BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon

Urghhh~ I’m not sure where to begin with, with this post….

The fact that I had left foot pain and it worsen after the run? Or the fact that I am dying to try 21km but is yet to train my ass off? *sighing heavily*

Anyway… The run was fun. I found it surprising that the route didn’t include the hills near PICC.Thank God wey! LOL. Cos the hill was seriously horrible. We went around PICC instead, making a big round.

As mentioned before, I had left foot pain even before the run. So I couldn’t prevent myself from dragging my left foot all the way ;( I couldn’t keep myself from that ‘dragging’ stance that my shoe kept brushing the road. It was horrible and annoying. As a result, the abdominal pain persisted from km 5 and throughout. It was honestly SUCKS and my pace was disappointingly smaller and smaller. Goodness that I didn’t walk at all for this run. All those counterpain I’ve been smearing before is wasted 😦 Sad, sad, sad

This is me post-run. Trying desperately to take a good shot with my phone. Haha… I grabbed 3 milo and sat on the pavement waiting for my other friends (whom ALL joined the 21km…Yeah~ you can see the pressure on my side, haha)

Me and Izwan, right after he finished his 2nd Half Marathon with timing of 2hours 23min? Awesome!

Yay! We are the KTDI runners πŸ™‚ Yeap, being the only one 10km runner,huhu. They all got finisher shirt. I waaaaaaant ;( Picture is courtesy of Hau Wei’s

Being forced by Hau Wei to take personal shot. My favorite pose, to pretend biting the medal…kekeke

Seeing all those half marathon runners just kept me being even more jealous every day. Haih~



I couldn’t register for Nike Run this year. I was very sad cos I was really,really hoping to join for this year run after my leg injury days before Nike Run last year. But, all was not so bad after all….I had right calf pain 2 days before the event and I was chosen to be one of the volunteers. Though I couldn’t run, He still let me be part of it πŸ™‚

Thanks to a friend’s friend, I got this opportunity. The run was held at Padang Merbok last Saturday evening. Turns out, it was one of the good feeling I ever had. Helping runners πŸ™‚ There was just so much to tell, so….let the pictures do the talking

We were required to gather around 12.00-2.00pm. It was raining throughout the day so the weather was cold and breezy.

Job and group was divided then. Despite of the cheap raincoat the volunteer’s shirt was nice. Me, some of my friends and some other volunteers were put into one group and we were in charge of the last water station which was at the km 8.

This is our team leader, EJ Saiful (if I’m not mistaken,that’s what he’s been called) He’s friendly and interestingly speak Mandarin very well. I kept staring at him whenever he started to converse in Mandarin. Haha

We were taken there by bus. Each station has it’s own bus. These are some of my running friends

Our station was located near the Maju Junction and the works begin πŸ™‚

Cups are prepared. There are two parts for the water station. First part is the mineral water and I ‘guard’ the second part, 100+ (trying desperately to take some cool angle with my ‘geriatric’ IPhone 3G haha)

These are the earliest runner up. I’m not sure who’s the first la but at this time, it was at 30min after gun-off. Gila wey! another 2km is at 30min!

At first, I positioned myself in front of the table like the guy in the picture. So that I could hurriedly grab the cups with my hands and gave it to the runners who’s in running pace. I positioned myself with another guy volunteer (not the guy in the picture) in front of me and the funny thing is that, most of the runners seems to grab my cups instead of his and when he realized this, he shifted himself behind the table,LOL. I think there’s a girl power there what not with me continuously shouting “100+! 100+!” Weirdly seeing all the runners make me feel enthusiastic πŸ™‚

Posing, currently at 1hour 30min after gun-off.

At the end of the day, I feel great! Once in awhile experience I shall never forget. Not running is kinda cool too when you got to help people to run. Haha


Rare yet interesting text message received yesterday

I was contemplating whether to go for a run or not yesterday evening. I wanna go cos I missed running. Two weeks straight of abstinence from jogging/running is a no no, and PNM is just around the corner. But, I still have the right calf pain. At 5.12pm, I was just entering my room and received this text message from a friend

Without hesitation I put on my shoes, stretched and set off to run. LOL, probably it’s a sign for me to go for a run.

p/s: post-run, there’s no more right calf pain but replaced with lateral aspect of left foot pain. Probably I didn’t stretched correctly 😦

Grow Up Izzati~

You know what they say about think before you act? It’s totally true *laughing* The word think here, means to actually think with the organ called brain. Not your heart. For you to actually listens to the rationalization and think the consequences. Not to act upon what you want it to be or act because you just had an adrenaline rush. Yeah, some of us tend to be like that. It called spontaneous. Spontaneous is fun but like seriously? Think before even act on the spontaneity

I didn’t feel that yesterday was a bad day. All happened was not according to plan but hey, like I said… lets embrace the situation. Let yesterday be a secret, cos I learn it the hard way that telling people everything was not AT ALL a good idea. Blame the twitter, facebook and perhaps this blog even to let myself pour out every things to people. Anyway~ yesterday taught me something, so I don’t think it’s a waste. What to regret when it gives you a lesson, right?

Summary of what I had learned. Grow up. To teach oneself maturity, was never an easy task. We justify our actions cause we think it’s mature when all there is were emotions, and adrenaline. I’m sorry, number 23 don’t really reflects the maturity inside me. Bearing with my thoughts and feelings at that time seems such a big burden to me.Childish is yet the best defense I have. Come Izzati, come! Grow up!