Yes, they said induction will be held on 7th of October this year. That accurate? Yeah, hearing myself saying that loudly sounds stupid but I’m not pinning any hopes cos you know why? Hoping endlessly for this part of my life to finally come true had changed me to being a cranky girl who’s constantly irritable with her house condition and couldn’t wait any longer to start working that the pre-working nervousness had drained out completely from herself. Herh!

All I did now is postponing my supposedly ‘study-to-refresh’ time, getting all hyped and excited anytime friends asked me out baking when I feel like to, and watching NCIS rerun like I just finished my exam. Urghhh~ Waiting sucks, right? I’m calculating still though… If my induction is to be held on that date which is for a week, tagging for a couple of weeks after and that will leave me with earning my salary on November! and God forbids if the hospital only gives the wages after 3 months of working. NOOOOOO!!!

Bad news is endless huh? and here I am planning what to do with my salary.


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