Bukchon Hanok Village

Ok, so the first place goes to Bukchon Hanok Village

Weird pick for a first place? Hehe

Funny that the first time we went looking for this place we were lost. I mean like totally lost. The most frustrating about this ‘lost’ is that I think we walked almost 5km only to find a wrong-looking village. Thankfully we didn’t give up and went for the second time and Alhamdullilah! we found the place

By the time we reached there it was around 4-5pm so the place was already packed (sad). I was hoping there would be few people so the picture will turn out where I spread my arms at the alley between those adorable houses and there were no one else around.

DSC07412Still, I did the desired pose ignoring the people behind me

Some of you might wanna hear the story behind this village but sorry, my conscious mind telling me that I need to re-visit history about Islam and history of my own country more than I need to add up new information about other people’s country. Sorry >.<

Anyway, what I do know is that some of the houses belong to private owners so were instructed to keep our voices down to maintain the peacefulness of the village. There are other hanoks that also operated as tea house, guesthouse, souvenirs store and cultural centre. If you are interested to know more about this place, you can always visit the Bukchon Museum. As for me, yah… I mentioned my reason…hehe


20130512_141731 Don’t you just love the architectural of the houses. Well, I do. My huge regret was not to have a DSLR 😦

DSC07420Do you see the small door next to the big entrance? Well, that is for the servants and the big entrance is for their masters

20130512_142023Trying so hard to take our picture using Hur’s S3. You will see this more in upcoming posts. Haha

20130512_142552I would definitely come again to this place if I am blessed with a second chance and that second chance will include a DSLR in it. But to come again for a second time? maybe if all my expanses are sponsored. Haha! (keep dreaming)


Hongdae Market

My next favorite place is the Hongdae Market.

Sadly, sadly enough. Well, stupid enough I guess, we didn’t take any pictures of the market. The market is almost like Petaling Street or Jalan TAR. But with more pleasant weather,  nicer and cute (NO!!!) clothes, accessories etc haha. That are almost none compared to Petaling Street.

In other words, for a shopping freak plus cute stuff ‘intolerance’ like me it is a shopping heaven. Most of my expanses came from here. Haha! We went here twice.

Eoulmadang-ro_shops-01Picture source; Wikipedia

The market started to operate I think in the early evening. By the time we reached there, it was around 3-4pm I guess so it wasn’t that pack at first. The clothes were amazing! It really suits my style. Ok, this is totally for girls to read so guys, you can skip this part. I was hunting for a simple yet nice long-sleeved tops and the best part is, the tops were long enough to cover your butt! Yay! I was more than happy that I bought 3 tops. LOL. You really can’t find this in Malaysia. I really don’t think so hehe.

I also bought some accessories. I’m not really a necklace-person but to see these handmade cute necklaces I just wasn’t able to contain myself I bought two necklaces and a ring for myself. Since my youngest sister loves bracelet, I bought one for her which was also handmade and outrageously cute that I think twice about giving it to her. haha (yah…I’m that mad)




 Please don’t judge the pictures. I ‘instgramed’ them using my iPad. Trying so hard for it to look good but it still turn out as a disaster 😦

Other than that, I bought two phone casing which is one for my mum and my eldest sister. Other stuff they were selling are bags, socks, men’s clothing, cap, etc.

The other reason we came back here for the second time is because of this

20130512_160720Hello Kitty Cafe. The angle of the picture is a bit ugly I think Hur took this (eh?)

Sorry, no directions provided in this blog but, once you reached there just ask around where’s the cafe location cos it’s really not hard to find.

We went here to try the ever-famous cute waffle 🙂20130512_154900The first time we came, we share the waffle in case it does not taste good as it looks but wey! It’s amaaaaazinggg~ DSC07424They used this to call the customer once the order is ready. By mean call is… Ok, I’d forgotten how this thing work but I think once the order is ready, they make a sound and some blinking lights going on. Correct me if I’m wrong.







DSC07600These were taken at the second floor. It looks deserted but these pictures were taken during our second visit. Thankfully we went a little bit early? (I totally forgot) so there were few customers at that time.



DSC07427These are at the first floor. It’s a bit cramped down there. It is divided into two section of dining place, a counter and racks where they displayed merchandise for sale.

I recommend you to come to this place. Seriously, the waffle is to die for.

Naksan Park

There are three places in Seoul (well, according to where I’d visited) that I really love about….

First, is the Naksan Park

According to visitkorea website, Naksan Park gets its name from its camel hump-like appearance. In Korean ‘nakta’ means camel and ‘san’ means mountain. Yes, guys. It’s a mountain. What is so special about this place? For Hur, it’s the Rooftop Prince landmark (haha) and a spot where Yoona(?)-was-here.  Before you could reach the park you would have to pass through a neighborhood. Now, this is where the juicy part is. It is an art gallery neighborhood. Seriously. There were paintings almost everywhere. You can see paintings on the walls, houses and even stairs. They also made some really nice sculptors or some sort. I was very impressed. Some are just too cute I couldn’t resist but to stare and stare and stare.





