New Perception

I was walking about today at Aeon (used to be Jusco) Taman Maluri and stumble across this magazine at MPH bookstore

The only reason I bought this expensive magazine is because of her, Gwyneth Paltrow ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe. I always have a thing for her, but hey, not in gay-kinda thing. Don’t get me wrong… Not sure why but she somehow inspires me. She’s beautiful, successful, married with a kid (weirdly enough she has nothing to do with running but she inspire me still,haha!) Can’t wait to finish study and start reading ๐Ÿ™‚

I thought about something today….. Being a final year student, no being human itself we always have things to be worry about. Assignments, appointments, meetings, tests, yadaa~yadaa~ I’m trying to juggle everything up as my days go along. Medical life, family, friends, running and my own sweet time. Problems never leave me in peace and what I mean by problem here is from minor to major problems. Forgot to charge the phone, clothes left dry are drenched wet by the rain, overslept with unfinished assignment, screwed up in a test, leg pain and even crying cos of stress. Therefore, I come out with a conclusion…..

So, why worry ? I’ll try my best to be patience and embrace whatever ย that is coming through my days. If what I planned didn’t work the way it is, there must be a reason and there’s always room for improvement. My new perception is stop worrying and embrace the circumstances. Agree? ๐Ÿ™‚

Pictures below are totally random. I took this during outing with my family. We were waiting for our dinner…so… we got bored….and…yah… haha..

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3

Shot 4

and my personal favorite. Haha!

Stop worrying ย and let embrace the days! ๐Ÿ™‚


Three Choices

Three choices. Housemanship. Tettt~

When we are in final year, we are required to have 3 choices to do our housemanship. Why three? Because this is the Ministry of Health guidelines. It is said that, we will definitely get one of the three choices that we had listed and wouldn’t be getting some random place they want to throw us into. Here is my dilemma

My not-in-KL choices would be Kemaman, Temerloh or somewhere in Sarawak/Sabah

The pros are

1. Learn more (this is what my senior told me. He said in Kemaman as a houseman he had learnt to do dialysis, put in central venous line, and other skills that you can only learn during your MO)

2. If I were chosen to go to Sarawak/Sabah my chances of pursuing for masters program is much higher than those who’s working in Peninsular Malaysia

The cons (of course as we all know logically)

1. Far from home

2. Not in KL so less social activity (jimat duit?haha)

3. More stress? contributed by far from family (my conclusion of stress, LOL)

4. You’re all alone and need to be totally dependent

5. Will running be as exciting? I doubt that

My around-KL-choices would be HUKM (erk?) Melaka and Seremban

The pros (for obvious reason)

1. Close to family (like! like! like!)

2. Close to KL (like! like! like!)

3. I can still continue to join running events held in KL

The cons

1. Too many houseman around these areas already, so less learning?

2. I am very doubtful of my chances to pursue master program

3. Of course, there would be some significant reduction in my gaji, hahahaha

But there is one thing I should not forget to include in my decision making

Abah : ko pilih la hospital putrajaya, tak pun hospital serdang dgn selayang


Of course, all these 3 hospitals is a stone throw away from my house and coincidentally these hospitals are paperless which means that they’re using computerized system, something I am not very keen about. (I love to write more then typing)

Me : Tapi bah, nanti susah nak buat master program

Abah : Mak su ko kan ada? Ha, mintak je la tolong dia

My aunt is working in MOH. So, he was thinking that she could help me in some kind of way. However, to be safe she was never an option for me to take as a shortcut. Another point is that, sometimes father knows best….but still…..

In conclusion, I believe rezeki itu di mana-mana. Allah Maha Pemurah. Pure intention have it’s own way of coming in. If my intention is pure about pursuing master program, I’m sure He is the only one who knows what is best for me. Therefore, I am planning for istikharah. Let He decide the best place for me. He knows my dilemma and my priority and of course He knows more then I do, as stated in al-Quran….

