Bukchon Hanok Village

Ok, so the first place goes to Bukchon Hanok Village

Weird pick for a first place? Hehe

Funny that the first time we went looking for this place we were lost. I mean like totally lost. The most frustrating about this ‘lost’ is that I think we walked almost 5km only to find a wrong-looking village. Thankfully we didn’t give up and went for the second time and Alhamdullilah! we found the place

By the time we reached there it was around 4-5pm so the place was already packed (sad). I was hoping there would be few people so the picture will turn out where I spread my arms at the alley between those adorable houses and there were no one else around.

DSC07412Still, I did the desired pose ignoring the people behind me

Some of you might wanna hear the story behind this village but sorry, my conscious mind telling me that I need to re-visit history about Islam and history of my own country more than I need to add up new information about other people’s country. Sorry >.<

Anyway, what I do know is that some of the houses belong to private owners so were instructed to keep our voices down to maintain the peacefulness of the village. There are other hanoks that also operated as tea house, guesthouse, souvenirs store and cultural centre. If you are interested to know more about this place, you can always visit the Bukchon Museum. As for me, yah… I mentioned my reason…hehe


20130512_141731 Don’t you just love the architectural of the houses. Well, I do. My huge regret was not to have a DSLR 😦

DSC07420Do you see the small door next to the big entrance? Well, that is for the servants and the big entrance is for their masters

20130512_142023Trying so hard to take our picture using Hur’s S3. You will see this more in upcoming posts. Haha

20130512_142552I would definitely come again to this place if I am blessed with a second chance and that second chance will include a DSLR in it. But to come again for a second time? maybe if all my expanses are sponsored. Haha! (keep dreaming)


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