When dream have it’s own way to become reality

Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!

Is this for real?

Chill~ chill~

That letter is not for me (obviously kata panggilan Tuan di situ)

My friend’s friend got this and post it in his facebook which my friend happens to ‘like’ and it popped out in my homepage  (complicated eh?)



I want it tooooooo

I never knew that a doctor can actually work there!

OK, that’s not entirely true….

I do know, but I only heard that there’s such workplace for a doctor in Korea, US, UK and other oversea countries

psst~ the title of this post is such cos actually, I do have a dream to work in this kind of place

but it never occur to me that it actually does exist in Malaysia!


How lucky to get the chance to work in the National Sports Institute of Malaysia!

Ohhhh I want it too, I want it too!

*mula memasang angan-angan, cita-cita dan halusinasi, erk?*

If I’m given a chance to work there

Wah~ *wild imagination start to commence*

I get to help all those athletes! and if I am that lucky, can meet with the runners!

Apakah? Apakah? Apakah? O.o? (drunk with dreams already?)

Chill Izzati, chill~

Long way to go

But you know what?

This kind of letter somehow sparked a big interest deep down =)

Working in the National Sports Institute of Malaysia…

*pause for the imagination to pass by*

*wait for it*

*wait for it*

Sounds awesome gila wey!!!



Ya you!!!

I have this close friend of mine… We’ve been good friend since matrix up till now. Recently she has been nagging of what to buy me for my birthday. The funny thing is that, she actually googled “top 10 runner’s gadget”!!! LMAO…hahahahahahaha. This part I cannot stop laughing. To actually laugh my butt off, literally! Hahaha. Better for me not to disclose her name here … hehehe (ya you! I’m very nice here…see?)

Hey, I’m not finish yet. After she googled she asked me when we met last 2 weeks. She mentioned one by one all the gadgets that she managed to google

Her: sweater running?

Me: dah ada

Her: kasut?

Me: aku akan tetap pilih kasut yg ayah aku bagi bila pegi running event…tak payah la weh…

Her: jam yg boleh kira distance, kalori semua tu?

Me: aku pakai Nike GPS aku

Her: Ish, dah tu aku nak bagi apa ni? bagi ko stokin je la

Me: (laughing so hard, I thought I could even caught an asthmatic attack…hahahaha)

I did told her that recently I have come to like watching NBA playoffs and proudly called myself OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER SUPPORTER

Her: nak tak aku beli ko jersey mana-mana pemain NBA yg ko suka?

Me: (smacked my forehead to see how badly she wants to buy me something)

Why am I posting this now? Cos today is her birthday! (well, it’s actually tonight as in 12pm…but I’m too sleepy,so I post it now…hahaha)

Ya you! (psssttt~ I know you’re reading this and you know who you are~)

Happy birthday ohhh~~~

May you always be in His blessing

and our friendship last forever

I got you a gift already….

Later meet will give you

Since it’s really hard to find a gift for you… (if you know what I mean)

So, I got you something that I like (though, it’s not that much, really~ haha)


don’t google anything anymore lo…

or I’ll actually loose my butt due to laughing…hahahaha

Imagine this is me,talking to you when we meet later

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012 10K

I woke up around 4.40am and set off to Dataran Merdeka. My sis was the one who drove me there. Due to multiple road closure I was late. At 6am I went to pray at Masjid Negara and from there I had to go looking for the starting point. It was sooo far. I walked fast and run a bit. Walk and run again. Few more minutes before I approached the starting line, I could here the gun off. Damn! I was already running before the gun off and I didn’t even stretched! Arghhhh~ *stress*

I think the route was almost the same as last year. But we didn’t really go through the horrible hills as much as in 2011. The route was more at the highway so you can imagine all the honking and angry drivers. I was running quite peacefully when at 6km suddenly I felt pain at my left chest (dah macam heart attack la pulak~) I’m not sure why but it forced me to stop and walked for few minutes. At 7km, my legs started to cramp a bit. Long story short, I couldn’t ‘create’ a new personal best for this time. I ran 83min. Exceeded 8minutes from  my previous personal best for 10K. Pity, pity~

