Another Year

I don’t know why everybody is giving a big deal over this new year thingy, cos for me…. new year is just another day. Another flip of the pages in my storybook. Waiting something to be written…

Anyhow….some great things did happened last year, 2012…some of the happy memories….. πŸ™‚

MacBook joining ‘the family’ πŸ™‚

Putrajaya Night Marathon

Foster the People concert of course!

and all those time spent with family, friends, good food and good movies…hehe

Not to forget what people loves so much of posting/tweeting/updating about is….

What 2012 had taught me….

As for me, 2012 had taught me that….

My parents is getting old

and I’m not getting younger either

Spending as much time as I can with them is very important for me

*probably that’s why I’m not ready to get married yet? eh? haha*

and also

to embrace whatever that is happening

of which some, didn’t go according to plan

I admit I did grumbled, mocking and even cursing most of the time (yah~ so much of lady me)

but deep down I knew, it’s not worth it…

forgive me if those words being heard or read by you guys, that is totally inappropriate *teehee*

anyhoos….much to be improved and mended by me….

hoping all the ups and downs in 2013 is faced by me with all the strength and support I could get

may I be a better person




Sweet Escape

Last night, I just had one of the best outings with friends


Actually, it was more of a ‘sudden onset’ idea by Nad

and I thought, why not? We used to meet up for study group…

so why not today we change our agenda and our venue…hehe

Beside that, this is some sort of a brief farewell for Nad as me and Faidhi are going to Teluk Intan for 3 weeks

and she’ll be going after

So, 6 weeks pending not seeing her…

We went to Mid Valley that very night

photo 1As you can see … our too-excited smiling faces somehow….too excited?

382132_4821140847056_1062818129_nOhh~ I totally like this picture cos it’s totally bright! Courtesy of Faidhi’s phone

IMG_3927We did a little shopping. I bought a new jeans after being unintentionally seduced by Nad. Still, loving the jeans! >.<

photo 3Went to Chillies! My favorite place for nice, delicious grilled lamb πŸ™‚

20121214_212206By the way, Nad is wearing her just-bought-lipstick *I know, that was fast right?* LOL

IMG_3928Mine, since I just had grilled lamb the day before (hehe) at the same place (hehe), I ordered chicken while trying very hard rationalizing with myself from ordering another lamb-based food



20121214_212523Loving this shot again from Faidhi’s phone lens πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

photo 2The actual shot from Nad’s Ipad

Overall, it was fun!

Though it was just aΒ simple? shopping with nice food, it was enough for a brief sweet escape from all those studying and burying yourself with books


Like Nad said, “great food and great friends”