Hongdae Market

My next favorite place is the Hongdae Market.

Sadly, sadly enough. Well, stupid enough I guess, we didn’t take any pictures of the market. The market is almost like Petaling Street or Jalan TAR. But with more pleasant weather,  nicer and cute (NO!!!) clothes, accessories etc haha. That are almost none compared to Petaling Street.

In other words, for a shopping freak plus cute stuff ‘intolerance’ like me it is a shopping heaven. Most of my expanses came from here. Haha! We went here twice.

Eoulmadang-ro_shops-01Picture source; Wikipedia

The market started to operate I think in the early evening. By the time we reached there, it was around 3-4pm I guess so it wasn’t that pack at first. The clothes were amazing! It really suits my style. Ok, this is totally for girls to read so guys, you can skip this part. I was hunting for a simple yet nice long-sleeved tops and the best part is, the tops were long enough to cover your butt! Yay! I was more than happy that I bought 3 tops. LOL. You really can’t find this in Malaysia. I really don’t think so hehe.

I also bought some accessories. I’m not really a necklace-person but to see these handmade cute necklaces I just wasn’t able to contain myself I bought two necklaces and a ring for myself. Since my youngest sister loves bracelet, I bought one for her which was also handmade and outrageously cute that I think twice about giving it to her. haha (yah…I’m that mad)




 Please don’t judge the pictures. I ‘instgramed’ them using my iPad. Trying so hard for it to look good but it still turn out as a disaster 😦

Other than that, I bought two phone casing which is one for my mum and my eldest sister. Other stuff they were selling are bags, socks, men’s clothing, cap, etc.

The other reason we came back here for the second time is because of this

20130512_160720Hello Kitty Cafe. The angle of the picture is a bit ugly I think Hur took this (eh?)

Sorry, no directions provided in this blog but, once you reached there just ask around where’s the cafe location cos it’s really not hard to find.

We went here to try the ever-famous cute waffle 🙂20130512_154900The first time we came, we share the waffle in case it does not taste good as it looks but wey! It’s amaaaaazinggg~ DSC07424They used this to call the customer once the order is ready. By mean call is… Ok, I’d forgotten how this thing work but I think once the order is ready, they make a sound and some blinking lights going on. Correct me if I’m wrong.







DSC07600These were taken at the second floor. It looks deserted but these pictures were taken during our second visit. Thankfully we went a little bit early? (I totally forgot) so there were few customers at that time.



DSC07427These are at the first floor. It’s a bit cramped down there. It is divided into two section of dining place, a counter and racks where they displayed merchandise for sale.

I recommend you to come to this place. Seriously, the waffle is to die for.


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