Yes. The word itself bring shivers to my spine. I am very bad at this ‘activity’. If you put me in a place where I need to make new friends and make CONVERSATION with them I say I rather be at a job interview.

I hate the awkwardness. I’m not trying to be cocky or anything, it’s just that it is so super awkward that I would ask stupid questions and talk about something that would make it even more awkward and the new friend would look at me in a complete utter weirdness. Therefore sometimes I chose to be silent. I would keep my mouth shut all the time until people will come and talk to me instead.

It bugs me so much I once canceled on attending a fashion show that I’d won invites to. Silly huh? This situation didn’t include only to new friends, but also to old friends reunion. Sigh~

That is why, I turned down invites when it involves mingling with new friends and old mates whom I haven’t seen for years. Ohhh~ not just that, I also don’t do so well with friends who I am not too close with. Except when the meet up include a friend who is freaking friendly that he/she talks with everybody. Haha, I didn’t realize this until couple of days ago.

I know, I know… this is not something to be brag about but, this mingling thing…. It bugs me. Whenever I was forced into this kind of situation I would get so nervous on that day the thought of attending that event at that specific time cause me to sweat like crazy as if I was about to run a marathon. I would be so restless that sometimes I would make up reasons to not attend the event. Teruk huh?

That’s just so weird since I’m a doctor? No, it’s not. When it involves working that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Why? Easy. There’s no escape. Bahahahahaha. Get it?


Oh yah!

Officially turned 24 somewhere around this september. Oh God! I should have become more matured!! (apparently it is a loooong way to go before I hit maturity -.-)

IMG_0015*picture courtesy from Najwa*


Cross My Mind


This is so true…

Every here and then this person cross my mind

I know I shouldn’t be feeling this

After the heartache caused


I miss this person


I am currently unemployed-jobless-houseman

The statement above pretty much explain this blogpost’s title right?

When you’re not working, your wishlist start to accumulate right? cos you have no bloody money to bloody buy them yourself!!! *emo*


First thing first…

I am in desperate need of a jewelry box, especially with the ring compartment being the major part of the box. Would love a jewelry box that comes with lots of compartments (hehe), NO ballerina dancing to the music, NO pinkish coloured box with cartoons. Yah. Something like this….


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAย It would be nice to store the accessories in this cute little box, not some weird sculpted hand with fingers that you shoved the rings in and you’re having trouble to remove one by one of the rings just to get to the lowermost ring. You get what I’m saying here? No? Great, lets move on…

What’s a wish of jewelry box without the wish of a ring right? LOL. A girl gotta dream when a girl gotta dream #bateyelashes

tumblr_lt59j9WIBG1qdkufgo1_500Sunburst Cocktail Ring by House of Harlow. This brand belongs to Nicole Richie, not that I’m a fan of hers ย but I would love to get this chunky nice ring. Nice right? and huuuuuge. LOL. Where to get it? Believe it or not, Zalora.com. But with the look of my bank account, I can only dream :S

tumblr_ly3ruj8prE1r0gq4mo1_500This is the Arty Oval Ring by Yves Saint Laurent, I think in turquoise. Uuuhhh~ the ultimate ring for a girl who loves to collect rings like me. I have no idea where to buy it and how much it cost. Anyway, still want it is good enough for me

The next stuff on the list is mostly work-related-wishlist-if-i-ever-have-a-work-at-all

First, is a coffee maker!

images (2)

Uuuhhh~ I want it so bad that I blame Hollywood movies for making coffee looks good and tasty with this. LOL.ย By the way to add up the why-I-should-have-this-list is because, I’m gonna start working with ridiculous shifts so…. haha, it’s nice to wake up early in the morning to the smell of hot coffee knowing you’re gonna have a 12hours shift after, right? yah~ I’m rationalizing ๐Ÿ˜› Nothing wrong with that right?

