Second Volunteering

Today I did my second volunteering work at Standard Chartered Marathon KL 2013 and that is doing what I do best, as a doctor 🙂 This first time involvement had left me with not only experience and new friends but also one unforgettable feeling. That is. Being able to do what I love and helping those particular group of people that kept me amazed, the runners 🙂

I went there with 6 other friends of mine and we each assigned to one ambulance. That is to put in another word. One doctor per ambulance. I was horrified. With this embarrassing knowledge of mine and no working experience we were given a big responsibility. Why big? We never work alone without supervision. Yah, that’s why, no working experience had lead us thinking what had we put ourselves into (LOL)

But, all in all favor, we sucked it up and followed the team still. Praise the Almighty Allah swt, we did not encountered any severe cases. But still, Masha Allah…. there were few cases whom other doctors had attended to which were inferior MI (heart attack), heat stroke and severe dehydration. All these cases were brought to the hospital asap.

Cases that I met, mostly were just cramped lower legs. One of the runners I encountered was a 56 year old Chinese gentleman with cramps at both of his lower legs. I wrapped his legs with ice packs and applied some counterpain cream.  I sat next to him and gently stretching his legs and move them about. Since it took quite sometime to relieved the cramping, I took the time to chat with him.

Now, I know, in previous posts I did told you I had problem with mingling. But, the best thing about being doctor is that mingling was spontaneous and there was no pressure to it. I called him ‘uncle’ (the best about being Malaysian is everybody in some sort of way related to each other, haha).

I sat crossed leg by his side, not minding other runners who stared at me like I was gonna dissect him (haha), massaging his calves and had a little chit chat. Questions I first asked was his age and he replied to me with a knowing laugh probably realising with that age he shouldn’t be running a 42km distance anymore which I find it wrong.

Now you see, that moment when a patient replied to you with a smile or laugh you just knew by then ‘you got him!’ After that question I started to ask more and the next thing I knew we were chatting like grandpa and grandchild talking to each other at kedai kopi. Haha. I was advising him to not push himself to run more since the cramping was too much and that if he continued it would get worst. But of course with a laugh he insisted on continuing which I didn’t forbid at all knowing that, if I was him I would continue still (but then again, I was stationed at km 30 and that means he still got another 12km to finish… -.-) He thanked me and bade me farewell, smiling with eyes partly closed (sepet)  🙂

Another runner came straight to me telling me that he had pain at the lateral side of the right knee. Now with this runner I had a little bit of fun where I did the knee examination 🙂 I was concerned that he might hurt his lateral collateral ligament and therefore I gave him the advise accordingly and he listened tentatively, nodding understandingly and thanked me.

The one thing that hit me hard was when my team called me “DOCTOR”. I know, I know…typical for fresh medical graduates to feel like this but I had a flash back when I would feel happy and ambitious whenever I heard somebody is addressing or calling someone else a doctor. Back then it felt glorious and all cause I think doctor is so cool cos they help people etc etc etc. Now that I had that being called to me I felt like a bomb being dropped on my head. I didn’t really feel anything when family and friends called me that but with a complete stranger, it felt so burdened I insisted that they called me by my name. One of the raider then said, “tak boleh la doktor nak panggil nama bila dah tahu doktor ni doktor”. Ok waw, dude…not helping =.=

Another thing is, the team and Mr Jay, the person-in-charge of us doctors, was really generous and humble when they were talking to us. They addressed us as if we were the YB or minister when we were only jobless fresh graduates. Such courtesy yet to be seen in hospital where HO was treated as respectful and as humble as they did BUT being the HO him/herself treat others in such way.

Woah~ that was much of rattle I did which I find it rare. Anyway, this is definitely an unforgettable memory that I chose to re-live again in near future 🙂

photo 4

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)


Target in 2013?

1152_533767293309084_1145293814_n (1)

Found this in Fb….hehe

Totally become my new desktop wallpaper

Hopefully then!

Wish me luck 🙂


Jelly Belly & Kissing Thigh

Hey guys! Today, I would like to share  with you guys about something and that is….

Flat abbs and nice legs

But before this share, I would like to first declare to you these;

1. what I’m sharing is probably a little bit too much of expose’ for a girl like me, so for the guys…. *berdehem* faham2 je la

2. I’m not posting this to publicly announce that I have nice-sexy-body-with-flat-abbs-like-Michael Jillians, this is truthfully and solely to share with you what I’ve been doing for the past 2 ++years, so I am obviously not an expert

3. these are for GIRLS may I remind you cos girls and boys, we totally have different body built and metabolism

4. for my readers, this is a sole share of a story of me as a medical student and recreational runner (the word recreational is important here as to imprint to you guys about me that I am NOT a pro runner)

5. I’m posting this to clear the idea of what my friends have about me. Flat abbs and nice legs is not solely contributed by me crazy about running only. FULLSTOP.