Maybe there are much more important issues that I should consider but haven’t realized it yet. Hopefully He will help me decide and may I be put in the place where He blessed me to. Amin~


I received a birthday present from my friend, Lina ๐Ÿ™‚ happy~

So nice right? Happened to be, I actually love The Body Shop product so much!ย Want proof?ย (I wonder how did she know…hehe)

I know this collection is not that much, but hey,for me it is. Collection, which had lighted me up the idea of typing this post. I just realized that I had collection of things, which I had unintentionally being collecting, haha…. O.o I found it shocking anyway….

Bags… of course, girls’ best friend. Bare in mind that this is not all >.< Yah~ what a waste aight?

These are my shoes… but of course… these are not all (truthfully, it is not something to be proud of cos it remind me of how much money I had wasted. Some of the shoes were dusted cos I haven’t been wearing them…oh,oh…. teruknya~ >.<)

My rings ๐Ÿ™‚ My personal favorite would be the masquerade ring. Unique! ๐Ÿ™‚ I keep wearing it since I bought it…haha! Bias gila….

Out of all these collection, nothing can beat







For this collection, I can assure you, it’s still counting ๐Ÿ™‚ and of course, the medal came along with collection of bib numbers and t-shirt ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to finally framed them. Mentioning that, I’m not sure when can I actually frame the medals since I was hoping to continue running…

Probably when I’m old, fat and menopause. Haha! If so then there’ll be no fun to it. LOL

Adidas King of the Road

Today, 9th of September 2012 I went to Adidas Run. It was fun! I think I’m developing a new addiction for Adidas Run. Will be looking forward to join this run again next year ๐Ÿ™‚ Adidas Run was held at Sunway Piramid (last year was at the same place, I wonder why they didn’t do it at more cooler place like KLCC or the famous Dataran Merdeka…haha)

This is my first time driving alone to a race.Wow! Yeah…wow for me exactly. Usually my sister would drop me but for this race, I went alone because I had to go to a program at my college after the run (I skipped the program awhile to join the run…hehe) Weirdly I was driving so peacefully despite of everything. What I mean by everything are,

1. Driving alone at 5.30am going through the dark route at my area thinking all ghost stories I’d heard (I keep checking the rearview mirror LOL)

2. I only know one route, so it’s a gamble. I have no idea if the route is closed or not

3. Thankfully I found a runner driving a Myvi so I followed her until I found a parking spot to park where there were many runners parking there as well (whewh~)

4. To head back to college, all I did was followed the signboard saying “Kuala Lumpur” (regardless whether there’s a shortcut or not) until I found another signboard which directed me to Cheras

Enough said about my journey, let’s talk about race ๐Ÿ™‚ or should the picture do the talking

This is the shirt and the bib. What is different for Adidas Run is that they have 3 different color of shirts for each man and woman and they released them at different time. So the runners can choose when to come to collect the color that they desire. I didn’t really choose though, I just went there on Friday and I got this color…still nice ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the starting point. Way upfront. Blame the IPhone 3G picture quality for it’s horrible picture. 16.8km was gun off first.

This is me and Juin Yi post run. We were thinking to tag Nike Running Malaysia showing off the medal of Adidas Run. Haha, both of us are dissatisfied cos we weren’t able to register for Nike Run this year. You can read their Fb page how mad people are with their horrible webย trafficsย during the registration day

Much better pose ๐Ÿ™‚

Yah, Kak Aishah was there too. As we walked to our car, crossing the highway we realized that the highway is empty. No car, so….hey, why not right? hehe (pic is courtesy of Kak Aishah’s)

One of my pictures that got most likes in Fb…hehe …probably because I went for a run AND skipped lecture. LOL. I ran for 1hour 25min. Though the time hasn’t been improving the last time I checked, I’m still satisfied with this run cos most of the time I jog/ran instead of walking. After all, it’s not about the time for me now…it’s about the distance ๐Ÿ™‚

Next year, 16.8km!

10 random things about me

10 random things about me

FYI, I got this idea to post when I was on 7hour trip back from Kelantan

1. Crazy about running

2. Coffee addict

3. Dislike chewing gum

4. Loves Apple product

5. Not a regular watch wearer

6. Hate smokers

7. Did not use any facial care product

8. Foster the People fan

9. Easily forget where things are left/kept (annoys sisters very much with this silly behavior)

10. Doesn’t like to go near things that pops/explode eg fireworks, balloon