My Boyfriend

(Picture is courtesy from Wafa’s blog)

Oh~ I miss him already~

Yup, this is MY boyfriend, my grandpa…hehe

It has been a week since he went to Mecca with my grandma to perform umrah. I think they should be back by next week. Oh,oh! I just realized! When they’re back I wouldn’t be around~ Oh no~ ;( Wouldn’t have the chance to berbuka with them la ni~ Ala~ Sedihnya~ FYI, berbuka with them has been our family tradition since… I don’t know… since I was born maybe. My family, my cousins, aunts and uncles who lives around KL (most of them actually) will gather at my grandpa house to iftar (berbuka) together. We all bring our own dishes (potluck) so that there would be variety of food to eat… hehehe. Few years back after iftar we would perform our prayer and terawih together (berjemaah) but now… I don’t know… we all went to nearby mosque instead…

To tell you the truth, actually I wasn’t that close to him when I was a little kid. I didn’t have that typical grandpa-granddaughter relationship where you can sit on his lap babbling random stuff or follow him anywhere he goes feeling all pampered and loved. Back then, I was scared of him and to me, he was like Prof H from green ward or Prof N from red ward for that matter if I am to compare him with somebody in my current life now… Honestly, I dislike him when I was a kid…hahahaha!

But now, it all changed. We are quite close. I can call him out loud “hello boyfriend” whenever we met.LOL. Maybe now seeing me all grown up and medically knowledgeable, he change….haha. Currently, I am his so-called-doctor in monitoring his health. Being a typical patient I usually encountered, he would sometime disobey my advice regarding healthy lifestyle. But one thing for sure, he is compliance when I told him to avoid ikan masin which happens to be his most favorite food…Good grandpa~

We, of course like any other couple would have- ‘our little tease’. He has this high suspicious index when it comes to my driving skill. He always remind me not TO drive. Yah! Exactly! Not to drive! It’s not to drive safely, or beware on the road but a total forbidden for me to drive. Terukkan? Everytime me and my family came to visit them, he would asked, “sapa bawak kereta tadi?” Hish~ My grandpa really teruk =.=” and the last thing he said to us when we sent them off at the airport last week was, “Eh,jangan bagi budak izzati tu bawak kereta” EEEEEE~ Kejam~ Served me right maybe,haha! Because actually, that day when we were suppose to send them off I was late because I had just finished my oncall. It was Saturday. I was sooooo worried of not being able to see them before they depart, I drove so fast and dangerous (personally I felt) that it took me only 20minutes to reach Kajang from HUKM when the journey should be at least 40minute without the traffic jam. LOL! For many obvious reason that he is not confident with my driving skills right?

Sadly for me though he’ll be back in few days time, I wouldn’t be seeing him. By the time he’s home, I would be off to Slim River… Sad~ Sad~ ;( Anyway, I pray that both of you will have a safe journey ahead and may you always be in His blessing 🙂



Sorry Farah (or maybe other readers), this will be another entry for ‘running-related-post’ (teehee)

I received a fb msg tonight, I mean…this morning? 2.50am is morning right? A friend of mine invite me to join a duathlon. Duathlon consists of a running leg, followed by a cycling leg and then another running leg in a format bearing some resemblance to triathlon (yes, this definition is powered by wikipedia…hehe)

The duathlon I’m rattling about now is the Malakoff Powerman Asian Duathlon Championships 2012 (the sound of it somehow make me nervous…) I wasn’t that interested at first but after knowing the venue, hehe…. somehow it triggered me 🙂

It will be held at Perbadanan Putrajaya, Percint 3! Yay!

But the timing… it’s on 4th November… again, I’m not sure where I’ll be posted to by that time…

Anyway, the distances is 11.4km run – 64km bike – 11.4km run

This is of course my first time IF, i’m joining duathlon and the thing I’m concern about is that, it involves other people. It’s a team participation. I’m worried that my performance would affect other members…. 11.4km for me would be 1 hour plus,plus without extensive training… What not with my current schedule I couldn’t give my all for running anymore, but somehow invitation to run never fails to ‘seduce’ me. Hehe…

Probably IF I agree to join (although I did say “I would love to join” as an answer to his invitation), despite of running every once a week (current schedule), I should start training to run 10km every once a week =.=” Not sure if I’m able to do that… Or probably I should start training to run around PICC where there are ‘pleasant’ hills waiting to torture my weak bones

At the moment, I have Adidas Run on 9th of September, and BSN Marathon Night Run on 20th of October. Two runs in separate months…Yah, I know, I know~ sikit gila kan? IF Duathlon is considered then, it would be my third upcoming run and yet in another different month. Some readers told me that after reading my blog for quite sometime, they come out with a conclusion that I’m ecstatic when it comes to running. They find that I have an addiction. This is MOST probably right, right? The only reason I can find is that, running! is the only reason that keeps me alive in this medical field!…………………….. Haha ok, too dramatic. No la~ I find this is the only activity for destress and at the same time sparks some excitement in my boring-long years as a medical student.

