I was sick bored studying…decided to walk about in this ‘4inch x 5inch’ KTDI room, I opened my closet and literally scrutinized all my clothes waiting them to actually talk to me…

Does this make sense?

NO! Ok move on..

I, somehow was quite ‘mesmerized’ by my own clothes. Like seriously….


50% of them haven’t, NEVER and will not be worn by me for quite sometimes. Some of it I guess, probably already had that wood-smell stained for they had been in there untouched, unworn,unseen even for as long as I can remember *exaggerating much?LOL*

These are the clothes that I have in KTDI room, mind the stacks of shirt at the right bottom of the picture…hehe, those are my running shirts *proud gila la kan*

I was thinking of clearing up all those dusted clothes I won’t be wearing anymore and then, I got an idea….

You see…being a girl, you can’t escape from the nature of impulse-buying….Haha! What is impulse buying? As simple as it sound, you saw something that catches your eyes and melts your heart, without thinking twice and couldn’t care less about the price you decided to HAVE it. That, my friends….is exactly the definition of impulse-buying….

Back to the topic

The idea is to use and combine some of the impulse-buying clothes so that I can wear it to the ward. Oh yeah, should I mention here is that…. all most of my impulse-buying clothes are for outing purposes. I decided to combine them so that it would appear ‘appropriate’ to go to classes or ward or who knows when I’m working later. Hehe, brilliant ey? *puji diri sendiri* Therefore, it won’t be wasted…yay! *clap hand*


So, if you happen to see me wearing new clothes, bear in mind that IT IS NOT. They are impulse-buying-that-I-had-kept-years-dusted-in-my-closet-clothes. Ok?

Ok then, enough babbling…back to the books and let start yawning! 🙂



I lost one


To those I call them “He”

“As much as people wonder why he did that, I wonder much more and they have no idea how torturing it is to be carrying around these questions unanswered…”


When an unexpected or unrelated questions is asked during a conversation

Please bare in mind it took every ounce of my bravery to ask

It’s a question I consider long wether to ask or not

You, should not simply brush it away

and even to change topic, it is inappropriate

and all I did was laugh it away, bearing every bit of angers that is popping out of me

So, to all dear friends that I call “HE”…..

I’m not trying to be sexist here but this is what I usually encounter whenever I’m talking to you

You, as a HE…. is not someone I can easily be comfortable and relax with

To ask a personal question that is only related to us….

it means I’m getting around with you

but, yet again you have no idea how badly shaken I was when I’m about to ask….

So, please to those who call themselves “Adams”…again, when I’m asking unrelated or unexpected questions

Please do not simply brush it away


Malakoff Powerman Duathlon & World Diabetes Day

I know I should have posted about this run like a gazillion years ago but being posted in Teluk Intan and stayed dormant there is actually quite a reasonable excuse. The only internet connection I had was my dear old iPhone 3G which I hardly squint through for medical-reasons and updating my twitter account…hehe. Anyway!

So last two Sundays, 4th of November I ran for the Malakoff Powerman Asian Duathlon Championships 2012. I know… as wow as it sound, it was actually not. Haha. Not the event la but for me, myself it was not. There was no intensive training for this event and I guess, we simply joined for the sake of “already registered”. Oh yah, by the way I joined the Team Relay category with two other friends. I was the first runner, Chan was the second cycler and Juin Yi was the third runner. For the sake of everyone (including me,hehe) I wouldn’t disclose here what was our timing for this race. But anyhow, I managed to keep my timing as promised…whew! For this event, I ran 11.4km distance.

Picture is courtesy of Chan’s and Juin Yi’s. Mind Juin Yi’s solo picture there…hehe

The conclusion I get post-run is….. to NEVER join duathlon again. Fullstop.

For last Sunday, 11th of November I ran for the World Diabetes Day. I joined the 10km fun run category. Yup, FUN run… It was being held at Dataran Merdeka and luckily the route was not the same as Standard Chartered Run (or I’ll get bored,haha). Finished expectedly at the same timing and managed to get myself the finisher medal, surprisingly.

Thanks for this fella, I managed to get this freaking ugly picture of mine. LOL

For this event I didn’t take a single picture…not even the medal which usually is the best part of any run I joined. So, sorry guys, no medal picture….