Yes. The word itself bring shivers to my spine. I am very bad at this ‘activity’. If you put me in a place where I need to make new friends and make CONVERSATION with them I say I rather be at a job interview.

I hate the awkwardness. I’m not trying to be cocky or anything, it’s just that it is so super awkward that I would ask stupid questions and talk about something that would make it even more awkward and the new friend would look at me in a complete utter weirdness. Therefore sometimes I chose to be silent. I would keep my mouth shut all the time until people will come and talk to me instead.

It bugs me so much I once canceled on attending a fashion show that I’d won invites to. Silly huh? This situation didn’t include only to new friends, but also to old friends reunion. Sigh~

That is why, I turned down invites when it involves mingling with new friends and old mates whom I haven’t seen for years. Ohhh~ not just that, I also don’t do so well with friends who I am not too close with. Except when the meet up include a friend who is freaking friendly that he/she talks with everybody. Haha, I didn’t realize this until couple of days ago.

I know, I know… this is not something to be brag about but, this mingling thing…. It bugs me. Whenever I was forced into this kind of situation I would get so nervous on that day the thought of attending that event at that specific time cause me to sweat like crazy as if I was about to run a marathon. I would be so restless that sometimes I would make up reasons to not attend the event. Teruk huh?

That’s just so weird since I’m a doctor? No, it’s not. When it involves working that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Why? Easy. There’s no escape. Bahahahahaha. Get it?


Oh yah!

Officially turned 24 somewhere around this september. Oh God! I should have become more matured!! (apparently it is a loooong way to go before I hit maturity -.-)

IMG_0015*picture courtesy from Najwa*


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