Bye bye ortho…. =(

Orthopaedic has ended…


Never felt this sad, this bad, this huge urge to not ending a learning process….

Gonna miss ortho badly

and I guess…. I am officially in love with orthopaedic

Gonna miss learning about the anatomy (which I found it weirdly excites me)

Gonna miss their clinics…

Gonna miss their cool surgeries

Gonna miss their interesting patients (I guess for me they are interesting…hehe)

Gonna miss Mr Y, Mr S, Dr F, Dr H…..

and definitely not gonna miss their ward rounds…hehe

I’m praying that I’ll be able to pursue my study in orthopaedic

Reminiscing the old days when I was in first semester of fourth year….

My impression towards orthopaedic was boring because all I’m gonna learn is about bones and fracture….

It turns out I enjoyed this posting very much and it had successfully stimulate my “excite” center ( which does not even exist)

Ok, now I’ rambling

Currently I’m in 3rd day of paediatric posting

and yes, I keep tweeting how much I don’t like it, favor it, enjoy it…

I love the kids don’t get me wrong

what I don’t like about paediatric are the to and fro to HKL and HK, the NICU, the short case and even the diseases (which did not excites me as much as the diseases in orthopaedic)


Dear Allah, do let me go through this posting successfully. Though I’m not enjoying myself as much as I do in other posting…. I’m learning because of You..



Starting over =)

Gonna start running this weekend


Happy,happy =)


Almost 2weeks ortho managed to keep me busy….

I was so absorbed with my learning till I don’t remember about it anymore


When you’re unable to do what you love the most….

No matter how strong you try to be….

No matter how much effort you put to try to forget

No matter how many times you keep saying that it’s gonna be okay

No matter how hard you keep holding it back….

It won’t stand…..

It’ll just flow….

Not knowing how to stop it…..

Dear Allah…..

Hear my plead…..

When can I start running….



I’m sorry…..

Clearly you have nothing to do with ‘our’ conflict

You try as hard as you can to catch my glimpse when we bumped into each other

when I’m clearly avoiding your eyes

You greet me as energetic as you can

when I replied you in that monotonous yeah-whatever tone

You even honked me and stopped your car just to wave your hand and smile as widely as you can

when I foolishly just wave you off

I’m sorry for being such a jerk….

You just remind me of that particular person

Sorry friend…..

I’ll change