So Pretty~

Can I get marry in this dress? >.<

So pretty and nice!

But of course, need to wear a blazer and hijab that match with the dress

Omoooo so niceeeee

I like it so much! 🙂

p/s: this is the result of my boring day. I found this pic while stalking people’s tumblr. You can read more in my twitter of how much I’m cursing today…



Telltale of My Watch

I am not a watch person truthfully

I only wear it when….

1. I’m at ward, reason being is to count pulse rate and respiratory rate of the patients

2. Running (of course)

I bought my own watch when I was in third year…. right before entering the clinical year. Haha! That shows how insignificant watch is to me

This is the watch that I bought during my 3rd year. A Swatch and just for your information, I will never buy this brand again, the  loud ticking sound is just so annoying 😦 and, this is SOOOO not my type of watch. I bought it in desperation since the type of watch that I like is inappropriate for me to show off around the hospital…hehe. Now it is old, ragged, kulit pun dah mengelupas, tinggal rumah kata pergi kubur kata mari…LOL

This watch is my birthday present. YES! I know! So not me~ duh~ Therefore, this watch is only worn whenever I had to attend special functions like dinner or friend’s wedding which requires me to wear nice baju kurung or dresses. Hehe

Wanna know my type of watch?


Correct! Sportwatch and to be exact, man sportwatch. I don’t know why but I love it since I know the very existence of watch, haha

Believe it or not, I used to have this exact type when I was in secondary school. Which I’m not really sure what had happened to it. If I’m not mistaken it was broken~

and now, after Nike Running Malaysia post it at facebook I was eying for this watch…hehe

Correctly it’s for running anddddddddddd GILO MAHAL weh~ Some said around RM600-RM800. That is as far as I know. Anyway, probably this is just some stupid angan2 or maybe when I-am-too-rich-till-money-also-can-throw-away I’ll buy it (provided stocks are there,haha!)

Training with new coach (Part 1)

Today, I went for a jog with that new running friend aka my new coach

After a month of ‘resting’ from running…

and the outcome was of course,

predictably disappointing~

I couldn’t run more… I was panting so hard after only 13 minutes of jogging (which was totally embarrassing)


thanks to him I learnt a lot

how to strengthen the abdominal muscle (ada org tu cakap dia ada 6 packs…boleh caya ke~haha)

and exercise to strengthen thigh and calf muscles

which is of course beneficial

I think, I should start practice the exercises that he thought as my routine… I guess  (since there’s only 2 weeks left before Adidas run!!! oh no!)

Personally, I think my new coach is a bit pushy (though he did deny this statement…hehe)

But, I think it’s alright…by following him it makes me run more and push myself harder

Xie xie coach 🙂

Thanks for the tips and the left calf pain I got post-jog (eh? haha)

Insya Allah, this coming Friday I’ll push myself harder

Coach, spare me some mercy…. hahahahaha