Two Weeks and Today

Two weeks of being doctor, sure as hell I learnt a lot. Yah. A LOT. Well…. most of it was filling up forms.ย 

To sum up these two weeks experience……

facing a male patient who cried because of pain while I was inserting branula

a bully senior houseman

a weird registra

pak cik who mengamuk so bad that he had to be held down by three other staffs whilst I was trying to insert branula for him

a patient who called me on my phone cos he hasn’t been seeing me for 2 days in the ward

a lot of nice staff nurses

an uncle who gave me angpau cos I pushed him around the hospitals carrying out his errands, which was actually an order from MO

a patient who scolded me because of his delayed OT time

a nice senior houseman who taught me almost every single thing

and…..many more….


to forget for just a little while those annoying, happy, sad, embarrassing etc moments…

cos today…..

is my

convo day ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_0797to be wearing a super nice dress…

IMG_4290to take a photo with family

IMG_4291to be able to received a humongous bouquet of flowers and teddies ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_4302to pose a bit while lining up?

IMG_4303to cover your face cos you cough so bad in the hall that only your cough could be heard in the hall…………..ok, tipu…

IMG_4306to take a group picture

IMG_4307to be able to take picture using najwa’s eyefish lens #eh


Received good news today

My senior posted up the schedule for this week…

and the next 2 days is my off days!

(perlu la kan…nak happy sangat….)



Second Volunteering

Today I did my second volunteering work at Standard Chartered Marathon KL 2013 and that is doing what I do best, as a doctor ๐Ÿ™‚ This first time involvement had left me with not only experience and new friends but also one unforgettable feeling. That is. Being able to do what I love and helping those particular group of people that kept me amazed, the runners ๐Ÿ™‚

I went there with 6 other friends of mine and we each assigned to one ambulance. That is to put in another word. One doctor per ambulance. I was horrified. With this embarrassing knowledge of mine and no working experience we were given a big responsibility. Why big? We never work alone without supervision. Yah, that’s why, no working experience had lead us thinking what had we put ourselves into (LOL)

But, all in all favor, we sucked it up and followed the team still. Praise the Almighty Allah swt, we did not encountered any severe cases. But still, Masha Allah…. there were few cases whom other doctors had attended to which were inferior MI (heart attack), heat stroke and severe dehydration. All these cases were brought to the hospital asap.

Cases that I met, mostly were just cramped lower legs. One of the runners I encountered was a 56 year old Chinese gentleman with cramps at both of his lower legs. I wrapped his legs with ice packs and applied some counterpain cream. ย I sat next to him and gently stretching his legs and move them about. Since it took quite sometime to relieved the cramping, I took the time to chat with him.

Now, I know, in previous posts I did told you I had problem with mingling. But, the best thing about being doctor is that mingling was spontaneous and there was no pressure to it. I called him ‘uncle’ (the best about being Malaysian is everybody in some sort of way related to each other, haha).

I sat crossed leg by his side, not minding other runners who stared at me like I was gonna dissect him (haha), massaging his calves and had a little chit chat. Questions I first asked was his age and he replied to me with a knowing laugh probably realising with that age he shouldn’t be running a 42km distance anymore which I find it wrong.

Now you see, that moment when a patient replied to you with a smile or laugh you just knew by then ‘you got him!’ After that question I started to ask more and the next thing I knew we were chatting like grandpa and grandchild talking to each other at kedai kopi. Haha. I was advising him to not push himself to run more since the cramping was too much and that if he continued it would get worst. But of course with a laugh he insisted on continuing which I didn’t forbid at all knowing that, if I was him I would continue still (but then again, I was stationed at km 30 and that means he still got another 12km to finish… -.-) He thanked me and bade me farewell, smiling with eyes partly closed (sepet) ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Anotherย runner came straight to me telling me that he had pain at the lateral side of the right knee. Now with this runner I had a little bit of fun where I did the knee examination ๐Ÿ™‚ I was concerned that he might hurt his lateral collateral ligament and therefore I gave him the advise accordingly and he listened tentatively, nodding understandingly and thanked me.

