Great Runner

“Seriously, I always see you as great runner! XD”

‘Quoted’ by a friend,

Thank you… Means a lot ^^



Oh…ooo….dah ada distraction baru untuk tahun ini…..



“who’s the lucky he?”


Standard Chartered Marathon KL

Yea!!! It was fun! Though, I should admit I didn’t finish the run satisfactorily but….I ended it anyway… The Standard Chartered Marathon was held in Dataran Merdeka. Since it was a really big event of the year, most of the road entering KL was closed at 4am. How to get there? shuttles were available at various spot for the runners….and grumpily me and my sisters had to set off to the Stadium Bukit Jalil at around 5am… The 5km and 10km was flagged of at Padang Merbok. We were released (the 10km runners) at 7am…It was a really interesting route I’ve run so far, apart from during the Nike Run. From Padang Merbok, we passed by the KL Sentral, Mid Valley, Brickfields, Istana Negara, KL Railway Station, Masjid Negara, Sogo, Jalan Tunku Abd Rahman and finally the Dataran Merdeka….

Yea…I know…..


I tour the KL!!! The route was freaking awesome!!! (agak exaggerate di situ…hehe). But it was really nice ^^ I love how they choose the route for us…makes a whole new excitement!

As I was approaching the finishing line, all I think was that they would only serve us the 10km runners some banana, 100plus and mineral water…but…there’s a finisher MEDAL!!! yeay! For the certificate, it is said in the runners guidebook that they’ll sent to us but I’m not really sure…hope got la…..Run my ass-off for it…haha

Behind the finishing line. During the run, some of the runners wore interesting costume, there were spiderman, man in tuxedo, man in cow costume and others…haha XD 

The scene looks cool rite?

Food booth? Hm….I’m still thinking the purpose of this attraction actually….

All green ^^ I think it’s more like Milo run then SCKL..haha

D-tag for 10km,21km and 42km runners
Last peep!

Not forgetting the cool medal ^^

This is one of the best run I joined^^


Today, I went to the Stadium Bukit Jalil to collect the race pack……

The green one is the running singlet (singlet?! yea,I know), then there’s the muscle counterpain, fan, subway vouchers, and the bag of course

Afterwards, I went to Kamal and purchase books for upcoming postings. Since I am a lazy-ass-chick, I decided to buy all 4th year posting books at once (paeds, ortho and psychiatry) It caused me about RM600++…


Actually, I’m not that happy today…..I have muscle ache for 2days…I think it’s because of my extensive running a week before the run. Dumb and absentmindedly training without thinking the side effect of it. I never thought ENT gonna be that busy…don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that it’s busy…but never occurred to me it’s gonna cost me my training time…haih…..


All I wish is that….I can run tomorrow…and I really mean it, run!

Runs and runs and runs ^^

Mana ada tak boleh lari dah En. Mizan….post saya sebelum ni ada sebab lain…haha

Anyway, yah! Next upcoming weeks are gonna be exciting ones. Here are my schedules ^^

Which is gonna be another 3 days! OMG! No confidence at all……… =(

And these are for July. Hahahaha (evil laugh)

For Putrajaya Night Run, I will be running for 5k. Hopefully I’m gonna enjoy this run to the fullest as this is my first time joining a night run and as the ‘finisher run’ before the start of Ramadhan (not that during fasting you cannot run…it’s just that I choose not to)

For Olympic Day Fun Run McD, I will be running for 7k.

For NTV 7 Feel Good Run, another 7k

and last but not least the Standard Chartered Run….which is gonna be my third 10k, Insya Allah and it’s gonna be another 3days! Nooooooooooo!! I am so not prepare for this run as I didn’t expect that ENT posting gonna be really hectic…haih (sighing heavily) If only I know, I would have register for 5k instead of killing myself by joining 10k. I know I can run for 10k but with this ‘tak cukup’ practice my self-confidence is of the roof…..haih..

Dear Allah, I pray that you let me do this….Amin…

and friends, wish me luck! ^^

p/s: and my blogs will be filled with pictures of run AGAIN….yay! (sangat tak sabar)


They ask me how am I doing at the moment (when they actually means…be strong girl)

They pretend not to see me when I pass by (when they actually thought…this poor girl~)

They suddenly greeted me with exaggerated expression (when they actually trying to act like nothing happen…)

They didn’t show a shocking face when they saw me in my sport shoe (when they actually whispering…she’s still running?)

Hey you guys….I know when you’re acting weirdly ok…

Let me tell you guys, I’m as happy as I am

In fact I’m enjoying every bits of my life even much more then before ^^

and when people ask me about it I say

“who’s that?”

