size m and l is sweet and ok but not size s” And Jimmy added…”ada size XL jugak la…” (dunno to believe him or not…haha! jangan marah Jimmy) Sin Jie also said “buy oranges before chinese new year, don’t buy after cos most probably most of the oranges are not good anymore”. Ok, all the tips are jotted down ^^

One thing I forgot to ask…haih…my bad….Why orange during Chinese New Year? explain to me please…..