Bleeding la pulak…. =(

I am seriously in the most ‘tak paham’ state right now

Why did it bleed? again?

Last time was left big toe

Then my left second toe

Now left third toe

My god…..

Yg peliknya…mesti belah kiri O.o~~

Ha? left foot bigger than right foot? O.o

Then, I have congenital malformation ke?


Bukak kasut je…….

I was like. HUH???!!! what happened? Clumsily throw away the sock and…
There’s that poor third toe…. =(

Pelik la saya…macam-macam masalah

Blood clot 2 times, fall into the mud, shoes too small, bla,bla,bla…

So many problems encountered just to enjoy a nice great and long run….



Most worst day in surgery posting…

Today was the worst day of surgery posting I ever had…

Got a msg from Mr A asking me to clerk patient bed so,and so for my long case at 9.30am…Let say it’s Mr X. I was with Aini and we went to the Mr X. Aini approached him first, but she hadn’t even had the chance to open her mouth and Mr X said, “don’t disturb me”. I was shocked and at the same time worried like hell. What am I suppose to do….He is my long case patient….. I decided to look for other patient who had similar disease with Mr A. I clerked and examine the patient and even do the script as complete as possible. Around 11.00am, I msg Mr A and told him my problem with the patient and asked him if I could change other patient. However, he still wanted me to clerk him or else he would deduct my mark 50% -___-”.

I find Kok Joo hastily and asked him to talk to Mr X as he is a Chinese guy. He told Kok Joo and Kok Joo told me that he is in bad mood and ask me to find other patient. I was almost broke into tears. I was really worried and scared. What worried me was the way Mr A replied my msg. He put this “!” mark at the end of the sentence asking me to clerk the patient he wanted. I was worried sick. Unable to focus and restless.

Around 1.00pm, Kok Joo tried again and finally Mr X let me interview him. He was having his lunch at that time. He was very uncooperative and did not explain his symptom well. He kept telling me I’ve been asking the same questions all the time as I was actually asking other symptoms and details about his epigastric pain and his vomiting. He answered in angry tone and his voice was so loud the whole cubicle could hear him talking angrily back to me. I noticed some patients were even laughing at us. I kept asking him questions, collecting every pride I had. After some moments, he finally dismissed me. I could not get full history and thus I was becoming more and more worried. I put all the history I could manage to get and even took a peek at his ticket to do the script. It was a complete disaster. His history was full of loops and holes and I did not even dare to ask his permission to do the PE (can you imagine? whilst I was asking him questions he was holding the spoon filled with rice waiting for it to finally touch his oral cavity.haih…….)

It was just not my day. I went for a quick lunch (trust me, in this most worrying most disturbing moment I would not even have a gut to think about food moreover to leave the ward. But since my annoying stomach may be predisposed to another gastritis attack whilst I only had a mug of milo at 7.40am this morning…so…yah….eating is the need I have to do to avoid another bad day..which I think I had enough after meeting Mr X). I bought mee bandung and was about to take my seat and ***!!!! My matrix card happily dipped itself into the bowl of mee and splattered some of the kuah to my amazingly white white coat. ARGHHHHHH~~~~ Bad things kept happening. With all the patience I could manage whilst holding myself up to not scream thinking about my white coat, my horrible history minus PE and haven’t look up the progress of the patient yet…ARGHHHHHHH

After that quick so-not-womenly-way-to-eat-mee, I rushed to my room, changed the white coat and rushed back to the ward. At 2.30pm, I presented my case and thankfully all went well……..After that, I went back to my room and slept like I never had a good sleep before……

Dear Nadhira Khairudin~

It’s 12.00am 16th March 2011 already???


(imagine the typical happy birthday song is sing to you right now)


Our times during JKM won’t ever be forgotten 

Dah lama dah beli… =) Sorry tak seberapa -___-”

Kalau jumpa la…hehe,if not I’ll pass to somebody =)

This is Nadhira Khairudin

Suddenly I have this crazy idea while taking a break from study (esok long case KOT???)

and thus…this is my tak-seberapa-low-budget-gift

Sorry for the keburukan tulisan and everything…huhu..

Again, happy birthday NAD!

Have a blast one!!!!

Bareno Run

Yeaaaaaaa finish the run (though it was….unsatisfactorily…for me)

The run was held at the Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil today. Main sponsor for this run is New Balance (thanks for the S-sized-running-shirt-which-looks-like-XXS-size for me ^^”). Co-sponsored by Salonplas, Gardenia, 100 plus, Spritzer, the Marathon Shop and others.

There are 21km, 10km,and 5km….and I joined the 10km. Ran for 1hour 20minutes. Yes, the best part is that; more friends and I GOT THE MEDAL =) =) (things I collect for run apart from the shirt and the numbers)

Why am I unsatisfied with this run? (though I’ve been waiting for it like….haih…) It’s because 1 week before the run, I wasn’t able to train well sadly……Did not run for 1 week was a no-no for 10km…haiyaaa….Ok,what passed is passed…..

Qi Tyng (my new friend aka Qi Wen’s cousin), Qi Wen, Kak Aisyah, and my sis

Wafa was soooo happy, she got number 43 for the 5km My favourite pic….(please be reminded…I didn’t exactly biting it…It’s just the act of aggravating:do-you-know-how-hard-it-is-to-get-medal-from-outside-run?)

