Apple Backpackers Guesthouse, Seoul Korea

As anticipated, Unifi was installed today. Weehuu! At last my own wifi! Anyhoo, let’s cut to the chase. My trip to Korea.

So, our accommodation during the trip was a guesthouse and we’d chosen Apple Backpackers. Why?

1. The room rate was cheap in view of our budget

2. Private toilet

3. Near to Subway station

4. Near to Insadong

5. Near to Incheon airport limousine bus stop

You can simply email the owner to ask anything related to this guesthouse.


This is the entrance of the guesthouse. It’s like a shop lot.

971161_420869748010927_1566237064_nDirection to Apple Backpackers and the sibling, Banana Backpackers.

935306_423453644419204_588229582_nOnce you enter the door, you would be welcome by a stairs first hehe. Well, good luck dragging up those luggage up the stairs! and once reached the second floor you will see this counter where the owner will be sitting there. You can do the registration and Q&A session here

945279_423453411085894_1121433833_nThe hallway

400973_423453611085874_474318149_nThis is the pantry, where sometimes we had our breakfast here. There’s coffee, and tea, so suit yourself

378158_423453464419222_912451195_nThe kitchen

550825_327334890697747_731453207_nSmoking area…?

302216_327334710697765_663351225_nThe laundry room. We only did our laundry once. Free, but the dryer machine was charged at 2000 won per use. Hur kept telling me that some of her clothes shrunken. Yeah right~ (LOL)

936874_423453871085848_998920462_nThis is our room. We booked for a double room, but was given a triple room instead. Not sure why they gave us this room but I was grateful cos I got to sleep at the queen bed and poor Hur slept at the single bed. Huahuahua. There are still spaces to perform solat so it’s not that cramped and it’s really comfy 🙂 Every time we finished our sight-seeing and strolling for a day, I would always be looking forward to sleep! haha. Diving into that comfy duvet….woah~ Amazing I tell you

Apple2Sorry for the messiness of this room. My sis who only stayed for 3 days booked for a single room but was given a family room instead. We can’t still figure out why though. Probably they run out of single room.

20130508_081727There’s a small table where we put our stuff mostly, food, Hur’s make up, yadaa yadaa.

20130508_081742Sorry if the toilet look unpleasant, but don’t be fool by the picture, the toilet is very clean! Heads up, no bidet yah and I really like the slipers. Haha.

935677_416813648416537_227690735_nBefore we head back to Malaysia, they took a picture of us and….

942483_423453101085925_1945659724_npaste it here.

Overall, I would recommend this guesthouse and rating for the comfortability is 5/5. Close to subway, has private toilet and the owners are friendly 🙂

Most of the pictures is courtesy of Applebackpackershostel facebook. Kindly visit their page for any inquiry. 🙂


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