Nike Run is back everybody!!!

Yah, it’s true!

Ahhhhhhhhh (scream out loud)

Now I somehow found that twitter is actually beneficial to me LOL

Why am I freaking excited?

Because Nike Run is one of the well-organized running event

and I’m sure gonna scream my lungs out too if Standard Chartered, Siemens, and Bareno is back even Adidas.

Sadly I couldn’t make it to register for Adidas this year~ =(

This time, there’s another new running member, introducing~~~~~

Tey Ie Lane!

We registered together to get the  ‘cheaper’ registration fee

and we will practice our ass off for this run, in God’s will

According to, Nike shirt for this year is red and we will be receiving thumbdrive as the gift.

 Hopefully I’ll do better since there’s more than 1month to practice

and  my starting posting is Orthopaedic

Can’t wait!

Cheers ^^


Siemens Run

This is my 4th 10km run. Alhamdulillah I managed to finish the run though still not satisfying enough for me. Siemens Run was held at Dataran Merdeka and I can say that the route is almost similar to Standard Chartered Run. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to get the finishing medal…haih~ This time, I went with Hau Wei, JuinYi and Izwan. LOL,yeah~ the only girl.We went there around 6.00am,so early~ when the race start at 7.30am. Hau Wei is a first timer,so he was ‘very semangat’ hahaha.

For this run I thought that I can reach my target…but it still remains a hope as I finished the run in 1hour 17minutes. I thought I gave my legs enough rest after completing 5km on Thursday, I decided to give a rest for 2 days before the run. However my judgement was wrong. When I started to run after the flag off I felt my legs were heavy and dreaded. I know then that I won’t be able to finish the run satisfactorily and it turns out to be true. Such a waste~

This was taken before the flag off.

What is new about this run is that there were drum performances 1-2km before reaching the finishing line. Yeah! so cool rite? As I was approaching the junction between Sogo and Jalan TAR I heard echo of drums. I was really excited to found out there were groups of drummer performing by the road and it all came from different culture. WOW! Exciting! Big claps to Siemens Run organization =)

This was taken after we finished the run. I like this picture so much till I make it as profile picture on fb, ym and as desktop background. Haha

After the run, we went for McD. We even decided to join more runs together in near future. Cheers for that ^^. I was pretty excited for this run due to the ‘pertambahan ahli’ and I find it more happening when there are more people running with you.

Back to my room I found that my left second and third toes were bleeding. I was horrified to find that my white socks splattered with blood. What on earth have I done to my toes~ -____-” Yet again I had come out with a conclusion….

* my left foot is bigger than my right*

Raya,DSLR,CWU,Birthday,Aaron Aziz

Yah, it’s been awhile…I haven’t been updating my blog…Reason being is Puasa, Raya, CWU….(babble2)

Anyhow! too many things to be told,so followers (perasan~) stay tune! ^^

This is my baju raya….ok, liar. It’s actually an ordinary one, but still look cool rite! haha,yeah I know…bare with me people

I am so in love with this new gadget! Yup, it’s a DSLR and unfortunately it’s not mine. But I am soooo gonna get mine soon enough. Muahaha

Next, I had started back my running routine. Yesterday I ran but was unable to run far due to my dysmenorrhea. Haha, yup…. I am having the pain before heading off but when stubborn me had decided, there are no stopping. ngehehe

and last but not least, today is my birthday






I celebrated it yesterday night by finishing my cwu. Cool rite?


You would never had guess right? One fine Monday morning, heading off to psychiatric clinic, hoping the week would be productive and meaningful when suddenly your supervisor just happen to give you a big chunk of surprise

Dr C : next week I won’t be around. So I would suggest you to send your case write up this week. Because if you send me next week, I’m not sure I will be able to give you on the 6th week just yet. The whole 5th week I’m not around

Ying Yi : Doc, when is the last day we can send the case write up for this week?

Dr C : Wednesday

What! what? what? what? you’ve gotta be kidding me right! Damn. And I spend 3 endless night fighting through the strong temptations to sleep, skipping through breakfasts and lunches and finally on Wednesday evening (just now) I successfully finish that freaking ‘STUFF’


and I went out to celebrate my birthday…… We went to a new-restaurant-for-us at Pavilion level 6… Ben’s Restaurant

Oh…I like the interior design of the restaurant… Simple yet suits my taste =)

I had latte, so not cool rite? yah…I know..but since I’m having flu and cough…sacrifices is a must…huhu

I got myself of course….lamb. Grilled lamb… (the name is much more cooler la, but I forgot…the name, it sound something like in the masterchef australia LOL)
Free la, people belanja ma….heheBecause the night is still early, we decided to stroll around Bkt Bintang. Some of the attractions you can see is this group, they play instruments from Australia? I’m not sure. But this type of band had been playing since I was in matriks. They usually play in front of the Maybank. Other attractions you can see is the ‘blue man’, artists, break dancers etc.Got a surprise present ^^. Seeing the Nike label had gotten me into panic attacks. Yah peeps…I know, such a bias! LOLOmo! No wayyyyy!!! SCREAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!My God! He knows me that well…. Thank you so much! ^^(Smiling broadly until sleeping also smiling LMAO)
So esok kalau nampak saya lari pakai baju ni paham2 je la. HAHAHA
I heard a good news today…. There will be KL Gangster 2?!!!!! I’m not sure, but if the actor is saying so…should be right,right?! More Aaron Aziz! Yeay!