After that, we went for breakfast with Farah… Thanks Farah! For waking up as early as 5.30am just to drop us there and pick us back ^^ You’re rock! 

10km??? Yup, it’s worth it =) (big grin)

Sadly, there will be no more run on April and May………nooooo (screaming)…My next run is on 26th June…..Anybody, if got information please do tell me (desperate…haha)

Beastly + cake

Today, I went to Alamanda JUST, I repeat JUST to watch beastly. I don’t know why I really2 want to watch it. At first I thought there was a bit of action pack in there….but nah….there weren’t any….It’s a total love story. I don’t think I should publicly comment on the story….but…yah…..back to the reason why I wanna watch Beastly so badly…..

Is it because of

it’s freaking hot dashing handsome hero?

Or is it because of Vanessa Hudgens?

Urghhh, not a chance

Or is it because….

how they make up him?hahaha

However, it was moderately great movie. Love is never ugly…??

After the 1 and 1/2 hour movie, we went home….but on the way to the car park I saw a ‘delicious’ small exhibition

Oh my!

Gosh~ can I have this for my birthday please…….

I am not a big fan of vanilla, but this look really yummy ^^

Wahhhh I want this for my wedding (wait, that doesn’t sounds right…)

Oh waw….see the decoration….really catchy…

Beg cake? or cake beg? or beke?

This is super cute! I want! =)

Just can’t get enough of…

Is this a total icing or there’s cake somewhere….?

The cute cuppies

Of course with all the cute cakes, cuppies and cookies plus my stomach grumbling madly…..and for the sake of my gastritis (ceh..alasan…)

Bought myself some super cute delicious looking cupcakes

and a delicious (eaten) cookie ^^

This week

1. Please be reminded that the header has nothing to do with my current mood or what I have been going lately. It’s just that the header suits the background (+ the width of the picture suits the box)

2. Went to celebrate Mijah’s birthday at Seoul Garden with Siti, Helmy, Daniel and Mijah (of course). Previous week we went out together as well for dinner at Delicious and we watched I am Number Four (which was not a great movie at all~duh~ and sadly that was my 1st movie in 3months time)


3. Went to clinic two times only since, I’ll be having long case this Friday. But the best part of it is that, I do have productive and great days at the ward. =)

4. Had Miss Farah teaching during lunch hour in the cafe where she treated us to some drinks and kuih and again teaching on the same day at 6.30pm which ended at 7.45pm…..

5. Think I’m gonna do badly for Bareno, haven’t been running since Monday…and ‘she’s’ crying for me to wear them everytime I went out (mad me is hallucinating~) =(

6. Been sleeping a lot lately for God knows why and I am freaking fed up with myself. Plus, this week I’ve been taking ‘rice meal’ for my lunch, as a consequence of my gastritis of course….Think that is the cause of my sleeping pattern? Haiyaaa….

7. Today I accompanied my sister to see the internal medicine doctor (OMG he is handsome~~) and my sis agreed to this. Haha! Of course I did’t wear my white coat la or else he’ll start asking me differential diagnosis. The cost of her meds was RM253!!!! wth!! but…’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^

8. Passed up my CWUs today…though I finished them both 2weeks ago…haha (berlagak?my blog who cares~)

Ok, enough updating….long case tomorrow,wish me luck!

8. ‘Australian guy’!!!! faster come back lo

Stubborn 2

Why is this post titled so? Well, this is where you know the 2nd part of stubborn me….

For those who knew me very well, probably had a rough idea of what am I stubborn of

and yes…..that is………………………………….EAT -__-”

Today, I presented to the clinic with diarrhea and abdominal pain for 2 days…The pain was at the the umbilical region, intermittently occurring, gripping in nature with score pain of 3/10. No, this was not the 1st episode, it was the 4th and previously I had similar problem with acute onset of abdominal pain of 10/10 associated with nausea and vomiting.  Previously were much more worst attacks….3-4 days I couldn’t get out from the bed due to that annoyingly severe pain.

No~I didn’t have intestinal obstruction…just a stupid gastritis.

I went to the doctor, told her I had on and off abdominal pain and diarrhea and she said, “Adik tak makan lagi ya? Ni mesti skip makan lagi ni…” (oh ya….she had my documents and this is the 3rd time I presented to the same clinic, with the same problem). I told her, I eat, I eat, I eat. She asked me what I usually take. “Pagi saya minum milo, tengahari kadang2 roti or tak makan langsung. Makan malam nasi pukul 6pm”. She shook her head and said I have to eat proper meal in the morning and during lunch. Alahai… yang aku lemah ni….. =(

Yes, I do have problem with eating, morning I drink a mug of milo because I wanna hurry. Lunch I occasionally skip because….tak payah la bagitau…korang bukan percaya pun… I am very stubborn I continued with my bad habits till now… =( (yes, saya juga menyampah dengan diri saya yg degil ni…) Untill one time, at Tg Karang, a friend forced me to eat lunch by buying me the lunch himself and passed it to a friend. Oh god….I burdened people with my own risk taking behavior….sorry~

I was prescribed with cimetidine, magnesium hydroxide and another one….I dunno what


Susah betul jadi kurus ni

1. MUST EAT! or you’ll cause problem to other people

2. Either you’re underweight, you have low hemoglobin level or you’re normal BP range is below 120/80 to donate blood

Conclusion: think myself la….4th time already!!! haih…