ย Next, is a treadmill. Really?

bravo_webuseYah, really. This is completely rational! Because, I don’t think when I start work I will have as much time as I want for a run. Maybe once or twice in a month?ย Stalking a senior who is a runner, I saw how he lives and I know how many times had he gone for a run in a month. So I think, this is completely rational thing as a must have. Haha

Next is…..

Porable-Clock-Radio-Speaker-for-iPhone-iPod-MP3A speaker for my iPhone. In my self defense, this is completely work-related and nothing more. Hehehehe

The ultimate wishlist… and no, this is not work-related. This is just what I’ve been relentlessly twitting, hoping, dreaming of having….

Nikon-d5100-dslr-cameraA DSLR

Digital SLR D5100 by Nikon to be exact. Oohhh I want this so bad, so bad I’m gonna make sure the groom’s gonna give it to me as one of the wedding gifts. #andyouwonderwhynobodywannamarryyou

I mean come onnnnnnn, it has been ages since I want this camera right? I think there were some previous blogposts I mentioned that I want a DSLR. Yet again, it is still listed in the wishlist…. hmph~ Blame Nikon for making the commercial….

Rizalman for Zalora

A package I was waiting for. Dying for it to at last reach it’s destination.

It was supposed to be delivered after the 24th of June, but somehow I received an email from Zalora informing that my package is on the way to my doorstep. Well, not literally.

It all started during study week. Yes! Study week of my profesional exam. Crazy or what? Thankful to Allah, He let me pass. Alhamdulillah. Anyway, it started when I thought I had too much to read. Being a girl what other website could you possibly surfing other than online shopping website. Haha. Ok, scratch that. No, I’m not really an online shopping person. Actually I’m not sure what I was reading at the moment, well on the internet of course that I came across few names of Malaysian fashion designer.

Embarrassingly (should I?) names such as Jovian Mandagie, Rizalman Ibrahim, Nurita Harith and Syomir Izwa was only known to me during that time. Yes! During study week. So much of knowing the diseases…. -.- I was impressed of course that Malaysian has these designers that design superbly gorgeous line of clothing that I cried not only looking at the designs they made but also at those really heavy price tags (well, for me it is)

However, due to my inability to contain my lust towards the clothing line I decided to purchase one. Which one I chose to buy, LOL. I really like the designs by Nurita Harith but after some time of stalking them on facebook and twitter and judging the followers that they have (huh?) I decided to purchase Rizalman for Zalora.

But of course, every purchase has their own story. Actually, I had dinner to attend to after the exam. It’s the last dinner for my batch, so….yah…hence, I was in need of the dress.

Without thinking and looking at it really through I clicked, and clicked and clicked… and I was horrified to found out that it would only be delivered after the 24th of June. Silly me, when the dinner was in May. Yayness to my stupidity.

My mum. A mum. Hehe, she belanja me a new dress ๐Ÿ™‚ Therefore I end up with this one


Syira Salmon Dress by Syomir Izwa. What was supposed to be the first designer dress I’ve ever bought became second. At least this one is cheaper and! amazingly comfy ๐Ÿ™‚

For the dress I bought from Zalora? Yah, weird enough that the package was delivered yesterday and I had to go to HUKM to pick up the package.

IMG_4063Hell yah it’s here! I was so happy I almost ripped it open in the car. But, I managed to hold myself up until I reach home

IMG_4064Oooo yeahhhh

rizalman-3242-470921-1-zoomOf course that’s not me. Gorgeous gila kan?! The fabric is just amazing, the way it fall is superb and the belt add up the spice to that dress

So what happen to that dress since my dinner is a history?


It will become my baju raya and my convocation dress (yay me! save ma budget)


Fuuuuuhhh~ Uhuk! Uhuk! Uhuk!

This blog is so dusted that I forgot what my password was!

