BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon

Urghhh~ I’m not sure where to begin with, with this post….

The fact that I had left foot pain and it worsen after the run? Or the fact that I am dying to try 21km but is yet to train my ass off? *sighing heavily*

Anyway… The run was fun. I found it surprising that the route didn’t include the hills near PICC.Thank God wey! LOL. Cos the hill was seriously horrible. We went around PICC instead, making a big round.

As mentioned before, I had left foot pain even before the run. So I couldn’t prevent myself from dragging my left foot all the way ;( I couldn’t keep myself from that ‘dragging’ stance that my shoe kept brushing the road. It was horrible and annoying. As a result, the abdominal pain persisted from km 5 and throughout. It was honestly SUCKS and my pace was disappointingly smaller and smaller. Goodness that I didn’t walk at all for this run. All those counterpain I’ve been smearing before is wasted 😦 Sad, sad, sad

This is me post-run. Trying desperately to take a good shot with my phone. Haha… I grabbed 3 milo and sat on the pavement waiting for my other friends (whom ALL joined the 21km…Yeah~ you can see the pressure on my side, haha)

Me and Izwan, right after he finished his 2nd Half Marathon with timing of 2hours 23min? Awesome!

Yay! We are the KTDI runners πŸ™‚ Yeap, being the only one 10km runner,huhu. They all got finisher shirt. I waaaaaaant ;( Picture is courtesy of Hau Wei’s

Being forced by Hau Wei to take personal shot. My favorite pose, to pretend biting the medal…kekeke

Seeing all those half marathon runners just kept me being even more jealous every day. Haih~


6 thoughts on “BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon

  1. I was googling for the BSN putrajaya results and found your race report. Congrats. You ran the 10km right ? I don’t think you need to “train your ass” to run the 21km – but you need to train at least 5-10km a day on weekdays and perhaps one 15km on the weekend. I ran the 21km last night.

    • Hello there,thanks for visiting my blog :)oh~so you’re a half marathon finisher:)congrats too! i assume you trained just like that before the marathon?

      • Yes I mostly do about 5 kms ++ on weekdays. But I dedicate one day to run up some hills (since putrajaya can be quite hilly). But you need to fix that pain in your left foot. Incidentally my left foot also gives me problems. I massage it myself & do strengthening exercises. Good luck in your future runs.

  2. ah~ i see, will try to improve more on how i train then. aiming for standard chartered half marathon next year πŸ™‚ thanks for tips!

  3. hi dear..
    what’s ur t-shirt size for running? is that s or m?
    i’m a beginner of the marathon. need to register for the newton running, but dunno what size shud i choose as im like ur size, small but cute. πŸ˜‰
    kindly, advice. tq.

    • well, lets see….i usually choose m size but the thing is that i look better with s size. it fits me well. it’s just that i’m not comfortable with the length of the shirt cos its shorter,so i choose m size. it covers my butt. but with m size the sleeve is kinda loose or wider, so you have to consider this too. this is for a vest-type shirt. if it’s a t-type shirt then i would suggest you to take s size cos as you can see in my pictures some of the t-type that i wore looks funny. πŸ™‚

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