Today, I went to the Stadium Bukit Jalil to collect the race pack……

The green one is the running singlet (singlet?! yea,I know), then there’s the muscle counterpain, fan, subway vouchers, and the bag of course

Afterwards, I went to Kamal and purchase books for upcoming postings. Since I am a lazy-ass-chick, I decided to buy all 4th year posting books at once (paeds, ortho and psychiatry) It caused me about RM600++…


Actually, I’m not that happy today…..I have muscle ache for 2days…I think it’s because of my extensive running a week before the run. Dumb and absentmindedly training without thinking the side effect of it. I never thought ENT gonna be that busy…don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that it’s busy…but never occurred to me it’s gonna cost me my training time…haih…..


All I wish is that….I can run tomorrow…and I really mean it, run!


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