This will be my last post before the final exam which would be in exactly 26 days more plussing the study weeks…

There had been a lot going on; I’d sent the KKM form in which there is exactly 3 hospital options I had decided on, Dan Brown is realeasing a new novel titled Inferno that I happened to purchase via Maybank2u with 30% off (yay me!), my parents are leaving for umrah this Thursday and? oh yah, I hadn’t been running for 3months (and it’s killing me!)


Only those who knows me, know that I am being called as Izat.

The story started since I was in secondary school when there were too many students name Izzati that I get so annoyed when I tend to answer quickly when other people is calling other Izzati. My friends told me to have a short name. Me, being me, not the lady-like girl…. Zatie, or let alone Atie?! were never an option. So Izat was chosenand it stuck till now….

Back then… I get a lot of stories when my friend was telling stories to their parents, few of the friends’ name got mentioned and one of them was me… All the other friends’ name was girl-sounded name and when it comes to me, there would be a pause where they had to tell the parents that it’s a girl.

Once I called a friend

Me : Boleh cakap dgn ……?

Receiver : Sapa ni?

Me : Izat

Receiver : ….Izat call!

….. came and we had a talk. Before ended the call she told me she had to swear to her mother that Izat is a girl


and now, I still get them surprisingly… a story from my friend, when she was having a conversation with her boyfriend via phone

Scene 1#

Friend : I’m going out to bazaar to buy some food

The boyfriend : With who?

Friend : With (a guy’s friend) and Izat


Scene 2#

Friend : I got rings as a birthday present from Izat




It would have come out wrongly if you don’t know Izat is a girl right?


It’s just hilarious to hear these stories being told up till now ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, I am called Izat for those who didn’t know… and for those who know, now you guys know why I was called with that name….

By the way, it was extra weird when some of my juniors had to call me kak IZAT…LOL

Less than 2 months and Counting!

Hello there reader(s?).

I realised that it has been quite sometime since I last updated my blog. As you can see, there are less than 2 months before my big exam aka the last exam I will about to take as a medical student or in my own word, “exam to become a doctor”

Few issues were raised throughout my ‘dormant’ state. Some heads up;

Countless people had been asking me, yet again “kenapa dah tak nampak jogging?” Be it a simple question or a mocking statement (cos they asked me when we bumped after they had their jog…of course me, being me -sarcasm is my second language- my reply was “don’t worry, i don’t jog to get skinny.LOL). I am hereby declaring that, I wouldn’t be joining/going to any jog/run up till I finish my pro exam. Please don’t get a picture that I would go straight to the park right after my last paper =.=”

Second is my target this year; to join HM. I had registered for the SCKLM 2013 but it was for the 10km category as you can see, the event will be held in June, I finished my paper by end of April, by May (hopefully I pass my exam…. AMINNNN) I’m flying about here and there, minus all those and waste awful lotta money on some random places and things, so I would be left with only 3days pre-HM? yah, so, let’s not get myself kill shall we? it won’t be enough for me to pull out the ‘anjakan paradigma’ for HM with that sipi punya time kan?

Another most important thing is thatttttt~ *drumrolls*, SPA is out! Few more weeks we will filling up those annoying forms to request for our housemanship workplace, and I’m telling ya, there are no more doubts as to where I would wanna be posted to. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that hospital. Insya Allah ๐Ÿ˜€

Wish me and all of us luck peeps! Till then.

Sweet Escape

Last night, I just had one of the best outings with friends


Actually, it was more of a ‘sudden onset’ idea by Nad

and I thought, why not? We used to meet up for study group…

so why not today we change our agenda and our venue…hehe

Beside that, this is some sort of a brief farewell for Nad as me and Faidhi are going to Teluk Intan for 3 weeks

and she’ll be going after

So, 6 weeks pending not seeing her…

We went to Mid Valley that very night

photo 1As you can see … our too-excited smiling faces somehow….too excited?

