Registration closed =(

Ala…… Men’s Health Shape Night Run dah tutup~~


Baru nak join 11.8km tu….

Dah la NIGHT run



Today…..It’s a run, not a jog =)

Just so you know, I post this after my run today ^^

Run? yah, for me it is….. cos today

7km in 45min




This is my first training I ran 7km

that’s why so happy ^^

Run more, Izzati, run~

10km in 1 hour!

Inspired, but still~

I came across a runner’s blog. She’s a woman, a wife, a mother, and working of course. But that’s not just it. She’s a half marathon runner! A finisher of half marathon ^^. Isn’t it cool? She travelled across Malaysia just for a run. She went to all these different states just to join the run and she even went to Sabah and Singapore. WOW! That’s commitment I tell you! I was so inspired when reading her blog.

But then again, I may not become like her. I don’t have the confident to run a 21km. Blessed my soul that 10km for me is yet to conquer. Also, with this kind of lifestyle, I don’t really think I CAN be like her. A student, that is sooooo not gonna happen~ and when I start working? Herh! Keep dreaming la kan? Entah-entah nak training pun tak sempat, and probably worst? to run a km pun tak sempat. +.+

Adakah saya salah course? LOL. If I’m not a doctor what should I do right? An athlete is totally not an option (hahaha, gelak guling-guling) Maybe I can still have both. I can be a sport specializing doctor which is in orthopaedic course so that I can meet all the runners that came with a problem. Then, I can not only feel good about helping them but involved in things I love the most….. Ok,ini hanya la angan-angan because orthopaedic is well-known as one of the tough courses in medicine. What not with this small figure of mine, how the hell la I wanna pull (medical term:reduction) a bone belong to a guy right? Maybe apart from running I should start weight lifting? (kahkahkahkah……enough,enough,saya nampaknya semakin mengarut)

Ok,ok the point of this entry is actually that I was inspired after reading her blog. She’s all of the above and yet she’s still able to do the thing she love. I envy her a lot actually. Cos she had the opportunity. For me, I know at the moment I see that it is impossible for me in the future to be as active as her. But, still I won’t let my love towards running just gone by the wind. I still hope, that there’s actually a hope for me to enjoy running. I hope that this blog, some few friends of mine and this love will keep me on ‘track’ =)

p/s: this is what you get when you’re in final year student….. one step ahead to working world. you start to reflect more about your future,hehe

Hot and bored=Bad combination

Is it just me, or Malaysia is getting hotter and hotter these days? Did our world map just shifted few degrees? Malaysia is not in the equator anymore is it? and did I missed the news that it happened few weeks ago? O.o? Ok, tak payah nak mengarut sangat la kan~ Tapi seriously! Panas gila~~~ Can you imagine? Tido pun berpeluh??? Apakah? Kalau macam ni tak payah jogging la, duduk bilik pun berpeluh….hish~

To top it off these couple of weeks are filled with nothing but SSM, data and data, analysis, SPSS…..skipping meals, watching movies on laptop and not to forget sweating like crazy in my own room. Currently my life is filled with nothing to look forward too except bila hari esoknya adalah hari jogging. Haih~ Nothing exciting now. Nowhere to go out too, nobody to look forward too, everyday just the same old routine. Can’t wait for SSM to finish. But the end of SSM means the starting of new posting!!! Urgh~

Ok, padam,padam…. Padam the memory of posting days is getting nearer and nearer. Now….excited la sikit, 30% ‘excitedness’ because tomorrow is hari utk berjogging. Hoooooooooooopefully I can improve my timing and my distance perhaps. Maybe have to go earlier, 5pm? Actually I prefer to jog in the morning but, esok ada meeting…. of course you don’t want to start nodding your head off as if you understand what is being discussed when you’re actually mengantuknya ya Allah kan?

Mungkin you guys pelik tetiba je I am writing like this? (maybe tak,but anyway) Ini tandanya bosan tahap karma and if you guys did notice for those who is following my blog ‘thoroughly’, I am very rajin at the moment as new updates keep popping out every day kan? To be honest, it is cos I’m BORED. Again, BORED tahap karma la ni. I regret. I should have join multiple of runS. I should have hunt for running events before May and June……haih~ salah siapa tak prepare….. yang ada sekarang SCKLM tu la….haih… bosan,bosan~ and again….



Whew~ Today was better then during the Standard Chartered Fun Run. I would admit that, I was lost to the heat. I totally gave up during that run and today I think I ran about 4km reaching to 5km….hehe. Cos I used to calibrate the running route that I took today with my Nike GPS. So I’m guessing that today was more satisfying than 2 days before.

Nevertheless, today was hectic. Early in the morning around 7am, I sent my car to service. Whilst waiting, I studied spss. Then went back to compile the findings and sent to groupmates, skipped lunch and meeting at 3pm. Meeting finished around 5pm and went to jog at 5.30pm. Rest a bit minus the nap, and now going to learn about spss again. Urgh~ (vomit,vomit)

Bad News

Yup, bad news…. I strained my muscles….. huaaaaa~ Stupid silly girl. Do you remember, that I played badminton couple of nights ago? I was stupid enough not to stretch before starting the game… Urghhh. I didn’t think first and just play my ass off? Ya Allah…. geramnya dgn diri saya ni…..

