Mangrove? Hehe…..Yup, this is what we do for our elective posting which was held for 2days 1night at Kuala Gula, Perak. This program was held with cooperation from Sahabat Hutan Bakau (SHB), Kuala Gula. Why mangrove? Easy ^^. It’s different from the rest. We went there with cars. Me, Hanan, Qeeda and Fizah in my car. Daniel, Mijah, Nadia and Hilmi in Daniel’s car and Zul, Hajar and Naimah in Zul’s car. It was my first time 4hour drive…..Fuh……It’s quite exhausting and once I reached the place…sleepy~sleepy~sleepy~Yah…Hanan did all the best to accompany me while I’m driving with all sorts of stories and questions…but still…he drifted to sleep (though awhile) at last. Haha  

Since we were only allowed to check in at the chalet at 2pm, we decided to kill time at Zoo Taiping Of course we didn’t miss our chance to pose in front ofthe elephants

Posing in front of the chalet Once reached there, we were briefed a little about Kuala Gula, the importance of the mangroves and introduction about Sahabat Hutan BakauThen we were brought to tanah lapangan utk tanam pucuk pokokThat night, we were asked to make rabbit and bunga telur out of seashells. It is said that these ‘creations’ are sell at Kuala Gula as souvenirs for tourists who come to this area and therefore, they thought us how to make it. (This is Mijah’s group..the group that lost…haha)This is the winning group…haha…The girls did the bunga telur and the boys did the rabbit. Next day,yeah…show time! We were gathered first at jeti for briefing before taken to the plantation siteWe went there by boat,of course (that 2 Ls…just couldn’t let my camera lens passed by unwasted eh? LOL)This is En. Zakaria, one of the SHB. Others are Pak Andak (En. Samat), En. Anuar, Ckey and Izah. They were the ones who guide us all the way throughThe view actually was magnificent! But since… camera is just a regular, ordinary camera…the pictures did not look so magnificent. If only I have DSLR…but wait (grinning) gonna get one then (evil laugh)The weather was nice, birds chirping, the water was cold…ah….fresh and soothing….A nice cup of coffee (tiba2…haha)I did mention tourist right? Well, actually Kuala Gula is famous for it’s birds watching site among tourists. I really love this shot. If only I have DSLR, this picture will most probably turn out to be a very nice shot…(sigh) But anyway, this is an eagle.Another shot of other eagle…Of course, if I have DSLR I won’t take like this la…There must be an angle so that the eagle will turn out nicely ^^

 Can you see the bird? It is burung raja udang….the color so nice.. =)The main event of our elective posting….Mangrove planting Everybody work hard! ^^

Me..I know…it’s an effing ugly ‘way-of-standing’ 

Another nice shot. Can you see some of us had mud plastered on the face. Well,the mud was taken 2feet deep from the surface and it is believe that this mud is good for the skin,especially for the faceAfter all the hard work (hard work la sangat…) kita pun berkubang la sekejap….hahaOn the way back…we were thought how to capture seashells using a tool called tangguk (this one is small one, for play-play only. The real one is big and long)Closing ceremony

It was a really nice posting ^^. A lot of laughters, good food, good view, friendly people, and of course sweet memories. This trip will never be forgotten

p/s : thanks to qeeda, and SHB for the pictures (but some are mine la)


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