Tears at last…


After my last practice on Saturday, I knew something was not right with my legs

I put aside thinking it was nothing…probably need some rest…

The nightmare turned into reality when….

“You need to rest for at least 2 weeks and of most 4 weeks, depend on how well you rested your muscle” said the doctor

I went to the pharmacy to pick up some meds the doctor had prescribed and walked slowly back to my room

But I couldn’t help it

Halfway through…at last….

Tears after tears shed down my face

After all the practices I went through….

I opened the cupboard

Saw the running shirt for the race…..

Looking helplessly at my running shoes

chuckled a bit remembering my plan to wash them few days before the race

I even replaced my old ragged thorn tracksuit with a new one for the race

Two days before the day that I had waited for so long

and now…..it’s for nothing….

Tears still rolling down as I type this

It never occured to me that this news would impacted me this much

I truly am gratefull to Allah for these legs

For it’s still able to function

What really thorn me inside is

The fact that I worked and prepared so much for this race

and it’s all gone now…



For once…

For once…

Can everything about my run have nothing to do with him?

Stop asking me ‘these’ questions people

I would appreciate it very much…


A week left for

Another 4 weeks for

and another 8 weeks before

Training hard Izzati!!!

10km in 1hour!!!


Wish me luck everybody…


One of my most joyful week


There’ll be two stories in this post. For this 1st story… I really hope that guys won’t read this…(well, if there’s any…) Like, seriously… you’ll regret it soon enough cos, there’s one point of this part of story that I’ll get to the ‘bottom’ of later…. hehe

Last Sunday night, I went to see Badai Semalam (big smile~)

It’s a theater (for those who never heard of it before) and this is my first time of watching a theater

We bought RM70 seat at Istana Budaya…not a bad view still =)

It was superb! The first time ever I’m seeing a theater and I fall in love with it. The experience was great. The story was nice. There were sad, happy and funny scenes and the props were a thumbs up! The props were taken back to the early 1980s (I think) so it was kinda cool especially to see a really small, red, old-school-style, cute car was drove on the stage. The main character for this theater were Erra Fazira, Aaron Aziz (ring any bell?hehe) and Fizz Fairuz. Helped by Umie Aida, Ziela Jalil and the rest…. Should I tell you the story? O.o? Nah~

Of course, of course…. It is already a shocking news that I went to watch a Malay movie. It is soo not me. I’m sorry but my patriotism in terms of Malaysian filming industry  is really3 very poor. I didn’t support any. I only support the Malaysian athletes (erk?) Anyway,back to the point….. Haha, those who knew… I went there to seeee….


After the performance ends, of course people are ready mind and soul to get all the actors and actresses autographs and pictures. As I walked out from the hall, I can already see girls lining up eager to see the actors. I realized that I will never get the chance to meet up with him… The line was sooo long! Sad~ I think I was not that 100% eager to meet up with other actors and actresses but just this one actor…..

See! From this horrible-obviously-taken-from-afar picture you can see how desperate I am right?

But then again, we decided to go home…. but before we headed home, we went to see the list of upcoming theater performances that will be showing at Istana Budaya. After finished hanging around at the board, we passed the people lining up at the main entrance and the line was already short! My partner went straight away to buy the autograph book and I lined up…. Yay!

Me and Umie Aida

Me and Erra Fazira

Actually to tell you the truth I didn’t even care to take photos and autographs of other actors and actresses…I wish that I can cut the line and went straight to him but, cannot la…or I’ll be caught by the bodyguards and called crazy-gatal-fan-girl… but at last (grin)

He is signing me an autograph

The autograph

Me and him! YAY! (Can’t stop smiling all through the night) LOL

Ok, the next thing is….

My new babe! MY iPad…teehee

Didn’t bought the Apple cover because the cover only protects the screen and not the whole iPad body..

I was surprised by the-one-who-pay-my-iPhone-bill yesterday! LOL, that person lied to me, asking me for company to buy some stuff before leaving to UK . Clueless, “lembab” me just follow this person into the Apple store….. and the next thing I know the person was talking to the manager to get an iPad for me… OH MY GOD!!!

