Sorry…..tak tau pun hari ni birthday zati


Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki

Stay sweet!

Yours truly,



Men’s Health and Shape Night Run

Yah…I know it’s a bit late for the update…but still….hehe

The night run was awesome! and I love it! ^^

The Men’s Health and Shape Night Run was held at Persint 3, Putrajaya. There were 12.3km and 5km…..and yes, I joined the 5km… It was a whole new different experience. Running at night was rock it! =) I felt more fresh and ready and I ran the 5km as expected in 30minute. Hm….I was hoping I can do better but don’t know why till now my best time for 5km is still 30min…quite disappointing huh?

Since the 5km was Fun Run, so there weren’t any medals provided..only cert =(

Hehe…can you see the line there? They were lining up to collect the goodie bag…. When I reached the finishing line, there wasn’t any line yet…LOL (me want to berlagak here~ lalala)

One of the attraction, cute happy clowns ^^See, these were all the things stuffed inside the goodie bag…and you know what? This was the heaviest goodie bag I ever got in all the runs I had joined

Actually, I wasn’t able to stroll around after I finished my run… was because…that night we were suppose to be celebrating our parents anniversary ^^ Poor abah, actually he had made reservation at a much better place and it was suppose to be a surprise for my mum…but because of me, so very dumb and clumsy…I just found out that the run was on 30th of July instead of 31st of July….So, abah had to change place =( (sorry abah….) He had to cancel the reservation that night and we went to different restaurant at 10pm! haih….sorry……

It was the 25th anniversary…I love them very much! May you always be blessed by Allah…amin~

That night, was a big surprise for ummi from abah. She got a card, 1 handbag, 2 shoes and 2 baju kurung…omo! jealous~ haha

That night was really something….a whole new experience with a night run and a great dinner…… In October there would be another run…which is Putrajaya Night Run…Unfortunately I won’t be able to join the run since I’ll be having mid-sem exam…Haih…pity~ but anyway, can’t wait for Siemens 10K Run! I’m coming babeh! Haha

p/s : fyi to those who keep asking me these questions

1. Why I don’t join 12km run or 15km run?

Because I’m not ready yet…(I think~) It’s because my target for 10k haven’t reached yet. My target is 10km in 1 hour and at the moment my best time was 1hour and 10-20 minute….Still not satisfying for me

2. Where did I get information about runs?

Well,since I’d deleted the 1st main source of information….my new source is and Thanks to both website, I was kept updated ^^