Back to the topic, should I join this? (It’s not official until I register) Weighing the pros and cons…………… Not gonna happen since my desire to join will win at any cost (regardless of the fee and the timing…hehe) but still, I HAVE to train hard if I am officially joining……………right? O.o?





Most missed month…

Ramadhan is starting soon


but I missed running already…

I missed the time when all I have in my mind was running


I am in misery~

Currently I’m in OnG posting or in long, Obstetric and Gynaecology or in Malay, Peranakan dan Sakit Puan (this is my own translation, so if you were to walk in a hospital and didn’t find this in the directory then, it’s totally not my fault la…hehe)

Currently, I am super busy

In this posting, I’ll be required to go for ward round, clinic, oncall, tutorial and workshop

Apart from that, I need to cover bed, present case, conduct delivery, assist surgery, blood taking, history taking and physical examination, and write 2 case write ups

By 5th and 6th week I will be send to Hospital Slim River to continue my posting

This posting also demand that the student to be confidence, knowledgeable, committed, and patience……….




Damn tired~~~~~~ I go out from my room around 6.30am and be back around 6.00-7.00pm…..

Went out before the sun could even rise and be back when the sun came down???

and you know what happened when I reached my room?

Of course, I’ll be so sleepy, exhausted and moody

Because of this, my biological clock shifted somehow

Now, I slept around 10.00-11.00pm only found myself waking up at 3.00-4.00am flipping through notes and burying my face in books while gulping down mug of nescafe to study

No life at all

=( =( =(

Dear Allah….. let us pass the pro exam

I am in misery~

There ain’t nobody who can comfort me, oh yeah

Why wouldn’t you answer me?

The silence is slowly killing me, oh yeah

~Song from Maroon 5, Misery~


Posting started…

Currently, quite stress


I need that run on Friday

That’s probably the only day I can de-stress

and the only day I got to run


Second encounter

Yesterday, I was back from Ulu Sepri. Urgh~ at last! Hello life! and it was also yesterday that I met with that new running friend of mine ^^ hehe. Yesterday marked our second encounter. I went for a jog last night. Despite of the tiredness and the sleepiness that engulfed me, I went still. Excitation kinda brushed other feelings away. I was confidence enough that my dad would allow me to go by myself since I told him I would not be running alone. But my mom~ haih~ -_____-” A worried mother as it is, she insisted to go along with ‘beli barang dapur’ as the excuse. She even waited for him to show up! Huwaaaaa~ She told me she wanna have a look at his face. Seriously ummi… I’m 23~~~ don’t worry too much ler =.= Anyway, we promised to meet at 8.30pm in front of the building he worked.

He was late. Ish, ish, ish… Haha, it’s ok la… I think he was from Cyberjaya? Anyway, no problem cos whilst waiting for him, I went to the toilet twice. Haha, that’s what you get when you eat ‘crazy spicy’ food (went to eat at a Korean restaurant that evening). He came at last and we set off to jog. I met new friends too =) Kak Azleena, Kak Bie? Kak Alizah and Kak Aida? Well, technically they are his friends so~ Most of the talking was with Kak Azleena. I’m not sure if I’m the one that was too quiet cos seriously, I’m no good with a conversation face to face with a new friend.

It was fun to jog with somebody. Not that lonely, not that cuak, not that bored, not that ‘blue’ feeling…hahahaha. I ran behind him and tagging him all the way. For your information, this is the first time I passed out while running. Haha! Kidding! No la, his pace was soo fast I think it was 5-6 per km? I’m not sure but that was definitely not my usual pace. Saya pancit awal. I purposely followed his pace to know his speed and now that I know, in conclusion, next time I will follow his friend’s pace instead of him. LOL. When we finally stopped, despite of commenting me that I ‘pancit awal’ (thank you very much) he gave me some advice and tips…hehe. I think I have a new ‘coach’ now.

Anyway, it was fun, fun, fun =) I don’t know why but I was kinda nervous during our second meeting. Hopefully I can feel more relax and at ease during our future encounterS and thank you ya =) for the fun