Target in 2013?

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Found this in Fb….hehe

Totally become my new desktop wallpaper

Hopefully then!

Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚



Jelly Belly & Kissing Thigh

Hey guys! Today, I would like to share ย with you guys about something and that is….

Flat abbs and nice legs

But before this share, I would like to first declare to you these;

1. what I’m sharing is probably a little bit too much of expose’ for a girl like me, so for the guys…. *berdehem* faham2 je la

2. I’m not posting this to publicly announce that I have nice-sexy-body-with-flat-abbs-like-Michael Jillians, this is truthfully and solely to share with you what I’ve been doing for the past 2 ++years, so I am obviously not an expert

3. these are for GIRLS may I remind you cos girls and boys, we totally have different body built and metabolism

4. for my readers, this is a sole share of a story of me as a medical student and recreational runner (the word recreational is important here as to imprint to you guys about me that I am NOT a pro runner)

5. I’m posting this to clear the idea of what my friends have about me. Flat abbs and nice legs is not solely contributed by me crazy about running only. FULLSTOP.




Many of us, well, some of my close friends quite often I listened to grumbles of weight gain and how to become/keep thin. What I did for the past 2++ years is that I jogged 3-4 times/week and for eat right~ is not really my thing cos I am a mafia when it comes to food. For those who have an ‘imaginary’ of their body as not the-thin-type, don’t get fool by us who are thin cos most of us do have that ‘jelly belly’ and the ‘kissing thigh’. Thanks to God that our fat was distributed to that area so that we were still able to maintain that ย so called, ‘thin body’. For those, who are thin…Don’t believe me? or some of you probably reading this is now delusionally denying my statement (except for those who are keeping a healthy lifestyle). Go now to you room, stand in front of a tall mirror, lift your shirt up a bit and see that lil bump. Yup, it’s right there saying ‘wadddddddup’ to you….And also, stand there with few cm feet apart and see that kissing thigh. HAHA.

To tell you the truth, I had that problem too. But for the past 2++ years, I was more than happy to realize that I don’t have that ‘jelly and kissing problem’ as some of you know, I was really CRAZY about running back then. But currently with 100days left before pro exam, that problem came haunting me back. What can I say, my priority somehow shifted. 2013 is the marked of my reduction in running activity as the pro exam is getting near. No more running events before pro and I AM CRAZILY missing running. Running for me by definition, 3-4 times/week or less with more distance. Sweating like crazy post run and feeling refresh after each run.

Now,it had become once/none per week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and that’s why that jelly and kissing is saying ‘haha’ to me for their comeback. Anyway, in previous months I had included these exercises to keep up with that ‘once/none running per week’ to keep sweating ๐Ÿ™‚ and also to maintain the absentee of again, the ‘jelly and kissing’;

1. One-leg squat

2. Forward and reverse lunges

3. Sideways squat

4. Flutter kick

5. Bicycle crunch

6. Planks

Another secret is that~ I did these all in my room. So when you see the curtains suddenly drawn closed and opened wide back 30mins later, yup! pretty much that’s what I was up to…hehe….

Now, regarding these exercises;

1. Some of the exercises are advocated for runners, not just flat abbs and nice legs

2. Warm up first before indulging in it

3. Actually, these are my own choice of exercises, so you can just simply log on to youtube and type in whatever exercises that you want, pertaining to your concern…hehe

and the most important message I would highlight here is that….

No matter how many push ups, crunches or anything you do to flush out that fat/lipid, it will never gonna work out without cardio and healthy diet. I know, I know, back to the basic, boring~ yawning~ but, this is the truth. To get that flat abbs and nice legs, these two components are the main ingredient and all those loosening-fat-exercises that you’ve been doing is just an addition. Trust me, it is true cos that what had happened to me…

Take home message people?

Cardio and eat right


Missing It

People kept asking me about it…

and I find it astonishing when they can actually relate these with it ;

I often hungry

walk too fast

sweating like crazy more than other

eat like a mafia with unchanged body circumference

blood pressure freakishly low for a bod like me



haven’t saw me for quite sometime at that specific place


to tell you the truth


I F***ingly miss running


Not sure how long they ย are left unworn…