Two Weeks and Today

Two weeks of being doctor, sure as hell I learnt a lot. Yah. A LOT. Well…. most of it was filling up forms.ย 

To sum up these two weeks experience……

facing a male patient who cried because of pain while I was inserting branula

a bully senior houseman

a weird registra

pak cik who mengamuk so bad that he had to be held down by three other staffs whilst I was trying to insert branula for him

a patient who called me on my phone cos he hasn’t been seeing me for 2 days in the ward

a lot of nice staff nurses

an uncle who gave me angpau cos I pushed him around the hospitals carrying out his errands, which was actually an order from MO

a patient who scolded me because of his delayed OT time

a nice senior houseman who taught me almost every single thing

and…..many more….


to forget for just a little while those annoying, happy, sad, embarrassing etc moments…

cos today…..

is my

convo day ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_0797to be wearing a super nice dress…

IMG_4290to take a photo with family

IMG_4291to be able to received a humongous bouquet of flowers and teddies ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_4302to pose a bit while lining up?

IMG_4303to cover your face cos you cough so bad in the hall that only your cough could be heard in the hall…………..ok, tipu…

IMG_4306to take a group picture

IMG_4307to be able to take picture using najwa’s eyefish lens #eh


Received good news today

My senior posted up the schedule for this week…

and the next 2 days is my off days!

(perlu la kan…nak happy sangat….)



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