Runs and runs and runs ^^

Mana ada tak boleh lari dah En. Mizan….post saya sebelum ni ada sebab lain…haha

Anyway, yah! Next upcoming weeks are gonna be exciting ones. Here are my schedules ^^

Which is gonna be another 3 days! OMG! No confidence at all……… =(

And these are for July. Hahahaha (evil laugh)

For Putrajaya Night Run, I will be running for 5k. Hopefully I’m gonna enjoy this run to the fullest as this is my first time joining a night run and as the ‘finisher run’ before the start of Ramadhan (not that during fasting you cannot run…it’s just that I choose not to)

For Olympic Day Fun Run McD, I will be running for 7k.

For NTV 7 Feel Good Run, another 7k

and last but not least the Standard Chartered Run….which is gonna be my third 10k, Insya Allah and it’s gonna be another 3days! Nooooooooooo!! I am so not prepare for this run as I didn’t expect that ENT posting gonna be really hectic…haih (sighing heavily) If only I know, I would have register for 5k instead of killing myself by joining 10k. I know I can run for 10k but with this ‘tak cukup’ practice my self-confidence is of the roof…..haih..

Dear Allah, I pray that you let me do this….Amin…

and friends, wish me luck! ^^

p/s: and my blogs will be filled with pictures of run AGAIN….yay! (sangat tak sabar)


2 thoughts on “Runs and runs and runs ^^

  1. eh,,yg putrajaya ko masuk 5 km nye eh?aku ingt ko masuk 12.3km nye..
    hm..nk wat camne kan,aku dh ‘ter’registerr yg 12.3km nye..xpela,,yg penting ade sijil.kekeke~

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