Paeds and holidays =)

It’s been awhile since I’m writing…..I don’t know~ Searching for the inner writer in me~ I kinda lost it since paediatric posting started….

Hahhhhhhhhhhh~ I passed the exam! I passed the freaking exam and now I’m officially 5th year student! OMG!!! Waw….I was typing so hard that I felt this keyboard might stuck in my nails =) The thing about the sentences I said just now….Personally, I hated when people posted it in facebook or twitter. I mean come on, not everybody passed right? and we happily post these kind of posts so that every single friends in our lists know? Just for one sec think about others who are not, what would they feel? and why I post it here? LOL, cos the readers of my blog is countable with fingers hehe

Ok, ok, back to the topic at hand

Paeds had taken it’s toll on me. Like seriously~ With everybody kept saying that this is the toughest posting, the lecturers are all strict and heartless, too much diseases to know and the exams is hard to pass with highest failure rates of all postings….wow! I had it enough. All these thoughts I kept with me throughout the postings. What had it got me into? I always felt tired, mood swings, vulnerable, easily hurt and stressed out. I didn’t go running for 2 months, I have less outings, sleep more and my menses were ‘disorganized’ …. When the result was out, all I kept thinking was about my paediatric paper without the slightest worry about my ortho (not that I do well in ortho paper) All I’m trying to say is…. looked what paeds had got me into….whew! It finished. Fullstop.

Now that it’s holiday….lets talk holiday…now it had been about 1 month + soon to be another week of holidays =) =) =) I spent my holidays with watching TV (which is not really my thing), watching movies, and read books

Yeah, I know~ kinda weird combination…a thriller and love story book. Actually I read the pretty little liars cos I was watching the series…so yah, why not read all of the series before waiting the tv series to finish which is produced one season per year right? I do read love stories before, but I don’t know~ as I read and read, love stories started to make me feel bored and I-had-it-enough, so I stop reading these kind of book genres and changed to thriller. Well, at the moment thriller is way more awesome ^^

I start shopping rings =O huh? yah~ I know~ weird right? But I feel pretty cool wearing them. Gonna make it a habit whenever I’m going out. So guys, don’t ask when you see some humongous rock or weird pattern of rings on my finger. For me, the bigger the better. Yikes? O.o?

These are currently the collections I have… I don’t think it’s enough…don’t you think so? Haha… I think I’m gonna need a jewelry box/ ring collection box or whatever they wanna call these days… There’s this one ring I’ve been looking for and haven’t found it yet…  This kinda ring…anyway

Another thing is that I received a present!

These came all the way from Machester ^^ Can’t wait for June!