382132_4821140847056_1062818129_nOhh~ I totally like this picture cos it’s totally bright! Courtesy of Faidhi’s phone

IMG_3927We did a little shopping. I bought a new jeans after being unintentionally seduced by Nad. Still, loving the jeans! >.<

photo 3Went to Chillies! My favorite place for nice, delicious grilled lamb ๐Ÿ™‚

20121214_212206By the way, Nad is wearing her just-bought-lipstick *I know, that was fast right?* LOL

IMG_3928Mine, since I just had grilled lamb the day before (hehe) at the same place (hehe), I ordered chicken while trying very hard rationalizing with myself from ordering another lamb-based food



20121214_212523Loving this shot again from Faidhi’s phone lens ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 2The actual shot from Nad’s Ipad

Overall, it was fun!

Though it was just aย simple? shopping with nice food, it was enough for a brief sweet escape from all those studying and burying yourself with books


Like Nad said, “great food and great friends”



I wasย sick bored studying…decided to walk about in this ‘4inch x 5inch’ KTDI room, I opened my closet and literally scrutinized all my clothes waiting them to actually talk to me…

Does this make sense?

NO! Ok move on..

I, somehow was quite ‘mesmerized’ by my own clothes. Like seriously….


50% of them haven’t, NEVER and will not be worn by me for quite sometimes. Some of it I guess, probably already had that wood-smell stained for they had been in there untouched, unworn,unseen even for as long as I can remember *exaggerating much?LOL*

These are the clothes that I have in KTDI room, mind the stacks of shirt at the right bottom of the picture…hehe, those are my running shirts *proud gila la kan*

I was thinking of clearing up all those dusted clothes I won’t be wearing anymore and then, I got an idea….

You see…being a girl, you can’t escape from the nature of impulse-buying….Haha! What is impulse buying? As simple as it sound, you saw something that catches your eyes and melts your heart, without thinking twice and couldn’t care less about the price you decided to HAVE it. That, my friends….is exactly the definition of impulse-buying….

Back to the topic

The idea is to use and combine some of the impulse-buying clothes so that I can wear it to the ward. Oh yeah, should I mention here is that…. allย most of my impulse-buying clothes are for outing purposes. I decided to combine them so that it would appear ‘appropriate’ to go to classes or ward or who knows when I’m working later. Hehe,ย brilliant ey? *puji diri sendiri* Therefore, it won’t be wasted…yay! *clap hand*


So, if you happen to see me wearing new clothes, bear in mind that IT IS NOT. They are impulse-buying-that-I-had-kept-years-dusted-in-my-closet-clothes. Ok?

Ok then, enough babbling…back to the books and let start yawning! ๐Ÿ™‚


I couldn’t register for Nike Run this year. I was very sad cos I was really,really hoping to join for this year run after my leg injury days before Nike Run last year. But, all was not so bad after all….I had right calf pain 2 days before the event and I was chosen to be one of the volunteers. Though I couldn’t run, He still let me be part of it ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks to a friend’s friend, I got this opportunity. The run was held at Padang Merbok last Saturday evening. Turns out, it was one of the good feeling I ever had. Helping runners ๐Ÿ™‚ There was just so much to tell, so….let the pictures do the talking

We were required to gather around 12.00-2.00pm. It was raining throughout the day so the weather was cold and breezy.

Job and group was divided then. Despite of the cheap raincoat the volunteer’s shirt was nice. Me, some of my friends and some other volunteers were put into one group and we were in charge of the last water station which was at the km 8.

This is our team leader, EJ Saiful (if I’m not mistaken,that’s what he’s been called) He’s friendly and interestingly speak Mandarin very well. I kept staring at him whenever he started to converse in Mandarin. Haha

We were taken there by bus. Each station has it’s own bus. These are some of my running friends

Our station was located near the Maju Junction and the works begin ๐Ÿ™‚

Cups are prepared. There are two parts for the water station. First part is the mineral water and I ‘guard’ the second part, 100+ (trying desperately to take some cool angle with my ‘geriatric’ IPhone 3G haha)

These are the earliest runner up. I’m not sure who’s the first la but at this time, it was at 30min after gun-off. Gila wey! another 2km is at 30min!

