Yes, they said induction will be held on 7th of October this year. That accurate? Yeah, hearing myself saying that loudly sounds stupid but I’m not pinning any hopes cos you know why? Hoping endlessly for this part of my life to finally come true had changed me to being a cranky girl who’s constantly irritable with her house condition and couldn’t wait any longer to start working that the pre-working nervousness had drained out completely from herself. Herh!

All I did now is postponing my supposedly ‘study-to-refresh’ time, getting all hyped and excited anytime friends asked me out baking when I feel like to, and watching NCIS rerun like I just finished my exam. Urghhh~ Waiting sucks, right? I’m calculating still though… If my induction is to be held on that date which is for a week, tagging for a couple of weeks after and that will leave me with earning my salary on November! and God forbids if the hospital only gives the wages after 3 months of working. NOOOOOO!!!

Bad news is endless huh? and here I am planning what to do with my salary.


Hey I’m Jobless Still, Yahoo~

Some friends had been asking me why I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I should since I’m holidaying

Well, after 3 months of being jobless I guess I lost the drive to write anything at all

Everyday is the same routine as if living has no meaning to it

OK, I’m being dramatic

It’s irritating to hear these rumors since the first day of being jobless….

Rumors about when we’re going to start working

Last 3 months I heard we’ll start before raya

But then somebody said after raya

Then somebody else said in September

and the last time I checked they said October!

October?! are you kidding me?!

Does 31st of October count as October?!


Another famous statement people keep saying to me when I whine about this is

“You should be thankful with this long holiday, cos once you’re in. Your sweet life ends. No holidays”

Hey, the only reason I wanna work is I want my own paycheck

Seeing my cousin who’s a neighbor next door and who’s happens to be a houseman, I’d seen and heard enough from her how ridiculous the work shifts and the workload are

Not only her holiday kept decreasing, but her body size as well. Hehe, the later sounds good huh?

She told me at the end of the day, what matters is “sleep and money”


Yah I’m too tired of being jobless cos being jobless means being moneyless as well

Aren’t you tired of bagger-ing money from your parents?!

“Abah, nak duit minyak…. I need to run some errands”

“Abah, nak duit beli tiket. We’re going for movie”

“Abah, nak duit. I’m bored eating at home”

“Abah! Nak duit! I’m running out of panties!”


Hey, I’m soon-to-be 24 year old girl. I AM ENTITLED to my own money. I am 24 for God sake!

The thought of it makes me irritable. Grrr! Asking for pocket money from parents is a slap to ma face.


Oh ya, I should be updating about my trip to Korea right?


Malas la….

Nanti-nanti je la….

Hasn’t Die Yet

For those who are wondering. Running never was, never is, not sure about the never will (cos I’ll be old and probably need a stick to walk, arthritis etc) die from me

No more post about running?

Yah, currently no. But I’m still running, slowly trying to build up my speed back. I tried once joining a run without prior training and it caused me an unpleasant running experience. Yah, not gonna put myself into that position anymore

At the moment I cannot join any run. Yes! It pains me to see all the posts related to run so what I do? I hide them. Sometimes even ignore the notifications.

I can’t be as active as I wanna be just yet cos you know, I’m gonna start working soon. Listening to all those stories told by my seniors about their working experience bring shivers to my spine and I have to see how my work schedule is to plan for future ‘life programs’.

I’m not sure even if I can keep my promise to run 21km this year. Looks like a long way to go. But I assure you this, running has not die yet in me. I still feel the urge to run, the surge of adrenaline whenever seeing somebody is running motivationally and sad whenever I couldn’t join a run.

“hey, somebody is running, do you feel something?”


Yah, that never happen in me yet

I’m taking baby step back for my runs

and already seeing a treadmill in my future as a worker


I know…I should be posting about my trip to Korea as promised but, my internet connection is giving me not just a headache but heartache. The slowness of it’s connection is just…so…so….unbearable. Can you imagine? if I were to put a snail at the end of my laptop to race with the uploading of a picture, the snail will already be at the other end and the picture is still uploading!!! celcom! what the hack dude?! so much of usain bolt!!!

Anyway,I couldn’t take it anymore and I am currently waiting impatiently for Unifi to come this Saturday. Hopefully the line is better. I promise I will update once Unifi settled in my house. I’m already seeing myself early in the morning sipping coffee while surfing internet like there’ll never be tomorrow…ahhh~ ok,drama queen.

To those I call them “He”

“As much as people wonder why he did that, I wonder much more and they have no idea how torturing it is to be carrying around these questions unanswered…”


When an unexpected or unrelated questions is asked during a conversation

Please bare in mind it took every ounce of my bravery to ask

It’s a question I consider long wether to ask or not

You, should not simply brush it away

and even to change topic, it is inappropriate

and all I did was laugh it away, bearing every bit of angers that is popping out of me

So, to all dear friends that I call “HE”…..

I’m not trying to be sexist here but this is what I usually encounter whenever I’m talking to you

You, as a HE…. is not someone I can easily be comfortable and relax with

To ask a personal question that is only related to us….

it means I’m getting around with you

but, yet again you have no idea how badly shaken I was when I’m about to ask….

So, please to those who call themselves “Adams”…again, when I’m asking unrelated or unexpected questions

Please do not simply brush it away



Posting started…

Currently, quite stress


I need that run on Friday

That’s probably the only day I can de-stress

and the only day I got to run



Here’s the dilemma….

Before that, for those who does not interested at all about my running activity,

should I say this…you may leave this page.Hehe….

It’s about MPIB run 2012.

The dilemma….

(1) It’s on 8th January and I am having my Paediatric posting

Point for : Hell yeah! I am soooo going! (not so strong right?yea, I know)

Point against : Will be getting back late, won’t have time to run before the event

(2) I wanna join the 12km distance

Point for : Ala…nevermind la…just go for it. Already ran for 10.4km, 10.5km and 10.6km…just a couple more meters already 12km…so join saja……. (this is what my friends and sis told me)

Points against :

  • CANNOT! I haven’t reach my own target yet-10km in 1 hour
  • This is my first 12km…so yah….it’s still a 12…not a couple of meters -____-”
  • It’s paeds! will I have time to run more?
I know…it’s pretty obvious which decision should I make right? But not joining this run is such a big waste for me. At the moment there’s only 2 running events awaits me….What am I to do during paeds beside study?
Aiyooo what to do…. O.o??