Personally, I was really disappointed. I’m not sure what was wrong. Is it because I was late and didn’t stretched? Lack of practice? Leg pain after the Team Malaysia Fan Run? Needless to say, either one of the cause won’t make me feel any better… =( But I’ll try to repay during the Adidas King of the Road Run. That is of course, if I’m up to it. I’m not sure I can put my all for the run since it will be held in September and by that time I am already in the middle of my posting. My attention would be 100% on studying. Haih~ Disappoint~ Disappoint~

Me with Izwan. It had been quite some time since we joined any run together. This is his first half marathon and he finished it in 2hours 20min! Congratulations!!! (pic is courtesy of izwan’s new phone)
I did asked him for some tips on how to prepare for a 21km marathon. He told me, I must at least run a 10km every week pre-run. Erk??? Will I be able to do that -_-

Weirdly there’s still medals for those who exceeded the qualification time. Though it’s nice, I am truly deeply disappointed… =(

A fake happy face for the sake of the camera =(

That Encounter

I decided to do 2K today. So at 8.30pm I set off to jog at Putrajaya after being dropped off by my sis in front of Maybank. It was windy. The route was clear and I can see some few passionate runners and cyclists were having their good time as well. I was sweating in that cold breeze air and it was a great feeling =)

I set my Nike GPS for 2km and put on my earphone to listen to the commentator’s voice. Announcing my distance. Actually, I had violated a rule here. A wise man once told me that before a long distance run, a runner need to rest for at least 2days. To prepare myself and not to actually overdo pre-run. But I guess, actually it depends on the runner’s stamina and capability himself right? However, this rule still do apply to myself.  I once overdid before Siemens Run and it did not turn out so well. The running time was very disappointing.

I was jogging slowly and Nike GPS indicated that I’d completed my 2K distance. I stopped and that odd feeling at my right calf became more prominent. I shaked the leg. Sighed and took a deep breathe. Yah, I didn’t tell you this cos I don’t want to let myself down. I felt it ever since after the Team Malaysia Fan Run 7K. Haih~

I inhaled, trying to calm myself down. I tried to call my sis again to come and pick me up. As I turned myself facing the road, suddenly… I saw that tall and runner-like figure approaching me =) Is that him?

*OK, back to the not-a-karangan-mode*

Him as in my new running friend.

Him: Zati eh?

Me: Haah. Eh? (is that really him?)

He approached closer (still in jogging mode)

Him: Tu la, nampak awak tadi. Cam kasut awak

Me: Oh… (he recognized my shoe, instead of my face! Hahahahahahahaha =D Interesting~)

Wah~ My shoe is really something huh? People can recognize me just based on my shoe… Hehehe, proud what? My dad give me this shoe ma…

Him: Kenapa tak jogging lagi ni?

Me: Oh, tak pe la…memang nak buat 2K je malam ni. Kaki pun rasa semacam dah ni

and….we chat it off~

Ya Allahhhh~ Of all the things I want to say is that thing?! Bad move Izzati, bad move. Haha… Anyhow~ It was  a nice encounter. Hopefully can meet again. Probably I can brave myself enough to join them for a night run later. Eh?

SCKLM Race Pack

Today I went to Dataran Merdeka to collect the race pack. I don’t really agree that they held the race pack collection there. It’s hard to find parking around there. If I’m not that civiled I would have just park by the road and let the traffic get worst… Geezzz

Funny thing that happened whilst I was walking to the Dataran Merdeka, a tourist stopped me and asked for direction to the National Monument. I chuckled and said “Sorry. I’m not sure cos I’m not from here. I came from Penang” LAUGH MY BUTT OFF I tell you! First of all, I am from Penang. Second of all I truly don’t know where it is. Third, I could only remembered that I passed there before during the last year SCKLM….hahahahaha. Of course I don’t want to look that stupid by explaining to her based on the route I took during the marathon right? Hahaha….

As I walked by the side of the dataran, I saw tents have been set up for the event day. Don’t be fool by the weather, cos I didn’t came early in the morning or that it was too hazy…just that, the picture had proven clearly the quality of my phone’s camera

I took this picture because if I’m not mistaken la, these are the tents for runners to collect their goodies right after they reach the finishing line. One thing I like about SCKLM is that you don’t need to stupidly go looking for the goodie bag tent after pumping your heart out running only to found out that you need to line up in a freakishly long line to collect them….