After using MY iPad for couple of hours now…I realized the most prominent advantage! I didn’t have to switch on my “lembap” labtop, waiting it to take it’s forever leisure time to set up and hearing the earache humming sound of the laptop internal fan just to access the internet and listens to music. How enchanting!

p/s: yes,I’m using the word enchanting to show you how relieved I am to not have to listen and face up with these horrible features of my laptop anymore. But still, you served me well lappy! hehe…

It’s a happy joyful week =)

1 hour!


Today I went to Taman Tasik Permaisuri

and I ran for 1hour straight non-stop!

but wait, don’t get too excited just yet…

here’s the deal breaker…..

I didn’t record my distance…


silly me….

cos it didn’t cross my mind at all to run at such long time

now, 1hour is my best record of running time

I think maybe my pace is slow…

as slow as when I first time joined a run

I think I’ll keep up with this pace for the upcoming Nike Run

to stay on running of course…hehe

what not with the running route is so similar to the Standard Chartered Run

means that I know where the horrible hills are…ready to defeat all those poor pathetic runner like me…geez…

(I bet Nike organizer call up the SCKLM organizer to ask about the route…haha,ok saya mengarut….)

and I made a new practice schedule for myself (smile~)

Monday and Thursday will be my rest day….

Saturday and Wednesday is when I’ll run going up and down the hill few times (as many times as this weak bone of mine allow me to)

and Sunday I’ll put my best distance for that week…..

and…yah…it’s suppose to be tomorrow….tapi saya dah bantai berlari dengan gembiranya hari ni….(alamak….) =.=

anyway, lets just see what happen to me tomorrow…teehee

for this week, I already followed the schedule planned

gladly it worked out for me pretty well (bigger smile)

Maybe it’s a little too late to have this type of schedule since Nike Run is another 2 weeks and counting

but fear not…hehe……(angkat kening sebelah)

I got Rakan Muda Run waiting on the line….

and I’m betting on Mizuno Wave Run too….

but haven’t register yet…not really sure about joining this run…

Yes, you’re right…I’ll be in Paediatric by that time….

haih -.-Look at the color of the tshirt!

quite nice right?

I think I won’t be that ashamed to actually wear it whenever I went for run later …


Foster the People

I guess a lot of people just don’t understand with my choice of songs recently…. if you’ve been updating yourself about this blog (perasan~) yes, I have come to like Foster the People recently. Funny how the story begin when I first heard their song, which is the all-time-famous Pumped Up Kicks…. I was like “what the hell la with this song? do they really wanna sing or not?”. My first impression was that it was a weird song and I’m not gonna like it. Every time the song is aired on radio I would spontaneously change to other radio station. Without any doubt I tell ya. To top it off, Qeeda said they sang the song like they were on drugs or something (substance abuse, LMAO)

As I kept on unintentionally listening the song, finally on one fine day…. I listen to the song from the start to the end and I like it! No. I love it! I started to look for the music video just to see the faces of the band (and oh dear….Mark Foster is 70% handsome LOL). I downloaded two of the songs in their album, Torches which were Halena Beat and Houdini and they suited my taste. From there on, I love the band. ^^

I searched for their website, I added them on twitter and mentioned them every time I listened to their songs, I ‘paste’ their MV on my fb wall, I made them as my desktop background (lame~), I look for their performances on youtube and I even bought their album! (well, technically it was my friend who bought it for me).

What is so special about this band? That I came to love it? Well, basically nothing special. Some of my friends said their songs are sucks but… I don’t know, I think their songs suits my taste. Their songs has become my eargasm while I’m studying, jogging, driving or just to hang out and relax…LMAO.

Foster the People is an indie band formed in California. The members are Mark Foster (I think he’s the leader…well,obviously the name of the band is Foster), Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink. A little about this band (I wikied them….hehe)… Mark Foster originally named his band Foster & the People, but people misheard it as “Foster the People”. Eventually, he took to the nurturing image it evoked of “taking care” of the people, so the name stuck.