Random Awesome

It all began
At the show one weekend
I was a friend of your cousin said
“hey how you’ve been”
And with your checkered shirt on
And my Reebok shoes on
Let’s watch something random
Turned into something awesome

And I smile I love no,
I laugh happier somehow
No I don’t know what is up with me
I laugh too much recently
No, They don’t know much about us
When we’re exchanging glances
We’ll figure out one day,
What happened on your 24th birthday
It all began with a simple
You had an urge to kiss me and
I was on the verge to miss you
And then it happen,
We didn’t understand
I won’t even budge
Before we didn’t hang out much
So save me in your playlist
You wont forget this
When things don’t quite go your way
You’ll still have me on replay

With your checkered shirt on
And my Reebok shoes on
Let’s watch something random
Turned into something awesome

And I smile I love no,
I laugh happier somehow
No I don’t know what is up with me
I laugh too much recently
No, They don’t know much about us
When we’re exchanging glances
We’ll figure out one day,
What happened on your 24th birthday

She’s Back

Imagine She’s Back by Infinite is playing at the moment


I’m back to school

I’m back to study

I’m back to run

I’m back to join runs  and runs and runs^^

but…..saya tak nak run kat taman tasik permaisuri dah….. =( ada tak tempat lain untuk saya run…… (sigh heavily)


Mangrove? Hehe…..Yup, this is what we do for our elective posting which was held for 2days 1night at Kuala Gula, Perak. This program was held with cooperation from Sahabat Hutan Bakau (SHB), Kuala Gula. Why mangrove? Easy ^^. It’s different from the rest. We went there with cars. Me, Hanan, Qeeda and Fizah in my car. Daniel, Mijah, Nadia and Hilmi in Daniel’s car and Zul, Hajar and Naimah in Zul’s car. It was my first time 4hour drive…..Fuh……It’s quite exhausting and once I reached the place…sleepy~sleepy~sleepy~Yah…Hanan did all the best to accompany me while I’m driving with all sorts of stories and questions…but still…he drifted to sleep (though awhile) at last. Haha  

Since we were only allowed to check in at the chalet at 2pm, we decided to kill time at Zoo Taiping Of course we didn’t miss our chance to pose in front ofthe elephants

Posing in front of the chalet Once reached there, we were briefed a little about Kuala Gula, the importance of the mangroves and introduction about Sahabat Hutan BakauThen we were brought to tanah lapangan utk tanam pucuk pokokThat night, we were asked to make rabbit and bunga telur out of seashells. It is said that these ‘creations’ are sell at Kuala Gula as souvenirs for tourists who come to this area and therefore, they thought us how to make it. (This is Mijah’s group..the group that lost…haha)This is the winning group…haha…The girls did the bunga telur and the boys did the rabbit. Next day,yeah…show time! We were gathered first at jeti for briefing before taken to the plantation siteWe went there by boat,of course (that 2 Ls…just couldn’t let my camera lens passed by unwasted eh? LOL)This is En. Zakaria, one of the SHB. Others are Pak Andak (En. Samat), En. Anuar, Ckey and Izah. They were the ones who guide us all the way throughThe view actually was magnificent! But since… camera is just a regular, ordinary camera…the pictures did not look so magnificent. If only I have DSLR…but wait (grinning) gonna get one then (evil laugh)The weather was nice, birds chirping, the water was cold…ah….fresh and soothing….A nice cup of coffee (tiba2…haha)I did mention tourist right? Well, actually Kuala Gula is famous for it’s birds watching site among tourists. I really love this shot. If only I have DSLR, this picture will most probably turn out to be a very nice shot…(sigh) But anyway, this is an eagle.Another shot of other eagle…Of course, if I have DSLR I won’t take like this la…There must be an angle so that the eagle will turn out nicely ^^

 Can you see the bird? It is burung raja udang….the color so nice.. =)The main event of our elective posting….Mangrove planting Everybody work hard! ^^

Me..I know…it’s an effing ugly ‘way-of-standing’ 

Another nice shot. Can you see some of us had mud plastered on the face. Well,the mud was taken 2feet deep from the surface and it is believe that this mud is good for the skin,especially for the faceAfter all the hard work (hard work la sangat…) kita pun berkubang la sekejap….hahaOn the way back…we were thought how to capture seashells using a tool called tangguk (this one is small one, for play-play only. The real one is big and long)Closing ceremony

It was a really nice posting ^^. A lot of laughters, good food, good view, friendly people, and of course sweet memories. This trip will never be forgotten

p/s : thanks to qeeda, and SHB for the pictures (but some are mine la)