Many of us, well, some of my close friends quite often I listened to grumbles of weight gain and how to become/keep thin. What I did for the past 2++ years is that I jogged 3-4 times/week and for eat right~ is not really my thing cos I am a mafia when it comes to food. For those who have an ‘imaginary’ of their body as not the-thin-type, don’t get fool by us who are thin cos most of us do have that ‘jelly belly’ and the ‘kissing thigh’. Thanks to God that our fat was distributed to that area so that we were still able to maintain that  so called, ‘thin body’. For those, who are thin…Don’t believe me? or some of you probably reading this is now delusionally denying my statement (except for those who are keeping a healthy lifestyle). Go now to you room, stand in front of a tall mirror, lift your shirt up a bit and see that lil bump. Yup, it’s right there saying ‘wadddddddup’ to you….And also, stand there with few cm feet apart and see that kissing thigh. HAHA.

To tell you the truth, I had that problem too. But for the past 2++ years, I was more than happy to realize that I don’t have that ‘jelly and kissing problem’ as some of you know, I was really CRAZY about running back then. But currently with 100days left before pro exam, that problem came haunting me back. What can I say, my priority somehow shifted. 2013 is the marked of my reduction in running activity as the pro exam is getting near. No more running events before pro and I AM CRAZILY missing running. Running for me by definition, 3-4 times/week or less with more distance. Sweating like crazy post run and feeling refresh after each run.

Now,it had become once/none per week 😦 😦 😦 and that’s why that jelly and kissing is saying ‘haha’ to me for their comeback. Anyway, in previous months I had included these exercises to keep up with that ‘once/none running per week’ to keep sweating 🙂 and also to maintain the absentee of again, the ‘jelly and kissing’;

1. One-leg squat

2. Forward and reverse lunges

3. Sideways squat

4. Flutter kick

5. Bicycle crunch

6. Planks

Another secret is that~ I did these all in my room. So when you see the curtains suddenly drawn closed and opened wide back 30mins later, yup! pretty much that’s what I was up to…hehe….

Now, regarding these exercises;

1. Some of the exercises are advocated for runners, not just flat abbs and nice legs

2. Warm up first before indulging in it

3. Actually, these are my own choice of exercises, so you can just simply log on to youtube and type in whatever exercises that you want, pertaining to your concern…hehe

and the most important message I would highlight here is that….

No matter how many push ups, crunches or anything you do to flush out that fat/lipid, it will never gonna work out without cardio and healthy diet. I know, I know, back to the basic, boring~ yawning~ but, this is the truth. To get that flat abbs and nice legs, these two components are the main ingredient and all those loosening-fat-exercises that you’ve been doing is just an addition. Trust me, it is true cos that what had happened to me…

Take home message people?

Cardio and eat right


Missing It

People kept asking me about it…

and I find it astonishing when they can actually relate these with it ;

I often hungry

walk too fast

sweating like crazy more than other

eat like a mafia with unchanged body circumference

blood pressure freakishly low for a bod like me



haven’t saw me for quite sometime at that specific place


to tell you the truth


I F***ingly miss running


Not sure how long they  are left unworn…

Malakoff Powerman Duathlon & World Diabetes Day

I know I should have posted about this run like a gazillion years ago but being posted in Teluk Intan and stayed dormant there is actually quite a reasonable excuse. The only internet connection I had was my dear old iPhone 3G which I hardly squint through for medical-reasons and updating my twitter account…hehe. Anyway!

So last two Sundays, 4th of November I ran for the Malakoff Powerman Asian Duathlon Championships 2012. I know… as wow as it sound, it was actually not. Haha. Not the event la but for me, myself it was not. There was no intensive training for this event and I guess, we simply joined for the sake of “already registered”. Oh yah, by the way I joined the Team Relay category with two other friends. I was the first runner, Chan was the second cycler and Juin Yi was the third runner. For the sake of everyone (including me,hehe) I wouldn’t disclose here what was our timing for this race. But anyhow, I managed to keep my timing as promised…whew! For this event, I ran 11.4km distance.

Picture is courtesy of Chan’s and Juin Yi’s. Mind Juin Yi’s solo picture there…hehe

The conclusion I get post-run is….. to NEVER join duathlon again. Fullstop.

For last Sunday, 11th of November I ran for the World Diabetes Day. I joined the 10km fun run category. Yup, FUN run… It was being held at Dataran Merdeka and luckily the route was not the same as Standard Chartered Run (or I’ll get bored,haha). Finished expectedly at the same timing and managed to get myself the finisher medal, surprisingly.

Thanks for this fella, I managed to get this freaking ugly picture of mine. LOL

For this event I didn’t take a single picture…not even the medal which usually is the best part of any run I joined. So, sorry guys, no medal picture….

BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon

Urghhh~ I’m not sure where to begin with, with this post….

The fact that I had left foot pain and it worsen after the run? Or the fact that I am dying to try 21km but is yet to train my ass off? *sighing heavily*

Anyway… The run was fun. I found it surprising that the route didn’t include the hills near PICC.Thank God wey! LOL. Cos the hill was seriously horrible. We went around PICC instead, making a big round.

As mentioned before, I had left foot pain even before the run. So I couldn’t prevent myself from dragging my left foot all the way ;( I couldn’t keep myself from that ‘dragging’ stance that my shoe kept brushing the road. It was horrible and annoying. As a result, the abdominal pain persisted from km 5 and throughout. It was honestly SUCKS and my pace was disappointingly smaller and smaller. Goodness that I didn’t walk at all for this run. All those counterpain I’ve been smearing before is wasted 😦 Sad, sad, sad

This is me post-run. Trying desperately to take a good shot with my phone. Haha… I grabbed 3 milo and sat on the pavement waiting for my other friends (whom ALL joined the 21km…Yeah~ you can see the pressure on my side, haha)

Me and Izwan, right after he finished his 2nd Half Marathon with timing of 2hours 23min? Awesome!

Yay! We are the KTDI runners 🙂 Yeap, being the only one 10km runner,huhu. They all got finisher shirt. I waaaaaaant ;( Picture is courtesy of Hau Wei’s

Being forced by Hau Wei to take personal shot. My favorite pose, to pretend biting the medal…kekeke

Seeing all those half marathon runners just kept me being even more jealous every day. Haih~

Adidas King of the Road

Today, 9th of September 2012 I went to Adidas Run. It was fun! I think I’m developing a new addiction for Adidas Run. Will be looking forward to join this run again next year 🙂 Adidas Run was held at Sunway Piramid (last year was at the same place, I wonder why they didn’t do it at more cooler place like KLCC or the famous Dataran Merdeka…haha)

This is my first time driving alone to a race.Wow! Yeah…wow for me exactly. Usually my sister would drop me but for this race, I went alone because I had to go to a program at my college after the run (I skipped the program awhile to join the run…hehe) Weirdly I was driving so peacefully despite of everything. What I mean by everything are,

1. Driving alone at 5.30am going through the dark route at my area thinking all ghost stories I’d heard (I keep checking the rearview mirror LOL)

2. I only know one route, so it’s a gamble. I have no idea if the route is closed or not

3. Thankfully I found a runner driving a Myvi so I followed her until I found a parking spot to park where there were many runners parking there as well (whewh~)

4. To head back to college, all I did was followed the signboard saying “Kuala Lumpur” (regardless whether there’s a shortcut or not) until I found another signboard which directed me to Cheras

Enough said about my journey, let’s talk about race 🙂 or should the picture do the talking

This is the shirt and the bib. What is different for Adidas Run is that they have 3 different color of shirts for each man and woman and they released them at different time. So the runners can choose when to come to collect the color that they desire. I didn’t really choose though, I just went there on Friday and I got this color…still nice 🙂

This is the starting point. Way upfront. Blame the IPhone 3G picture quality for it’s horrible picture. 16.8km was gun off first.

This is me and Juin Yi post run. We were thinking to tag Nike Running Malaysia showing off the medal of Adidas Run. Haha, both of us are dissatisfied cos we weren’t able to register for Nike Run this year. You can read their Fb page how mad people are with their horrible web traffics during the registration day

Much better pose 🙂

Yah, Kak Aishah was there too. As we walked to our car, crossing the highway we realized that the highway is empty. No car, so….hey, why not right? hehe (pic is courtesy of Kak Aishah’s)

One of my pictures that got most likes in Fb…hehe …probably because I went for a run AND skipped lecture. LOL. I ran for 1hour 25min. Though the time hasn’t been improving the last time I checked, I’m still satisfied with this run cos most of the time I jog/ran instead of walking. After all, it’s not about the time for me now…it’s about the distance 🙂

Next year, 16.8km!

Training with new coach (Part 1)

Today, I went for a jog with that new running friend aka my new coach

After a month of ‘resting’ from running…

and the outcome was of course,

predictably disappointing~

I couldn’t run more… I was panting so hard after only 13 minutes of jogging (which was totally embarrassing)


thanks to him I learnt a lot

how to strengthen the abdominal muscle (ada org tu cakap dia ada 6 packs…boleh caya ke~haha)

and exercise to strengthen thigh and calf muscles

which is of course beneficial

I think, I should start practice the exercises that he thought as my routine… I guess  (since there’s only 2 weeks left before Adidas run!!! oh no!)