DSC07355Well, somebody thought it was worth a shot for camwhoring….huahua


DSC07356Aww, it is just too damn cute! Even the store were decorated to please people like me who just can’t tolerate with cute things… (please don’t mind the meat store right next to it)

DSC07358Even the cafe 🙂 Nice name don’t you think?


DSC07361Does this camel got to do anything with the mountain’s name?

DSC07362This is not a painting…

Look a little closer





DSC07391Oh! oh!





20130512_104310Of course, me too. Wanna have my moment. But Hur, should’ve asked me to pose in a more appropriate posture rather than this awkward butt-off pose -.-”




20130512_104716According to Hur, this picture was taken because some of the Korean drama that she watched would have a scene in this place of some sort. What is this three instruments placed on a pavement in a middle of the neighborhood? Not sure, but I can only say that perhaps it’s a mini gym.

DSC07360This picture is just to remind you of the hilly road. So fellow travelers, please be prepared not only mentally, but physically as well.

At last, we reached Naksan Park


DSC07366Naksan Gallery, if you’re interested to know more about this place then this is the place to be. As for us, we really just want the pictures…hehe

DSC07368Somebody is enjoying herself until she discovers….

20130512_102845More hills. Haha…Couldn’t get any better.


DSC07372The view, the weather. I bet runners or joggers would have love to come here but, mind you. It’s very HILLY!


20130512_102841View from above

DSC07370Look at that face. The face says it all to finally find a place to sit..hahaha

DSC07386After all those horrible long walks of up and down the hill, we finally reached here. This is the only reason why we were up there enjoying nature. Tetttt! There’s really nothing there, it’s just a park. If only we know where are these things were, we would’ve not gone up the park. It was near to the entrance. So guys, if you are like us (Hur) which is just to get hold of the Rooftop prince landmark, do not go up the hill. Upon reaching the entrance, turn to the right until you find this!

20130512_103744There are 5 art pieces altogether

20130512_103412This is the landmark Hur was dying to look for

20130512_103320Look who’s a happy child again,haha. Nah, I gave you a big picture here.






But, my favorite art piece would be….

20130512_103211This one! 🙂

DSC07378A man and a dog overlooking the neighborhood. Simple, yet has it’s own meaning to it

It’s a shame that we couldn’t spend more time there cos actually there are a lot more art works that we hadn’t found yet. Hidden between the alleys and houses. For future travelers who has this thing about cute stuffs like me, I would advise you to google up all the art pieces and art works that they have there around the neighborhood. So that you wouldn’t miss looking for it like I did. Sad~ 😦

Anyway, it was really nice being there


Apple Backpackers Guesthouse, Seoul Korea

As anticipated, Unifi was installed today. Weehuu! At last my own wifi! Anyhoo, let’s cut to the chase. My trip to Korea.

So, our accommodation during the trip was a guesthouse and we’d chosen Apple Backpackers. Why?

1. The room rate was cheap in view of our budget

2. Private toilet

3. Near to Subway station

4. Near to Insadong

5. Near to Incheon airport limousine bus stop

You can simply email the owner to ask anything related to this guesthouse.


This is the entrance of the guesthouse. It’s like a shop lot.

971161_420869748010927_1566237064_nDirection to Apple Backpackers and the sibling, Banana Backpackers.

935306_423453644419204_588229582_nOnce you enter the door, you would be welcome by a stairs first hehe. Well, good luck dragging up those luggage up the stairs! and once reached the second floor you will see this counter where the owner will be sitting there. You can do the registration and Q&A session here

945279_423453411085894_1121433833_nThe hallway

400973_423453611085874_474318149_nThis is the pantry, where sometimes we had our breakfast here. There’s coffee, and tea, so suit yourself

378158_423453464419222_912451195_nThe kitchen

550825_327334890697747_731453207_nSmoking area…?

302216_327334710697765_663351225_nThe laundry room. We only did our laundry once. Free, but the dryer machine was charged at 2000 won per use. Hur kept telling me that some of her clothes shrunken. Yeah right~ (LOL)

936874_423453871085848_998920462_nThis is our room. We booked for a double room, but was given a triple room instead. Not sure why they gave us this room but I was grateful cos I got to sleep at the queen bed and poor Hur slept at the single bed. Huahuahua. There are still spaces to perform solat so it’s not that cramped and it’s really comfy 🙂 Every time we finished our sight-seeing and strolling for a day, I would always be looking forward to sleep! haha. Diving into that comfy duvet….woah~ Amazing I tell you

Apple2Sorry for the messiness of this room. My sis who only stayed for 3 days booked for a single room but was given a family room instead. We can’t still figure out why though. Probably they run out of single room.

20130508_081727There’s a small table where we put our stuff mostly, food, Hur’s make up, yadaa yadaa.

20130508_081742Sorry if the toilet look unpleasant, but don’t be fool by the picture, the toilet is very clean! Heads up, no bidet yah and I really like the slipers. Haha.

935677_416813648416537_227690735_nBefore we head back to Malaysia, they took a picture of us and….

942483_423453101085925_1945659724_npaste it here.

