Less than 2 months and Counting!

Hello there reader(s?).

I realised that it has been quite sometime since I last updated my blog. As you can see, there are less than 2 months before my big exam aka the last exam I will about to take as a medical student or in my own word, “exam to become a doctor”

Few issues were raised throughout my ‘dormant’ state. Some heads up;

Countless people had been asking me, yet again “kenapa dah tak nampak jogging?” Be it a simple question or a mocking statement (cos they asked me when we bumped after they had their jog…of course me, being me -sarcasm is my second language- my reply was “don’t worry, i don’t jog to get skinny.LOL). I am hereby declaring that, I wouldn’t be joining/going to any jog/run up till I finish my pro exam. Please don’t get a picture that I would go straight to the park right after my last paper =.=”

Second is my target this year; to join HM. I had registered for the SCKLM 2013 but it was for the 10km category as you can see, the event will be held in June, I finished my paper by end of April, by May (hopefully I pass my exam…. AMINNNN) I’m flying about here and there, minus all those and waste awful lotta money on some random places and things, so I would be left with only 3days pre-HM? yah, so, let’s not get myself kill shall we? it won’t be enough for me to pull out the ‘anjakan paradigma’ for HM with that sipi punya time kan?

Another most important thing is thatttttt~ *drumrolls*, SPA is out! Few more weeks we will filling up those annoying forms to request for our housemanship workplace, and I’m telling ya, there are no more doubts as to where I would wanna be posted to. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that hospital. Insya Allah πŸ˜€

Wish me and all of us luck peeps! Till then.


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