I reached there 15 mins earlier before 12pm. These are us (runners) waiting. Though all the staffs were well seated waiting for us, they still haven’t started with reason being…. “it’s not 12pm yet” Ceh!

Can you see the people lining up by the end of the rows? That were the 42km and 21km runners… How I wish I’m in one of those line~ -_-

Stuff in the race kit. Did you notice that there was no time chip? Hehe, it’s because this year they use ChronoTrack B-Tag. A bib tag… Yup, my bib will record my running time and somehow the runner’s guidebook did actually quote this “No Bib, No Time!” Hahaha…Wah~ world getting modern until I also don’t know this thing exist

10km Women Open Speed. Yah, speed! (don’t underestimate me haaa~ hehehe,but……) I just read in the guidebook it said that for the finisher medal, “all runners who complete their race within the stipulated time will receive a Finisher’s Medal” Ohhhhh~ How if I did not get to the finishing line in time? Will that mean I wouldn’t get the medal? Oh noooo…  Am I too confident until I registered into wrong category? No la~ I registered speed because I did run my 10km in 75min before….huhu….I badly want the medal =( Worry,worry until I can feel butterflies in my stomach~ =(

Pleaseee, pleaseee let me reach the finishing line in time…. Minus the rain and the ‘monthly friend” I really3 hope, no, desperately hope I can reach there within 75min…huhu…

*Wish me luck peeps! I’ve been gearing up for months for this race….. Dear Allah….let me get this one~ The fun, the satisfaction and the medal*


I was talking to my ‘running’ friend about running this evening…hehe

and it hit me…

Will I forever be in 10km?

Shouldn’t I be in a next new distance after soon gonna be 6 times completing a 10K?

I mean like…yah! It totally hit me

Though I still haven’t reach my target of completing 10K within an hour,

that doesn’t mean I couldn’t run a 21K right?

and that doesn’t mean I should forever stuck at 10K level right?

Oh oh!

I should realized about this before…

Darn~ (then I should have join 21K for SCKLM?)


No la… have to prepare physically and mentally to run a 21K for a non professional runner like me right?

Moreover it’s from 10K jumping all the way to 21K

there’s no 15K, or 18K before 21K

It means that when I ran a 10K within usually 75 minutes, I have to run another 75minutes or so to complete a 21K

and that means I’ll be running for about 2 hours 30 minutes… (waw! helloo muscle cramps, LOL)

but this is a non-stop running mode which I don’t think I’ll be able to do

People actually keep asking me why didn’t I change my distance to 21K

my previous answer was that, 10K and 21K is soo much different. When you see a sign that say “another 2km” in 10K run you’ll feel much more relax and at ease after seeing that sign

but when you’re in 21K, just completing a 10K and you know right away that there’s another 11K you need to run more

haha, and by that time you already feel like dying

I even tell them to drive a car for 10km and 21km distance and see that big gap for themselves… LMAO

But now, I think I wanna do it anyway…despite of god-knows how many hours I’ll be able to finish the run

Wah~ now I have a new mission

To complete a 21K

Half marathon finisher!

Uuuuu I really, really like the sound of it…hehe

But of course…

Not in this anytime soon la….

Probably will do it after finishing my pro exam…

Haha, waw! Angan-angan yang sangat tinggi

p/s: my running friend asked me to terus join 42km…geezz 21km also like dream come true…some more 42km? If I did 42km then probably later I should held a kenduri doa kesyukuran…kahkahkah

Hj Sharin Low Restaurant

#this is the second post for today…the first post is right below this post…hehe#

We went to celebrate Father’s Day just now and decided to have dinner at a new restaurant. We chose a restaurant that we had never been to before, and Hj Sharin Low Restaurant was selected. It was so close to our house, so…hehe

FYI, Haji Shahrin Low Restaurant served muslim chinese food and there’s this one food I’ve been wanting to try ever since…. It was this one =)

Shark’s fin soup. It was marvellous! Yum, yum =)

I also got myself this ^^ Kong Po squid rice. I love the sauce and the juicy squid. Yummy!