Overall, I would recommend this guesthouse and rating for the comfortability is 5/5. Close to subway, has private toilet and the owners are friendly 🙂

Most of the pictures is courtesy of Applebackpackershostel facebook. Kindly visit their page for any inquiry. 🙂

Preparations for the Trip

Booked the flight ticket of course. It’s a 6 hour journey so please be fully prepared of things that you need to bring along to ‘cheer’ you up during that horrible long hour journey especially when you got a seat in uncomfortable crammed plane (and here i am  complaining while planning a trip to London)

Discussion, discussion, discussion. There were a lot of meetings where we would compare notes? as to where and what we will be doing. We even have a notebook that contained almost everything about the trip. Yah! Everything! Thanks to my sis Farah, she’s the one who did all the compiling. Hehe

IMG_0521We listed the accommodation and compared the room, and prices. We chose Apple Backpackers 🙂 The must have for the room we wanted was a private toilet.IMG_0516We discussed the places we would like to visit. Most of the places listed are searched by Farah and Hur. Me? LOL, I just agree to wherever they wanna go cos dude, I don’t really care. I wanna go out from Malaysia for the trip, noktah.IMG_0522A day-to-day plan. Now for this part, I suggest you guys to not plan them so ambitiously like what my sis and Hur did. Visit here and there in the morning, evening and night. Seriously guys, you would get so tired of all the walking, plus sesat, plus climbing stairs of stairs if you were to use the subway…. you’ll need that rest. So if you were to plan, please include rest in the daily activity cos believe me, you’ll be needing that. I told them before and of course talking to girls who Gila Korea is like talking to a wall. Geez~IMG_051595% of our travelling was with the subway so directions are very important. We listed the station and exit. Guys, guys, guys. If you were to use the subway as much as we do please ensure you get the correct Exit! Because the distance between each exit is far what not with their generous stairs and also ensure the correct line you are taking cos they have like countless number of lines. Malaysia got like what,5? KTM, ERL, Monorail etc? IMG_0514Ohoho, this one is very,very importantIMG_0519Farah so nice planning the everyday budget.HeheIMG_0520This is also by Farah. Hehe 🙂IMG_0517Oh yah, this is also a vital part. Discussed what to bring and what to use there, few of the things that we bring along was;

sabun Taharah for samak

plug adapter

canned food eg. the one we bought was Adabi canned food. Oh! Oh! the sambal kupang was pretty awesome wei!

clothing wise, we asked our friend that is studying there about the weather and the temperature. We went early May, and they are entering summer. So not too cold and not that hot-like-Malaysia. I brought 2 jacket (not the thick one yah) and Alhamdulliah, I did alright. Oh ya! PLEASE, ensure the jacket/coat that you bought has real pockets ok. Not a fake-just-to-show-off-pocket (bwahahahahaha). Not all the time you’ll be carrying your backpack, trust me.

praying compas (must have guys and must know how to read also la)
After sending Farah at the Airport, we found this. Awwww~ So sweet! 😉

We brought the notebook almost everywhere. You’ll probably see it in some of the pictures that’ll be posted later. It was seriously very helpful and beneficial. Trust me when I say without it I don’t know what will happen to us after Farah went back. Haha. Notebook, maps, T-money (upcoming post), passport, mineral water, camera and you’re good to go.

Next blogposts I’ll be talking about the accommodation that we had chosen, praying, and places visited. To make your life a lot easier, my posts title will be based on the places that we had visited so that once you typed the place in Google search, hopefully my blog will be chosen to appear in the list. Hehe

Trip to Korea

Alas I’m gonna start posting about my trip to Korea. I know, there IS some of you that has been itching to hear these stories to be told but bare in mind there YOU, it’s not gonna be a pretty one for YOU (you know who you are…LOL)

I would like to give a heads up for those who might stumbled across my blog while you were planning and searching about trips to Korea. My blogposts wouldn’t contain a SPECIFIC direction as to how I got there. But here and there might have pictures to guide you as to how the place look like.

So, for a start. Why Korea? To tell you the truth, Korea was never the first place I would like to visit. I am more of those who would love to travel to the Western country. It’s complicated as why do I chose this country but just so you know I was never the one labeled with Gila Korea. I am not the kind of girl who drooled so much over Korean artist as much as I love Daniel Craig or Jeremy Renner. The purpose of this trip is really as a gift for myself for passing the exam 🙂 (so, never was I whining when I couldn’t find landmarks or statues of certain Korean drama at the places where we visited. Hahahahaha)

I went there with my sister (who’ve been there for only 3 days) and my friend, Hur. We went on our own account, no travelling agents involved. This is a pure on-your-own-risk. For those who are planning a trip like us, I can give you the pros; no schedule involve so you can have your own sweet time at the places visited as long as your heart content, you get to experience the wonders of being lost (bwhahahaha!) but hey! This one is true. You get to be helped by a handsome european guy, language barrier ahjumma who is trying so hard to explain to us the direction, being greeted by other tourists and Korean students who studied about Islam and get praised by ahjumma for being pretty cos we are wearing the scarf.

Sorry guys, have to stop now. My abdominal cramp is killing me. Will continue later. Next post : prep before the trip