I am currently unemployed-jobless-houseman

The statement above pretty much explain this blogpost’s title right?

When you’re not working, your wishlist start to accumulate right? cos you have no bloody money to bloody buy them yourself!!! *emo*


First thing first…

I am in desperate need of a jewelry box, especially with the ring compartment being the major part of the box. Would love a jewelry box that comes with lots of compartments (hehe), NO ballerina dancing to the music, NO pinkish coloured box with cartoons. Yah. Something like this….


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It would be nice to store the accessories in this cute little box, not some weird sculpted hand with fingers that you shoved the rings in and you’re having trouble to remove one by one of the rings just to get to the lowermost ring. You get what I’m saying here? No? Great, lets move on…

What’s a wish of jewelry box without the wish of a ring right? LOL. A girl gotta dream when a girl gotta dream #bateyelashes

tumblr_lt59j9WIBG1qdkufgo1_500Sunburst Cocktail Ring by House of Harlow. This brand belongs to Nicole Richie, not that I’m a fan of hers  but I would love to get this chunky nice ring. Nice right? and huuuuuge. LOL. Where to get it? Believe it or not, Zalora.com. But with the look of my bank account, I can only dream :S

tumblr_ly3ruj8prE1r0gq4mo1_500This is the Arty Oval Ring by Yves Saint Laurent, I think in turquoise. Uuuhhh~ the ultimate ring for a girl who loves to collect rings like me. I have no idea where to buy it and how much it cost. Anyway, still want it is good enough for me

The next stuff on the list is mostly work-related-wishlist-if-i-ever-have-a-work-at-all

First, is a coffee maker!

images (2)

Uuuhhh~ I want it so bad that I blame Hollywood movies for making coffee looks good and tasty with this. LOL. By the way to add up the why-I-should-have-this-list is because, I’m gonna start working with ridiculous shifts so…. haha, it’s nice to wake up early in the morning to the smell of hot coffee knowing you’re gonna have a 12hours shift after, right? yah~ I’m rationalizing 😛 Nothing wrong with that right?

 Next, is a treadmill. Really?

bravo_webuseYah, really. This is completely rational! Because, I don’t think when I start work I will have as much time as I want for a run. Maybe once or twice in a month? Stalking a senior who is a runner, I saw how he lives and I know how many times had he gone for a run in a month. So I think, this is completely rational thing as a must have. Haha

Next is…..

Porable-Clock-Radio-Speaker-for-iPhone-iPod-MP3A speaker for my iPhone. In my self defense, this is completely work-related and nothing more. Hehehehe

The ultimate wishlist… and no, this is not work-related. This is just what I’ve been relentlessly twitting, hoping, dreaming of having….

Nikon-d5100-dslr-cameraA DSLR

Digital SLR D5100 by Nikon to be exact. Oohhh I want this so bad, so bad I’m gonna make sure the groom’s gonna give it to me as one of the wedding gifts. #andyouwonderwhynobodywannamarryyou

I mean come onnnnnnn, it has been ages since I want this camera right? I think there were some previous blogposts I mentioned that I want a DSLR. Yet again, it is still listed in the wishlist…. hmph~ Blame Nikon for making the commercial….


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