Ok, now the real reasons that I’m stuck to love this band are

1. Apart from Mark Foster is 70% handsome….haha… he was so, so, so, so… amazing! I fall in love with him (well, in music-kinda-way) when I first saw he performed on Late Show With David Letterman along with the band. OMG, he played guitar, then synthesizer keyboard, percussion, and of course his the main vocal. He also knows how to play piano, drums and programming . He looked so cool when he switches one instrument to another for each song. I was like… waw~ cool gila dia tahu main semua tu….. And then I decided that he is 100% hot…hahaha

2. Each song they used different vocal. What I mean is that they sang in different kinda way. Example for Pumped Up Kicks they used vocal as if they were drugged or something (kata Qeeda), in Houdini they used high pitch voice like the “old bands” at the end part of the song, Waste and I Would Do Anything For You they used soft, romantic-in-their-own-way vocal, and Life On The Nickle and Call It What You Want didn’t fail to amaze me as well

3. Of course each song has different trademark sound and you’ll able to identify these unique sound that they use with each song

I’m 100% no good about music. My knowledge about this thing is freaking little that I should feel embarrass to have posted about this band in my blog…but this is the only way I can describe about their songs whereby I am limited to use words like “song”, “unique sound” as in to describe different instruments they used to produce that unique sound and “different vocal” as in to describe different voices they used for each song”

Can’t wait for next album ^^

Cool surgery~

Today…..I had watched a really cool surgery…. COOL weh!!!

What else the surgery is? Haha, of course….

Orthopaedic la….hehe

Today I watched arthroplasty, a totally cool total knee replacement for a patient with osteoarthritis. I can guarantee you, nothing is missing in the surgery… They used saw, hammer, pliers, spanar, drill, nail, screw but unfortunately they don’t have any apit G…LOL. The most interesting part is that this surgery is not conducted by orthopaedic surgeon…but instead……

Astronaut!!! LMAO You don’t believe me?

Well, if you don’t then you should go see for yourself… I was so excited about the surgery that my eyes fixed to the plasma screen all the time and I am typing quickly about this story as we speak…hehe … except that we were required to go to a lecture before we could finish watching the surgery. Damn…. Oh yah, I did said plasma screen. We weren’t allowed to enter the operation theater to reduce the infection rate…. hence the plasma screen television. Although we can’t really watch the surgery live though I can still peep through the OT window till my eyes could get strabismus… I can say that I pretty much enjoyed the surgery. There were 3 specialists conducting the surgery. Really cool right?

Can’t wait to see next surgery.

Orthopaedic! Amaze me!

Mr Y

From the first day of ortho posting I’ve been anxious about meeting this one  particular doc, Mr Y. He was my first “awed” doctor in my first year. How come? Hehe… he is my doctor during the PPD camp. As dumb as it sound of course the first doctor you meet who talks about medical life will be the first doctor you’ll idolized right? You’ll be like….. freaking ambitious……can’t wait to start learning…planning about how to study…. and….. full of energy to start off your so-called medical student life. One of the thing I remember about him is his word to us “I’m pretty good at remembering faces. So insya Allah, we will meet again in 4th year” . During that time, despite of my awed towards Mr Y I’m still doubtful with his word. I was like, “yeah right~” rolled eyes.

and today…….

As I was anticipated, he strode into the seminar room calmly whilst I was sitting at the edge of the table few feet beside him. As he was introducing about the lecture, I could not stand but to stare so hard at him that I feel like my eyeballs are gonna pop out anytime soon. Clearly I was hoping that he would remember me when he sees my face (just to proof that my doubt during 1st year was true). He called out a student to be a model for the foot and ankle examination. He then turned his face and start to walk when he saw my face staring straight at him. I was like at last!

Mr Y : Eh? I macam kenal you…. siapa nama?

Me : Izzati

Mr Y : Izzati….

I couldn’t help but to blurt out quickly

Me : saya under doc masa ppd camp 1st year

Mr Y : ha……..ya2…

and he started to point out to other students who’s in his group during the first year….

Little that I know with subsequent questions during the lecture he started to call out my names…… -___-”

His lecture was superb. Fun and interesting. In some ways he had made me fall even deeply in love with orthopaedics >.<