Eventful weekend ^^

Eventful weekend ^^

(1) Foster the People concert


I am freaking happy….smiling all the way back after the concert. It was an epic! A blast!

Last Friday night, I went to the concert with my friend from PASUM, Hur

It was held at Hall 4 KLCC at 8.30pm. We went there around 5pm to have a look at the place and guess what? The line up was sooooo long….dear,dear…. How lucky for those who came early, they’ll get the best stand ever..(sob,sob). We went for Maghrib at 7.20pm and at 7.30pm we are already in the hall. Of course, our stand was quite disappointing…no, actually really disappointing. The concert started around 9pm and oh my god! Again people! It was an epic. I couldn’t get my eyes away from Mark Foster. He was freaking hot and cool. Shifting one instrument from one to another and his typical dance when he was onstage…bla,bla,bla….the concert was satisfying enough despite of our stand

The concert only lasted for one hour but still…herh! I wish for more! As we went out, they were selling merchandise such as t-shirt and CD. I decided to buy the t-shirt and as I reached the counter, it was already finish! Noooo! but then I caught a glimpse of the last shirt and without thinking I bought it despite of the size and the price!It is the last shirt, large size and cost me RM90… =.=

After the concert, I could not stop thinking about the once in a lifetime experience. Poor Farah had to listen to me babbling about it all the way back home…hehe.

Lesson learnt. After we went through this first concert, now we know the drill. In the future, if they were ever to have a tour again…we are soooo buying the VIP ticket no matter at what price (this had been decided by us after that horrible standing spot we had and this decision is solid!hahaha). We also decided to buy a better camera as you can see my ugly iPhone picture above, and to buy merchandise  before entering the concert since they are going to start late anyway…

(2) Mizuno Wave Run

For your information, the Mizuno Wave Run was held at UPM last Sunday and yes, I entered it alone…and yes, this is the first run after 6-8weeks of resting post muscle microtear (see how much time does the muscle needs to repair after a small tear?!! hishh! too long! cost me 2 race!! 2 race!! *marah gila ni*)


The distance was 10km. The good thing about this race was that I think somehow I improved a bit. The route was full of hills but I was quite happy. Despite of the hills I was still able to jog up without stopping ^^. However, at the last 2km I encountered one hill of 60 degree angle and another of 45 degree. Gila. Of course then I have to walk up to climb the hill. Needless to say almost all the runners that are running alongside with me was walking. Though my recorded time was not satisfying for me, I realized that I can go further and longer minus the horrible hills. To think of that, I would like to try again running the same route at Dataran Merdeka. To test myself again…Hehe..lets hope for the upcoming races to be held there..ngek~ngek~

The medal. My ultimate satisfaction. Payback is soooo damn sweeter ^^



It’s new

I’m in new posting…

I dislike paediatric, but you know what keeps me going?

This =)

Their smile, their chuckles, their laughter and their weird-excitement over small things….

(I should get consent over this but sorry, can’t help myself from putting this picture up)


I got a new ‘dear’

Named him Huggy =)

I know, I know… it’s a lame name but like seriously! the teddy is soooo huggable, hence Huggy (remind me of Huggies,  the brand name for pampers)

I got him as birthday gift from my sis

New “environment”

I sent him off yesterday at KLIA….

No more frequent phone calls

No more great hangs out


and hopefully… new iphone 4S is on the way…