The one thing that hit me hard was when my team called me “DOCTOR”. I know, I know…typical for fresh medical graduates to feel like this but I had a flash back when I would feel happy and ambitious whenever I heard somebody is addressing or calling someone else a doctor. Back then it felt glorious and all cause I think doctor is so cool cos they help people etc etc etc. Now that I had that being called to me I felt like a bomb being dropped on my head. I didn’t really feel anything when family and friends called me that but with a complete stranger, it felt so burdened I insisted that they called me by my name. One of the raider then said, “tak boleh la doktor nak panggil nama bila dah tahu doktor ni doktor”. Ok waw, dude…not helping =.=

Another thing is, the team and Mr Jay, the person-in-charge of us doctors, was really generous and humble when they were talking to us. They addressed us as if we were the YB or minister when we were only jobless fresh graduates. Such courtesy yet to be seen in hospital where HO was treated as respectful and as humble as they did BUT being the HO him/herself treat others in such way.

Woah~ that was much of rattle I did which I find it rare. Anyway, this is definitely an unforgettable memory that I chose to re-live again in near future ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 4

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)


I know…I should be posting about my trip to Korea as promised but, my internet connection is giving me not just a headache but heartache. The slowness of it’s connection is just…so…so….unbearable. Can you imagine? if I were to put a snail at the end of my laptop to race with the uploading of a picture, the snail will already be at the other end and the picture is still uploading!!! celcom! what the hack dude?! so much of usain bolt!!!

Anyway,I couldn’t take it anymore and I am currently waiting impatiently for Unifi to come this Saturday. Hopefully the line is better. I promise I will update once Unifi settled in my house. I’m already seeing myself early in the morning sipping coffee while surfing internet like there’ll never be tomorrow…ahhh~ ok,drama queen.

Passing by…

The sun is shining….though I could still feel the morning breeze…well,just a little. A cuppa coffee. It’s 8.01am in the morning. It’s really, really, really been a while since I posted any updates here. Well, as you’d been informed I was gearing up for my final exam couple of months ago…

and Alhamdullilah. ๐Ÿ™‚ I passed the exam.

Three days after the result I went for a trip to Korea for 9 days, then I went for a cousin wedding in Perlis for 3 days and here I am, barely breathing the air of ‘temporary’ freedom while awaiting the ‘calling’ letter to arrive.

There, I’d lighted for you some heads up for my upcoming posts… Right now, I got guests to attend to.

Will keep updating soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Jelly Belly & Kissing Thigh

Hey guys! Today, I would like to share ย with you guys about something and that is….

Flat abbs and nice legs

But before this share, I would like to first declare to you these;

1. what I’m sharing is probably a little bit too much of expose’ for a girl like me, so for the guys…. *berdehem* faham2 je la

2. I’m not posting this to publicly announce that I have nice-sexy-body-with-flat-abbs-like-Michael Jillians, this is truthfully and solely to share with you what I’ve been doing for the past 2 ++years, so I am obviously not an expert

3. these are for GIRLS may I remind you cos girls and boys, we totally have different body built and metabolism

4. for my readers, this is a sole share of a story of me as a medical student and recreational runner (the word recreational is important here as to imprint to you guys about me that I am NOT a pro runner)

5. I’m posting this to clear the idea of what my friends have about me. Flat abbs and nice legs is not solely contributed by me crazy about running only. FULLSTOP.




Many of us, well, some of my close friends quite often I listened to grumbles of weight gain and how to become/keep thin. What I did for the past 2++ years is that I jogged 3-4 times/week and for eat right~ is not really my thing cos I am a mafia when it comes to food. For those who have an ‘imaginary’ of their body as not the-thin-type, don’t get fool by us who are thin cos most of us do have that ‘jelly belly’ and the ‘kissing thigh’. Thanks to God that our fat was distributed to that area so that we were still able to maintain that ย so called, ‘thin body’. For those, who are thin…Don’t believe me? or some of you probably reading this is now delusionally denying my statement (except for those who are keeping a healthy lifestyle). Go now to you room, stand in front of a tall mirror, lift your shirt up a bit and see that lil bump. Yup, it’s right there saying ‘wadddddddup’ to you….And also, stand there with few cm feet apart and see that kissing thigh. HAHA.