At first, I positioned myself in front of the table like the guy in the picture. So that I could hurriedly grab the cups with my hands and gave it to the runners who’s in running pace. I positioned myself with another guy volunteer (not the guy in the picture) in front of me and the funny thing is that, most of the runners seems to grab my cups instead of his and when he realized this, he shifted himself behind the table,LOL. I think there’s a girl power there what not with me continuously shouting “100+! 100+!” Weirdly seeing all the runners make me feel enthusiastic ๐Ÿ™‚

Posing, currently at 1hour 30min after gun-off.

At the end of the day, I feel great! Once in awhile experience I shall never forget. Not running is kinda cool too when you got to help people to run. Haha


Rare yet interesting text message received yesterday

I was contemplating whether to go for a run or not yesterday evening. I wanna go cos I missed running. Two weeks straight of abstinence from jogging/running is a no no, and PNM is just around the corner. But, I still have the right calf pain. At 5.12pm, I was just entering my room and received this text message from a friend

Without hesitation I put on my shoes, stretched and set off to run. LOL, probably it’s a sign for me to go for a run.

p/s: post-run, there’s no more right calf pain but replaced with lateral aspect of left foot pain. Probably I didn’t stretched correctly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Three Choices

Three choices. Housemanship. Tettt~

When we are in final year, we are required to have 3 choices to do our housemanship. Why three? Because this is the Ministry of Health guidelines. It is said that, we will definitely get one of the three choices that we had listed and wouldn’t be getting some random place they want to throw us into. Here is my dilemma

My not-in-KL choices would be Kemaman, Temerloh or somewhere in Sarawak/Sabah

The pros are

1. Learn more (this is what my senior told me. He said in Kemaman as a houseman he had learnt to do dialysis, put in central venous line, and other skills that you can only learn during your MO)

2. If I were chosen to go to Sarawak/Sabah my chances of pursuing for masters program is much higher than those who’s working in Peninsular Malaysia

The cons (of course as we all know logically)

1. Far from home

2. Not in KL so less social activity (jimat duit?haha)

3. More stress? contributed by far from family (my conclusion of stress, LOL)

4. You’re all alone and need to be totally dependent

5. Will running be as exciting? I doubt that

My around-KL-choices would be HUKM (erk?) Melaka and Seremban

The pros (for obvious reason)

1. Close to family (like! like! like!)

2. Close to KL (like! like! like!)

3. I can still continue to join running events held in KL

The cons

1. Too many houseman around these areas already, so less learning?

2. I am very doubtful of my chances to pursue master program

3. Of course, there would be some significant reduction in my gaji, hahahaha

But there is one thing I should not forget to include in my decision making

Abah : ko pilih la hospital putrajaya, tak pun hospital serdang dgn selayang


Of course, all these 3 hospitals is a stone throw away from my house and coincidentally these hospitals are paperless which means that they’re using computerized system, something I am not very keen about. (I love to write more then typing)

Me : Tapi bah, nanti susah nak buat master program

Abah : Mak su ko kan ada? Ha, mintak je la tolong dia

My aunt is working in MOH. So, he was thinking that she could help me in some kind of way. However, to be safe she was never an option for me to take as a shortcut. Another point is that, sometimes father knows best….but still…..

In conclusion, I believe rezeki itu di mana-mana. Allah Maha Pemurah. Pure intention have it’s own way of coming in. If my intention is pure about pursuing master program, I’m sure He is the only one who knows what is best for me. Therefore, I am planning for istikharah. Let He decide the best place for me. He knows my dilemma and my priority and of course He knows more then I do, as stated in al-Quran….

Maybe there are much more important issues that I should consider but haven’t realized it yet. Hopefully He will help me decide and may I be put in the place where He blessed me to. Amin~