McDonald’s Olympic Day Fun Run

For this run, it was held at Dataran Merdeka, again….but the running route was not like I expected…. But anyway, it was fun…and for this run, I joined the seniors. Wafa was unable to join because she had fever. We were flagged off at 7.30am at the dataran. (unlike for the SCKL, we were flagged off at Padang Merbok…)

S. Song Leow, S. Kee Choon, S. Hazman, S. Teck Chee, S. Aishah and me

It was estimated that there were 11 000 runners who took part

At the finishing line

After the run, we had of course….what else….McD breakfast…see, all the seniors were very happy

I can say that today….was the worst run I ever joined…. I am severely sad….. Run time was not satisfying and didn’t get the medal……sob~sob~ It all thanks to the ‘monthly friend’. I was running in pain and I had to stop many times due to the unbearable pain…..haiyaa~~~

After I finished the run, I’d to line up to get the goody bag and at that time I knew, something was wrong. I felt nauseous and I can see flashing of lights (no,no…I don’t have vitreous hemorrhage or retinal detachment) ..but yah, I can see that flashes (so obvious ma…..) Hurriedly I walked to the side and slumped my back down…closing my eyes in fear of faint….Yah, told you that this was the worst run ever and yes, I am sooooo blaming ‘this thing’. I ran 7K in 1hour! 1hour! I never had this record…usually it would take me about 40-45min (not to brag but that was my best time for 7K)…..Sad, sad, sad,……



Last Friday during clinic, Nad was talking to a patient and I just stood there listening to the story (with the intention to just check his eye…..)

Patient : Yes, I brisk walk for 6km

Nad : 6km uncle? Waw…that’s very good of you

Me : (menyampuk bila dgr 6km) woh? 6km uncle? how long you walk? if I ran for 5km, it took me about 30-40min

Patient : Really? 5km?

Me : Yes….I usually joined marathons

Patient : Really?

Nad : Yah uncle, she’s a runner


Somehow I like that word

When I am described as such

If a runner is defined by km they run in how many minutes/hours,

I refused to be define as such

If a runner is defined for how their body should look like, how tough their physic is

I refused to be define as such

If a runner is defined by how branded all their clothing are up to the shoes

I refused to be define as such

If a runner is defined by the km they finish is of passion and satisfaction when they’re at it

Then, I am that definition

Feel Good Run NTV7


Today’s run was really satisfying for me ^^. I was able to finish the 7km in 45min non-stop running. Sooooooo happy =) May be the most contributing factor is the route. Haha, it’s a flat-no-hills route.  As expected, we ran passed houses, not really a new view to me. Anyway, we started run around 7.30am the weather was nice….but right after I finished the run, it was raining…

Yah, I know this picture quite blur but I like it.This is where we gathered at a building due to the rain

For this run, celebrities were also invited to join and they ran for 3km. Celebrities that I knew were invited were Jaclyn Victor, Naz, Jehan Miskin and others (which I don’t really know of…) but I didn’t get the chance to meet them. Anyway, that wasn’t my exact reason to join this event…huhu. There was also carnival for runners after the run.

Some of the attractions. Nice!

Oh ya…we went there around 6am and adding up another passenger in my car, Izwan. He successfully finished the run ~40min. You guys should see his face, very excited and full of ditermination? HAHA (jangan marah En Izwan…)

We were given medal and certificate. See, Izwan really happy right?… I think I have a new runner-buddy. No?

These are the stuff stuffed in the goody bag

A really nice shot! ^^ (sadly didn’t get a chance to meet up with my other running partners Qi Wen and Qi Tyng…if they’re in should be a picture perfect! =) agree? )