Cantonese beef mihun, mom’s order

and Wafa’s order was Cantonese beef Yingyong. Both of the food broth were delicious. I’m already thinking what to order for our next visit…hehe

Dad ordered Singapore fried mihun and Liyana ordered Yong Chaw fried rice. Farah’s order was like mine but with fried rice. The service was quite late while waiting for dad’s and Liyana’s order so I didn’t get the chance to snap some pictures…

Overall, the taste of the food were good and I would like to come again some time… Just that by the time we go there for our next visit, I hope that they would put up some air conditioner because it was quite dampened with hot air just now. I think it would be nicer to let the customers eat comfortably without sweating their armpits off right? What not with the food served came directly from the stove… hehe

Team Malaysia Fan Run 7K

I almost withdrawn myself from this run today due to that stupid menses though I did forced myself last night to swallow 2 paracetamol…and took another 2 pills after waking up today around 5.45am. I NEVER took any pills when I had this ‘type’ of pain until today, for the sake of the run. Despite of the miserable moment, I still went for the run and~ it turned out to be one of the best run I had ever joined.

First, after about 3 times going through the same route and the same hills…today… at last, I managed to overcome the hills =) I ran all the way from start to the finishing line =) Yup! with the hills… Non-stop =)

Second, 3km before reaching the finishing line, it was raining! Yes! I was sooooo happy and excited I kept smiling all the way. The rain drenched me wet 100%. What not with my ‘monthly’ friend, I was running with extra weight here guys! (LMAO) At 5km, the pain at my lower right abdomen (right iliac) worsen with each step I took plus the uncomfortable menses, but the rain just kept me going ^^ and I stopped after 55minutes of running. Though it’s not a personal best for me for 7K, but I’m still OK with it since the route was quite hilly…hehehe.

We started here and ended here

I totally hate my shirt, I feel like wearing a skirt already…hahahaha. Anyway, this time Juin Yi, Senior Aishah, Hau Wei and Senior Kee Choon (most right) were also there.

My ultimate satisfaction is of course, the MEDAL =)

Running in the rain is unforgettable. The feeling was uplifting despite of not only being drenched with the rain but also the….hahaha

Bad Sign

I woke up with dysmenorrhea (mensturation pain) today =( =( painful~ I almost went for a run yesterday night and luckily I listened to my sister’s advice not to go. The thing about menstrual and run for me is that…

1. If I have dysmenorrhea, or gonna  have since it just started 1-2days before, I should not go for a run because it can worsen the exacerbate (worsen) the pain

But, the main concern for me is not that….it’s tomorrow.

2. If I’m having heavy flow, I SHOULD NOT run because based on my experience during the last McD run, I almost fainted after finishing the run. Luckily, my senior was at my side to help me out.

I have a bad feeling for tomorrow…If the flow is gonna be heavy tomorrow… *speechless* Probably should give you guys a heads up. If my flow is going to be heavy tomorrow, then don’t ask my running time cos it sure as hell gonna be more than an hour  =(

*brushing tomorrow’s view aside*

Today during breakfast, my dad asked me if I’m joining the Men’s Health Shape Night Run at Putrajaya next month =). I told him I did not have the chance to since the registration is closed. He felt weird as he said “bukan dah lama ke promosi pasal tu? Abah ingat kot dah register”  As you know, he’s kinda support me on this =) and that’s one of the reason that keeps me on this field. That’s why everytime I went for a run I would wear the sportshoe that he gave me…. HAHAHAHA (gelak besar) Yup, totally random. Saja nak rant things this morning….Nothing to do much really…


The cut off time for 10km Speed is 75min for the SCKLM… Can I beat that time? Worrying~ worrying~ Suddenly I don’t really have that confident… Sad…sad…(sighing heavily) =( At last today, that ‘monthly’ friend came to visit. Haaa no wonder yesterday I was panting heavily and felt pain at my left lower abdomen (left iliac) whilst running for only 10 min… But another thing to worry is that…will it become heavy flow on the running day? Haiyaa~~ Maybe my friend was right, I should take OCP… erk? Ok, now that is too much of a commitment…haha. No la, crazy? Of course won’t do that…

I read a trainer’s website today. He said that, “everyone has a different level of fitness…yadaa,yadaa…” Probably that’s why I haven’t be able to run more than 10km…Sad…sad… Do you know how depressing it is actually?! Honestly! (tiba-tiba nak marah) You wanna run more, but you couldn’t…you just too damn weak to do it! Grrr~ Menyampah! OK, chill~

But still….. (full of hope) If I am to be asked what are the dreams that I am yet to accomplish… To finish a 21km is in the list =)