Personally, I think my new coach is a bit pushy (though he did deny this statement…hehe)

But, I think it’s alright…by following him it makes me run more and push myself harder

Xie xie coach 🙂

Thanks for the tips and the left calf pain I got post-jog (eh? haha)

Insya Allah, this coming Friday I’ll push myself harder

Coach, spare me some mercy…. hahahahaha


Sorry Farah (or maybe other readers), this will be another entry for ‘running-related-post’ (teehee)

I received a fb msg tonight, I mean…this morning? 2.50am is morning right? A friend of mine invite me to join a duathlon. Duathlon consists of a running leg, followed by a cycling leg and then another running leg in a format bearing some resemblance to triathlon (yes, this definition is powered by wikipedia…hehe)

The duathlon I’m rattling about now is the Malakoff Powerman Asian Duathlon Championships 2012 (the sound of it somehow make me nervous…) I wasn’t that interested at first but after knowing the venue, hehe…. somehow it triggered me 🙂

It will be held at Perbadanan Putrajaya, Percint 3! Yay!

But the timing… it’s on 4th November… again, I’m not sure where I’ll be posted to by that time…

Anyway, the distances is 11.4km run – 64km bike – 11.4km run

This is of course my first time IF, i’m joining duathlon and the thing I’m concern about is that, it involves other people. It’s a team participation. I’m worried that my performance would affect other members…. 11.4km for me would be 1 hour plus,plus without extensive training… What not with my current schedule I couldn’t give my all for running anymore, but somehow invitation to run never fails to ‘seduce’ me. Hehe…

Probably IF I agree to join (although I did say “I would love to join” as an answer to his invitation), despite of running every once a week (current schedule), I should start training to run 10km every once a week =.=” Not sure if I’m able to do that… Or probably I should start training to run around PICC where there are ‘pleasant’ hills waiting to torture my weak bones

At the moment, I have Adidas Run on 9th of September, and BSN Marathon Night Run on 20th of October. Two runs in separate months…Yah, I know, I know~ sikit gila kan? IF Duathlon is considered then, it would be my third upcoming run and yet in another different month. Some readers told me that after reading my blog for quite sometime, they come out with a conclusion that I’m ecstatic when it comes to running. They find that I have an addiction. This is MOST probably right, right? The only reason I can find is that, running! is the only reason that keeps me alive in this medical field!…………………….. Haha ok, too dramatic. No la~ I find this is the only activity for destress and at the same time sparks some excitement in my boring-long years as a medical student.

Back to the topic, should I join this? (It’s not official until I register) Weighing the pros and cons…………… Not gonna happen since my desire to join will win at any cost (regardless of the fee and the timing…hehe) but still, I HAVE to train hard if I am officially joining……………right? O.o?




Second encounter

Yesterday, I was back from Ulu Sepri. Urgh~ at last! Hello life! and it was also yesterday that I met with that new running friend of mine ^^ hehe. Yesterday marked our second encounter. I went for a jog last night. Despite of the tiredness and the sleepiness that engulfed me, I went still. Excitation kinda brushed other feelings away. I was confidence enough that my dad would allow me to go by myself since I told him I would not be running alone. But my mom~ haih~ -_____-” A worried mother as it is, she insisted to go along with ‘beli barang dapur’ as the excuse. She even waited for him to show up! Huwaaaaa~ She told me she wanna have a look at his face. Seriously ummi… I’m 23~~~ don’t worry too much ler =.= Anyway, we promised to meet at 8.30pm in front of the building he worked.

He was late. Ish, ish, ish… Haha, it’s ok la… I think he was from Cyberjaya? Anyway, no problem cos whilst waiting for him, I went to the toilet twice. Haha, that’s what you get when you eat ‘crazy spicy’ food (went to eat at a Korean restaurant that evening). He came at last and we set off to jog. I met new friends too =) Kak Azleena, Kak Bie? Kak Alizah and Kak Aida? Well, technically they are his friends so~ Most of the talking was with Kak Azleena. I’m not sure if I’m the one that was too quiet cos seriously, I’m no good with a conversation face to face with a new friend.

It was fun to jog with somebody. Not that lonely, not that cuak, not that bored, not that ‘blue’ feeling…hahahaha. I ran behind him and tagging him all the way. For your information, this is the first time I passed out while running. Haha! Kidding! No la, his pace was soo fast I think it was 5-6 per km? I’m not sure but that was definitely not my usual pace. Saya pancit awal. I purposely followed his pace to know his speed and now that I know, in conclusion, next time I will follow his friend’s pace instead of him. LOL. When we finally stopped, despite of commenting me that I ‘pancit awal’ (thank you very much) he gave me some advice and tips…hehe. I think I have a new ‘coach’ now.

Anyway, it was fun, fun, fun =) I don’t know why but I was kinda nervous during our second meeting. Hopefully I can feel more relax and at ease during our future encounterS and thank you ya =) for the fun