Fuuuuuhhh~ Uhuk! Uhuk! Uhuk!

This blog is so dusted that I forgot what my password was!

This will be my last post before the final exam which would be in exactly 26 days more plussing the study weeks…

There had been a lot going on; I’d sent the KKM form in which there is exactly 3 hospital options I had decided on, Dan Brown is realeasing a new novel titled Inferno that I happened to purchase via Maybank2u with 30% off (yay me!), my parents are leaving for umrah this Thursday and? oh yah, I hadn’t been running for 3months (and it’s killing me!)


Only those who knows me, know that I am being called as Izat.

The story started since I was in secondary school when there were too many students name Izzati that I get so annoyed when I tend to answer quickly when other people is calling other Izzati. My friends told me to have a short name. Me, being me, not the lady-like girl…. Zatie, or let alone Atie?! were never an option. So Izat was chosenand it stuck till now….

Back then… I get a lot of stories when my friend was telling stories to their parents, few of the friends’ name got mentioned and one of them was me… All the other friends’ name was girl-sounded name and when it comes to me, there would be a pause where they had to tell the parents that it’s a girl.

Once I called a friend

Me : Boleh cakap dgn ……?

Receiver : Sapa ni?

Me : Izat

Receiver : ….Izat call!

….. came and we had a talk. Before ended the call she told me she had to swear to her mother that Izat is a girl


and now, I still get them surprisingly… a story from my friend, when she was having a conversation with her boyfriend via phone

Scene 1#

Friend : I’m going out to bazaar to buy some food

The boyfriend : With who?

Friend : With (a guy’s friend) and Izat


Scene 2#

Friend : I got rings as a birthday present from Izat




It would have come out wrongly if you don’t know Izat is a girl right?


It’s just hilarious to hear these stories being told up till now πŸ™‚

Yes, I am called Izat for those who didn’t know… and for those who know, now you guys know why I was called with that name….

By the way, it was extra weird when some of my juniors had to call me kak IZAT…LOL