Preparations for the Trip

Booked the flight ticket of course. It’s a 6 hour journey so please be fully prepared of things that you need to bring along to ‘cheer’ you up during that horrible long hour journey especially when you got a seat in uncomfortable crammed plane (and here i am  complaining while planning a trip to London)

Discussion, discussion, discussion. There were a lot of meetings where we would compare notes? as to where and what we will be doing. We even have a notebook that contained almost everything about the trip. Yah! Everything! Thanks to my sis Farah, she’s the one who did all the compiling. Hehe

IMG_0521We listed the accommodation and compared the room, and prices. We chose Apple Backpackers 🙂 The must have for the room we wanted was a private toilet.IMG_0516We discussed the places we would like to visit. Most of the places listed are searched by Farah and Hur. Me? LOL, I just agree to wherever they wanna go cos dude, I don’t really care. I wanna go out from Malaysia for the trip, noktah.IMG_0522A day-to-day plan. Now for this part, I suggest you guys to not plan them so ambitiously like what my sis and Hur did. Visit here and there in the morning, evening and night. Seriously guys, you would get so tired of all the walking, plus sesat, plus climbing stairs of stairs if you were to use the subway…. you’ll need that rest. So if you were to plan, please include rest in the daily activity cos believe me, you’ll be needing that. I told them before and of course talking to girls who Gila Korea is like talking to a wall. Geez~IMG_051595% of our travelling was with the subway so directions are very important. We listed the station and exit. Guys, guys, guys. If you were to use the subway as much as we do please ensure you get the correct Exit! Because the distance between each exit is far what not with their generous stairs and also ensure the correct line you are taking cos they have like countless number of lines. Malaysia got like what,5? KTM, ERL, Monorail etc? IMG_0514Ohoho, this one is very,very importantIMG_0519Farah so nice planning the everyday budget.HeheIMG_0520This is also by Farah. Hehe 🙂IMG_0517Oh yah, this is also a vital part. Discussed what to bring and what to use there, few of the things that we bring along was;

sabun Taharah for samak

plug adapter

canned food eg. the one we bought was Adabi canned food. Oh! Oh! the sambal kupang was pretty awesome wei!

clothing wise, we asked our friend that is studying there about the weather and the temperature. We went early May, and they are entering summer. So not too cold and not that hot-like-Malaysia. I brought 2 jacket (not the thick one yah) and Alhamdulliah, I did alright. Oh ya! PLEASE, ensure the jacket/coat that you bought has real pockets ok. Not a fake-just-to-show-off-pocket (bwahahahahaha). Not all the time you’ll be carrying your backpack, trust me.

praying compas (must have guys and must know how to read also la)
After sending Farah at the Airport, we found this. Awwww~ So sweet! 😉

We brought the notebook almost everywhere. You’ll probably see it in some of the pictures that’ll be posted later. It was seriously very helpful and beneficial. Trust me when I say without it I don’t know what will happen to us after Farah went back. Haha. Notebook, maps, T-money (upcoming post), passport, mineral water, camera and you’re good to go.

Next blogposts I’ll be talking about the accommodation that we had chosen, praying, and places visited. To make your life a lot easier, my posts title will be based on the places that we had visited so that once you typed the place in Google search, hopefully my blog will be chosen to appear in the list. Hehe


Trip to Korea

Alas I’m gonna start posting about my trip to Korea. I know, there IS some of you that has been itching to hear these stories to be told but bare in mind there YOU, it’s not gonna be a pretty one for YOU (you know who you are…LOL)

I would like to give a heads up for those who might stumbled across my blog while you were planning and searching about trips to Korea. My blogposts wouldn’t contain a SPECIFIC direction as to how I got there. But here and there might have pictures to guide you as to how the place look like.

So, for a start. Why Korea? To tell you the truth, Korea was never the first place I would like to visit. I am more of those who would love to travel to the Western country. It’s complicated as why do I chose this country but just so you know I was never the one labeled with Gila Korea. I am not the kind of girl who drooled so much over Korean artist as much as I love Daniel Craig or Jeremy Renner. The purpose of this trip is really as a gift for myself for passing the exam 🙂 (so, never was I whining when I couldn’t find landmarks or statues of certain Korean drama at the places where we visited. Hahahahaha)

I went there with my sister (who’ve been there for only 3 days) and my friend, Hur. We went on our own account, no travelling agents involved. This is a pure on-your-own-risk. For those who are planning a trip like us, I can give you the pros; no schedule involve so you can have your own sweet time at the places visited as long as your heart content, you get to experience the wonders of being lost (bwhahahaha!) but hey! This one is true. You get to be helped by a handsome european guy, language barrier ahjumma who is trying so hard to explain to us the direction, being greeted by other tourists and Korean students who studied about Islam and get praised by ahjumma for being pretty cos we are wearing the scarf.

Sorry guys, have to stop now. My abdominal cramp is killing me. Will continue later. Next post : prep before the trip

Passing by…

The sun is shining….though I could still feel the morning breeze…well,just a little. A cuppa coffee. It’s 8.01am in the morning. It’s really, really, really been a while since I posted any updates here. Well, as you’d been informed I was gearing up for my final exam couple of months ago…

and Alhamdullilah. 🙂 I passed the exam.

Three days after the result I went for a trip to Korea for 9 days, then I went for a cousin wedding in Perlis for 3 days and here I am, barely breathing the air of ‘temporary’ freedom while awaiting the ‘calling’ letter to arrive.

There, I’d lighted for you some heads up for my upcoming posts… Right now, I got guests to attend to.

Will keep updating soon 🙂