The thing is, at first I thought I want to play in a not-that-serious mode. Then, I started to get excited cos first, it’s night… and second, it had been a long time since I played badminton. You probably don’t know this but badminton was my first passion before I started to run. I was the school representative. Tauuuu, berlagak gila kan nak cakap kat sini…haha. No, what I want to highlight actually is that I took badminton seriously as I took running. Since I entered matric, the interest died off and the main reason was that I had nobody to play with (and it is a public knowledge that girls don’t do so well in this type of sport…hehe, no offense)

And now I had put myself in a trouble. Clearly stupid enough not to think before I act. Should had plastered a note on my forehead saying “hey! you got run this Saturday!” Now, my rights arms is aching, and my left calf too. I don’t really care about the arms but darn….the leg?…..adoi la…. My best friend at the moment is methysalicylate 25% ointment…. please, please, please be OK and healed before the run~ which is tomorrow…. stress3x

Run at night

I played badminton just now ^^. At night!! and it was of course, amazing =). How I wish I could run at night actually rather than playing badminton. I’d only experienced once running at night. It was during the Men’s Health Shape Night Run… 5km… I wanna run at night again~ Sooo badly. It would surely be much more cooler right? Imagine, running at night, sweating in a not-so-hot-weather, no sun… After run, rest a bit, cooling down while sitting on the pavement talking to friends….. then went back and have a cold, breeze shower…wahhhhhh~ Having cold shower after long run is like having a cold drinks after a day of fasting. Hehe, I know, too exaggerate…

But I can’t ‘taste’ the feeling unless there are running events that are held at night. Reason being, I’m a girl. Of course my mom won’t allow herself to be called crazy woman to let her daughter running alone in a middle of nowhere. Second, I have no company. I don’t have any company or friends to invite to run along with me……… Ehem…. well, actually I do have….. Well, actually not that I’m the one who start the invitation first la to be exact…hehe. Ok, now I’m rambling

I just realized that I’ve been talking lots about run lately. Probably some of my readers are already bored with these ‘type’ of posts and updates… But, hear me out, bare with me please people… I’m trying to savour every moments and minutes left to actually enjoy the thing I love to do the most. Before starting to packed myself up with not only cholesterol, but also knowledge, caffeine, stress and disorganized menses…. Hello 5th year! Can’t wait for you to suck the life out of me….huhu

Tomorrow is my practice day =) Better sleep now…. Should I run in the morning? or evening? O.o?

Memory lane of my runs

This is actually the initial idea of mine…… See how ugly the board and the bibs itself?

and this idea came to me out of a sudden. There used to be only bibs….. and now I added up pictures of all the running events I had joined. I think this is way more cooler as each pictures reminds me of the memories and with who I joined and ran alongside with…well, not literally alongside of course. It’s important for me to remember who I ran and joined with cos running is something I just love to do. LOVE. Having you guys to be in there make it even sweeter memory and running alone is soooo not cool as I had experienced during Mizuno. Urgh……. Just that I’m missing some pictures of Qi Wen, sorry girl….but not to worry, hopefully we can get some for the upcoming SCKLM (if you already register for it)…hehe.

Each pictures tells me a different story. Lets say Nike Run, I still remembered the fresh filling of enthusiasm when I first joined a run. Picture during Siemens Run, reminds me that was the first time I ran with Hau Wei and Juin Yi. Men’s Health Shape Night Run, brings me all the way back to the feeling I first ran at night. It was way more cooler =) and not to forget the McD Run….apart from making new friends with the seniors, I ran with my ‘monthly’ company and almost passed out because of my stubbornness to continue running knowing my condition…. (lacking blood is lacking of oxygen….haha, that is of course my only conclusion during that time). Last but not least is the most memorable Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Run that caused me to wake up earlier then the other running events and first time I toured KL by running…hehe

Standard Chartered Fun Run is coming this Saturday. I hope to add more bib and really, really, really do hope to add at least a picture ^^. I’m sure I can squeeze somewhere in there….. I really hope though ^^” (if you get what I mean, LOL)

Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Do you guys ever heard of this story? Of course you do….. We were required to finish this book in……. form 3 right? I don’t remember but anyway. Long story short….. Dr Jekyll is the good guy and Mr Hyde is the bad guys and they turned up to be the exact same person. In medical world I would like to call that this guy, had a ‘split’ personality disorder…..haha, well, of course that is my self diagnosis of his condition.

I would like to say that, sometimes I do found the Mr. Hyde inside me….Especially when driving. Oh dear God, blessed us all that I sometimes horrified with the way I drive. I mean like seriously. I become sooo impatient that I’m more impatient when driving compared to when I have to wait for my turns in government clinic just to see the doctor for couple of minutes, no offense here….but it’s true. If there were some reckless drivers, I would easily get irritated. If there are stupid drivers who get themselves into wrong lane and cause me to brake in the middle of the road, my hands will automatically hit a long honk. If there’s any driver that pisses me off like cutting my lane, I’ll catch that driver just to be even. It  get worst when I’m in bad mood. I’ll drive more than the speed limit and all of the above manners will get intensified ten times more worst. The hell? and I know I shouldn’t expose myself here, but sometimes I cursed all those drivers that pisses me off…. (Dear Allah, please forgive me………)

Trust me, I’m no proud of how I drive but slowly, I’m trying to control myself before all hell breaks loose..hehe. That’s why I relate this with the story. People might see me as a well mannered, girlish, appropriate girl with high points for future daughter in law….LOL, but first, seriously I’m no girlish. Second, every person in this earth has their bad side right? I should be ashamed as to post it here, but don’t get me wrong…. I will change to a better driver as we speak and last but not least my blog is where I tell you who I am. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea in any parts of my life.

p/s: something I would just like to post….. I’m bored btw…..