Hey I’m Jobless Still, Yahoo~

Some friends had been asking me why I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I should since I’m holidaying

Well, after 3 months of being jobless I guess I lost the drive to write anything at all

Everyday is the same routine as if living has no meaning to it

OK, I’m being dramatic

It’s irritating to hear these rumors since the first day of being jobless….

Rumors about when we’re going to start working

Last 3 months I heard we’ll start before raya

But then somebody said after raya

Then somebody else said in September

and the last time I checked they said October!

October?! are you kidding me?!

Does 31st of October count as October?!


Another famous statement people keep saying to me when I whine about this is

“You should be thankful with this long holiday, cos once you’re in. Your sweet life ends. No holidays”

Hey, the only reason I wanna work is I want my own paycheck

Seeing my cousin who’s a neighbor next door and who’s happens to be a houseman, I’d seen and heard enough from her how ridiculous the work shifts and the workload are

Not only her holiday kept decreasing, but her body size as well. Hehe, the later sounds good huh?

She told me at the end of the day, what matters is “sleep and money”


Yah I’m too tired of being jobless cos being jobless means being moneyless as well

Aren’t you tired of bagger-ing money from your parents?!

“Abah, nak duit minyak…. I need to run some errands”

“Abah, nak duit beli tiket. We’re going for movie”

“Abah, nak duit. I’m bored eating at home”

“Abah! Nak duit! I’m running out of panties!”


Hey, I’m soon-to-be 24 year old girl. I AM ENTITLED to my own money. I am 24 for God sake!

The thought of it makes me irritable. Grrr! Asking for pocket money from parents is a slap to ma face.


Oh ya, I should be updating about my trip to Korea right?


Malas la….

Nanti-nanti je la….


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