To tell you the truth, I had that problem too. But for the past 2++ years, I was more than happy to realize that I don’t have that ‘jelly and kissing problem’ as some of you know, I was really CRAZY about running back then. But currently with 100days left before pro exam, that problem came haunting me back. What can I say, my priority somehow shifted. 2013 is the marked of my reduction in running activity as the pro exam is getting near. No more running events before pro and I AM CRAZILY missing running. Running for me by definition, 3-4 times/week or less with more distance. Sweating like crazy post run and feeling refresh after each run.

Now,it had become once/none per week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and that’s why that jelly and kissing is saying ‘haha’ to me for their comeback. Anyway, in previous months I had included these exercises to keep up with that ‘once/none running per week’ to keep sweating ๐Ÿ™‚ and also to maintain the absentee of again, the ‘jelly and kissing’;

1. One-leg squat

2. Forward and reverse lunges

3. Sideways squat

4. Flutter kick

5. Bicycle crunch

6. Planks

Another secret is that~ I did these all in my room. So when you see the curtains suddenly drawn closed and opened wide back 30mins later, yup! pretty much that’s what I was up to…hehe….

Now, regarding these exercises;

1. Some of the exercises are advocated for runners, not just flat abbs and nice legs

2. Warm up first before indulging in it

3. Actually, these are my own choice of exercises, so you can just simply log on to youtube and type in whatever exercises that you want, pertaining to your concern…hehe

and the most important message I would highlight here is that….

No matter how many push ups, crunches or anything you do to flush out that fat/lipid, it will never gonna work out without cardio and healthy diet. I know, I know, back to the basic, boring~ yawning~ but, this is the truth. To get that flat abbs and nice legs, these two components are the main ingredient and all those loosening-fat-exercises that you’ve been doing is just an addition. Trust me, it is true cos that what had happened to me…

Take home message people?

Cardio and eat right


Missing It

People kept asking me about it…

and I find it astonishing when they can actually relate these with it ;

I often hungry

walk too fast

sweating like crazy more than other

eat like a mafia with unchanged body circumference

blood pressure freakishly low for a bod like me



haven’t saw me for quite sometime at that specific place


to tell you the truth


I F***ingly miss running


Not sure how long they ย are left unworn…

Another Year

I don’t know why everybody is giving a big deal over this new year thingy, cos for me…. new year is just another day. Another flip of the pages in my storybook. Waiting something to be written…

Anyhow….some great things did happened last year, 2012…some of the happy memories….. ๐Ÿ™‚

MacBook joining ‘the family’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Putrajaya Night Marathon

Foster the People concert of course!

and all those time spent with family, friends, good food and good movies…hehe

Not to forget what people loves so much of posting/tweeting/updating about is….

What 2012 had taught me….

As for me, 2012 had taught me that….

My parents is getting old

and I’m not getting younger either

Spending as much time as I can with them is very important for me

*probably that’s why I’m not ready to get married yet? eh? haha*

and also

to embrace whatever that is happening

of which some, didn’t go according to plan

I admit I did grumbled, mocking and even cursing most of the time (yah~ so much of lady me)

but deep down I knew, it’s not worth it…

forgive me if those words being heard or read by you guys, that is totally inappropriate *teehee*

anyhoos….much to be improved and mended by me….

hoping all the ups and downs in 2013 is faced by me with all the strength and support I could get

may I be a better person




I wasย sick bored studying…decided to walk about in this ‘4inch x 5inch’ KTDI room, I opened my closet and literally scrutinized all my clothes waiting them to actually talk to me…

Does this make sense?

NO! Ok move on..

I, somehow was quite ‘mesmerized’ by my own clothes. Like seriously….


50% of them haven’t, NEVER and will not be worn by me for quite sometimes. Some of it I guess, probably already had that wood-smell stained for they had been in there untouched, unworn,unseen even for as long as I can remember *exaggerating much?LOL*

These are the clothes that I have in KTDI room, mind the stacks of shirt at the right bottom of the picture…hehe, those are my running shirts *proud gila la kan*

I was thinking of clearing up all those dusted clothes I won’t be wearing anymore and then, I got an idea….

You see…being a girl, you can’t escape from the nature of impulse-buying….Haha! What is impulse buying? As simple as it sound, you saw something that catches your eyes and melts your heart, without thinking twice and couldn’t care less about the price you decided to HAVE it. That, my friends….is exactly the definition of impulse-buying….

Back to the topic

The idea is to use and combine some of the impulse-buying clothes so that I can wear it to the ward. Oh yeah, should I mention here is that…. allย most of my impulse-buying clothes are for outing purposes. I decided to combine them so that it would appear ‘appropriate’ to go to classes or ward or who knows when I’m working later. Hehe,ย brilliant ey? *puji diri sendiri* Therefore, it won’t be wasted…yay! *clap hand*


So, if you happen to see me wearing new clothes, bear in mind that IT IS NOT. They are impulse-buying-that-I-had-kept-years-dusted-in-my-closet-clothes. Ok?

Ok then, enough babbling…back to the books and let start yawning! ๐Ÿ™‚

Grow Up Izzati~

You know what they say about think before you act? It’s totally true *laughing* The word think here, means to actually think with the organ called brain. Not your heart. For you to actually listens to the rationalization and think the consequences. Not to act upon what you want it to be or act because you just had an adrenaline rush. Yeah, some of us tend to be like that. It called spontaneous. Spontaneous is fun but like seriously? Think before even act on the spontaneity

I didn’t feel that yesterday was a bad day. All happened was not according to plan but hey, like I said… lets embrace the situation. Let yesterday be a secret, cos I learn it the hard way that telling people everything was not AT ALL a good idea. Blame the twitter, facebook and perhaps this blog even to let myself pour out every things to people. Anyway~ yesterday taught me something, so I don’t think it’s a waste. What to regret when it gives you a lesson, right?

Summary of what I had learned. Grow up. To teach oneself maturity, was never an easy task. We justify our actions cause we think it’s mature when all there is were emotions, and adrenaline. I’m sorry, number 23 don’t really reflects the maturity inside me. Bearing with my thoughts and feelings at that time seems such a big burden to me.Childish is yet the best defense I have. Come Izzati, come! Grow up!

New Perception

I was walking about today at Aeon (used to be Jusco) Taman Maluri and stumble across this magazine at MPH bookstore

The only reason I bought this expensive magazine is because of her, Gwyneth Paltrow ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe. I always have a thing for her, but hey, not in gay-kinda thing. Don’t get me wrong… Not sure why but she somehow inspires me. She’s beautiful, successful, married with a kid (weirdly enough she has nothing to do with running but she inspire me still,haha!) Can’t wait to finish study and start reading ๐Ÿ™‚

I thought about something today….. Being a final year student, no being human itself we always have things to be worry about. Assignments, appointments, meetings, tests, yadaa~yadaa~ I’m trying to juggle everything up as my days go along. Medical life, family, friends, running and my own sweet time. Problems never leave me in peace and what I mean by problem here is from minor to major problems. Forgot to charge the phone, clothes left dry are drenched wet by the rain, overslept with unfinished assignment, screwed up in a test, leg pain and even crying cos of stress. Therefore, I come out with a conclusion…..

So, why worry ? I’ll try my best to be patience and embrace whatever ย that is coming through my days. If what I planned didn’t work the way it is, there must be a reason and there’s always room for improvement. My new perception is stop worrying and embrace the circumstances. Agree? ๐Ÿ™‚

Pictures below are totally random. I took this during outing with my family. We were waiting for our dinner…so… we got bored….and…yah… haha..

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3

Shot 4

and my personal favorite. Haha!

Stop worrying ย and let embrace the days! ๐Ÿ™‚